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  1. The tapestries are actually Syrio Forel who is being smuggled out of Kings Landing piece by piece. Once all of the tapestries are united together again they will merge together - just like T1000 from Terminator 2 when he reforms from liquid molecules - and behold, the First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos shall be remade You heard it here first.
  2. I wonder what Rickards intentions were here; either he knew he was going to die and wanted to go out with a bang or actually fancied his chances against the Kingsgaurd?
  3. i also like Brian Cox - i thought he'd make a great Marwyn. not sure if they have cast that role or if they will but i always think Brian Cox when reading those chapters. I also thought Peter O'Toole would make a fantastic Mad King - but sadly that'll never happen You can guess i recently watched Troy.
  4. Can people please stop calling him 'Jinglebells' - he's not a bloody Christmas song.
  5. Oh for heavens sake! Can the author not describe something without it being linked to some distant non possibility? He's just saying that the mountains are 'Giant' that is all - sure, he could have said they were big, enormous, gigantic etc. and avoided any misinterpretation but surely this is reaching.
  6. No. He wont.
  7. I read this as; The Father was first to fall - Ned * The Mother had flames licking up her cheeks (it may have said "like tears", but don't quote me on that). - Catelyn Stark? Need to re-read the exact phrasing * The Maiden embraced the Warrior - Sansa and the Hound * The Smith lost his head - Robb Stark's body desecrated * The Stranger's fingers burnt away one by one - Jon (the stranger to the Starks) and his burned hands - possible future foreshadowing
  8. i'm guessing they are either Nights Watch members (illogically as ever for HBO) or my outside bet is the last remaining members of Davos' family. I cant remember on the show if he has other children alive still. i know he does in the books but cant remember the situation in the show
  9. where are you drawing this conclusion from?
  10. TW? is it really that hard to write 'The Wall'? i agree with others. why would Jon bring down the wall just to avoid defeat? He'll win the battle (with the help of Littlefinger or last minute reinforcements) and the White Walkers will pass/bring down the Wall with the same magic that allowed them to enter the Three Eyed Ravens cave.
  11. Jon will win. but he wont kill Ramsey. he'll probably lock him up as he's sick of killing and fighting. Ramsey dying would satisfy me too much, therefore wont happen
  12. my first thought on 'The Door' was the Moon Door. not sure how this will feature though. Maybe LF finally meets his mustache maker?
  13. What are you talking about? of course having a skulking lonesome brute traipse around the Riverlands repeatedly asking... "I'm looking for a flame haired Maiden blah blah blah" for 10 episodes would be a great bit of TV. joking aside, i didn't like her execution of Stannis. Brienne's whole deal is that she is honorable. what is honorable about executing a defenseless, injured man exactly? I think book Brienne would have marched him off for some sort of trial. but that would be mega terrible boring on TV.
  14. whilst that would be a lovely story i dont think it'll happen for that very reason "If you think this has a happy ending... you haven't been paying attention." in this scenario, Small Jon is an 'orrible little oik who has betrayed Rickon. I think its too much of a gamble to use Rickon that way to facilitate the GNC I hope i am wrong
  15. Did i write this? my sentiments exactly! well said