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  1. They're going to have an epic chess match. ... or Bran will have to perfect his warging abilities
  2. My interpretation was that Rhaegar was all too aware of his fathers mental state and planned to halt the rebellion amicably. I think that when he met Robert on the trident his intention was to assure him that he would overthrow his father - his quote to Jamie that when he got back 'he would make a few changes' or something along those lines. But i think that when he met Robert, IF he had time to explain that he and Lyanna were in love, it would be perfectly in-keeping with Roberts character for him to say, 'bollox to that' im gonna kill you anyway. We all know the rest. to answer your point, i agree. Lyannas 'abduction' my have triggered the war. But there were greater and more prominent things behind it all.
  3. Why is this pinned?
  4. completely agree. When faced with a decision of No Direwolves at all or using Big Dogs, i'd take the dogs everyday.
  5. Has Dawn specifically been mentioned in the series? I know we're SEEN it a few times but it hasn't been given much attention. If it is in fact such an important weapon in the grand scheme of things, then surely someone (on the show) would have talked about it?
  6. I don't think a book version of Euron would translate well to TV. If they threw in a disheveled, eyepatch wearing sexy pirate with blue lips it'd look a bit comic-like. Similar to if they used a Vargo Hoat. They were great characters in the book but replicated in TV it would detract from the storyline i think I was massively disappointed with the Series 6 Euron but this season he's really improved and i think they are doing what they can with him without making him a bit of a cartoon. I liked him trolling Jaime too, i wonder if he'd have done that when Jaime had two hands...?
  7. I like this idea, although it hurt my head to think about it! Bran is definitely heading down a dark road in my opinion.
  8. Glad someone pointed this out. She is a TERRIBLE actress
  9. Easy to explain - They're idiots. Pure and simple.
  10. Please clarify why you think people with Downs Syndrome cannot see properly or is this just a terrible attempt at humor? Idiot.
  11. Seeing as you know the outcome and how the books will turn out can you please hurry up and finish them as GRRM is taking far too long
  12. The tapestries are actually Syrio Forel who is being smuggled out of Kings Landing piece by piece. Once all of the tapestries are united together again they will merge together - just like T1000 from Terminator 2 when he reforms from liquid molecules - and behold, the First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos shall be remade You heard it here first.
  13. I wonder what Rickards intentions were here; either he knew he was going to die and wanted to go out with a bang or actually fancied his chances against the Kingsgaurd?
  14. i also like Brian Cox - i thought he'd make a great Marwyn. not sure if they have cast that role or if they will but i always think Brian Cox when reading those chapters. I also thought Peter O'Toole would make a fantastic Mad King - but sadly that'll never happen You can guess i recently watched Troy.
  15. Can people please stop calling him 'Jinglebells' - he's not a bloody Christmas song.