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  1. So Davos, who is against burning people, shadow babies, the sacrifice of Gendry, goes to THE VERY PERSON WHO CONDUCTS THESE THINGS to resurrect a guy he barely knows? After the resurrection I can suspend disbelief that Davos suddenly comes around to Team Lord of Light, but the Melisandre love in happened before that.
  2. Overall, it makes sense looking back at S1 when we knew that Varys was involved in the plot to kill Dany (if he was working for Dany at the time, why would he carry out Roberts order to assassinate her?) But without Aegon, I agree, it makes no sense unless he has some other weird alternative motive.
  3. I 100% agree. Here is a man who, for 5 seasons has detested Melisandre, hell, hes almost been killed for simply disagreeing with her. Here is a man who has offered his life, has lost sons, has lost fingers and done everything for Stannis Baratheon, his King. For 5 seasons he has been the rock in Stannis' wavering storyline. The one who he could always rely on for honest counsel. Its taken 4 episodes for him to show half a moment of care that Stannis is dead and everything he has fought for gone. 4 episodes and we get a "I executed him" and Davos just gulps and then "Oh well!" back to my lord and saviors Melisandre and Snow? Hes not in character at all and its absolutely laughable that people are defending it.
  4. That stood out to me as well. Unless she still holds onto some notion that the Lannister army is the largest or trying to portay that its the largest to not give the Tyrells all the cards.
  5. Agreed. Just like the sex scenes were starting to lose their impact the death of someone is starting become a little boring.
  6. It is entirely likely that she revisit Vaes Dothrak in the books as its been set up that way at the end of ADWD. Its not unheard of at all for a primal tribe based race has some sort of central belief system a group of elders that enforces those beliefs. Now, Daenarys constantly mentions Khalessi in her string of titles and doing so means she accepts the cultural belief system of her Khal, as such she is expected to follow that. It makes perfect sense, that a current Khal, would enforce a widow to follow cultural practice. The biggest questiion for me in this entire plot is do they know HOW Drogo died and given their stance on Blood Magic how does Dany survive this without Drogon inevitably swooping down.
  7. Well Jon is going to go SOMEWHERE. Hes not going to roam the hillside forever. You would assume someone would be able to track a large Wildling host. He doesnt have her at the moment. No. But obviously his goal is to get her back. Why does he need Rickon to get Sansa back? How does Rickon need to be alive in any shape or form for him to be bait? A finger is a finger. From a corpse or not. Send the Direwolfs head, spread the word about Rickon, he doesnt need to be alive for him to be bait. Most of the writing has been taken care of for them. Theyve literally had to copy paste it. People are giving D&D shit because when faced with original content, its been content that has not made sense or has been cringeworthy. Dorne is not the only example of this. The dialogue is a perfect example, watch how it changes throughout the seasons and slowly turns from fantasy/medieval to current world dick and fart jokes. Mereen and Kings Landing have both suffered for it. Just because theyve been doing it for a long time, is no excuse for it to slip. it is their job. They get PAID to do this. They arent doing it out of the kindness of their heart.
  8. See for me this kinda cheapens the secret of what was in the tower. I get it, having him lie about the victory over Arthur Dayne kinda put thats well, what else did Noble Ned lie about? But, having him lie, this one time, means far more.
  9. I can see how it lessens the mythology of Noble Ned. He told the story of how he defeated the great Arthur Dayne for it to actually end with a stab to the back by Howland Reed with a follow up shot by Ned. I just dont see why it was needed though. Do we really need to discredit Ned at this point? If the place doesnt make an appearance i dont think its in the credits.
  10. In the same very scene Bran says over and over about how Ned told stories about defeating Ser Arthur Dayne. For it to end with Reed stabbing him in the back is a pretty big discredit to Ned and his honor.
  11. I dont think the Umbers would be stupid enough to leave Rickon with Ramsay. Sansa had the illusion of safety untill the point she gave birth to an heir. Rickon, unless hes undergone some changes with puberty, has no use, he has the Karstarks and the show set up a few other Northern Houses. The Umbers know that Ramsay killed Roose so why would they risk Rickon in the grasp of this madman? It just makes no sense to me other than the Umbers need allies. There is absolutely nothing stopping Ramsay killing Rickon.
  12. I didnt think the scene was that good. yes, the fighting itself was well laid out and it was flashy, but I had some issue with it. Dual Wielding, historically, has never been a good technique, the heavy plate armor to me just made it laughable. Arthur Dayne is the Sword of the Morning. He has one of the, if not the most famed swords in the realm and it was tossed aside for MULTISWORD! I would have much prefered to have seen Dawn, in all its glory. Ser Arthur Dayne, in all his glory cleaving people down. They missed a wonderful chance to throw back to some pre war history and they missed it for me. I also have a large issue with the way Dayne died. If it happens like this in the book, I will have the exact same issue, but it felt cheap. Thats two deaths of glorious book figures, ended with a simple stab in the back. I am also unsure why they feel its necessary to discredit Neds honor. Is it to show that he may have lied a few times in his life? At this point R+L=J is all but confirmed, the secret kept for years, for me is somewhat cheapened by his honor being discredited like this.
  13. I can see it being plausible. The head did appear to be quite a lot smaller than a regular Dire Wolf and I refuse to believe Rickon comes back just to die. However, I have a few very large issues. Ramsay now has a reputation for being unpredictable. The Umbers know he killed Roose. Why would the Umbers risk Rickon? Its an extremely large gamble that I dont believe anyone would take. Rickon is worth more dead. He doesnt need a Stark anymore, for all intents purposes, he has Sansa who will give him an heir. He has a few of the northern houses under his control and the previous episode set that up, most importantly the Karstarks. Why give them someone to rally behind? Why wouldnt you just kill him and be done with it? Maybe this will form a portion of the Pink Letter where Ramsay taunts Jon with Rickon? If so, again, why wouldnt you just flay him and tell Jon you want to trade Rickon for Sansa and Reek, Jon rocks up, Rickons already dead. It just makes no sense to me, why Ramsay keeps Rickon alive. He simply doesnt need him.
  14. Im a bit hazy, but what does this quote actually intend to put forward? Does it mean that Rhaegar needed three children ie Jon? Does it mean that there must be 3 dragon riders? Or is it just a generic symbol of 3 that keeps repeating within the Targaryen superstitions?
  15. But they have had ample opportunities to name drop Aerys/Joanna in reference to Tyrion, by Tywin himself. Instead of "You were never my son" or whatever Tywin says, drop a "Mad Kings Bastard" or something in there. Now that Tywin is dead, do they rely on Kevan to drop some hints? Do they rely on flashbacks from Bran? For me, theyve just passed way to many logical ways to hint at it. The maggy the frog prophecy was dropped last season because it started to make sense. Cersei started to worry. Tommen wed Maergary. It was all falling into place. Same with the Lyanna/Rhaegar drops with Oberyn. They used that to really sow the seeds. Theyve done none of this with Tyrion. If it happens in the future, ill put it down to lazy screen writing not doing it sooner, but it feels to far gone.
  16. Agree with this. Theyve gone to great lengths to show Tyrion in a very favorable light (Book readers have been claiming White Wash since S1). He is an incredibly popular character on the show and given how much love Dany is given by fans and show writers alike, there is absolutely no way, that if Tyrion was a secret Targaryen, that 6 seasons into this show, we wouldnt have seen some form of foreshadowing or even a mere mention of Aerys courting Joanna. The ONLY question marks that have ever been raised was when Tywin on his deathbed denounces him which is hardly a conclusive DNA test.
  17. Yes it certainly blew my mind. Not in a good way though. The entire dornish plot is at this point, downright stupid. Lets ignore the books for a second and focus on Show Dorne where they value their family heritage enough to travel to Kings Landing and fight the Mountain to secure a confession and make a note to say how they dont hurt children, yet a season later we are taking a dump on Oberyn by killing his brother and nephew, in Oberyns honor. Makes sense. The dialogue is terrible. Theyre trying to be sassy young females. It comes across as nothing short of cringeworthy. Dorne needs to just die. D&D have ruined it. It is beyond salvage.
  18. Shes entitled to live out her years with the rest of the used up Khalessi's back in Vaes Dothrak. It is well known she killed her Khal with Blood Magic which is highly forbidden by the Dothraki. She might be looked upon more favorably because she was the great Khal Drogo's wife in which case she becomes a trophy. But her status as Khalessi is moot. They arent going to bow down in front of her.
  19. This. I dont care anymore that the show isnt in line with the books (hell I only recently found the books). I care the the TV show this season was 8 Episodes of Round-a-bout story lines with no pay off. Inconsistencies within their own story telling, plot points that make no sense and terrible dialogue; "Bad Pussy". When Dorne couldnt get any more ridiculous, Bad Pussy. Then we get to the GoT Episode 9 Hype Fest. 2 episodes of "Lets shoe horn as much book content in no matter how much if doesnt fit at this point". Even my Unsullied friends and family are picking up errors and pointing out dialogue and plots that arent in line with the universe.
  20. Its ok, we know you werent ever going to admit something was wrong in the continuity of the show.
  21. Because then the entire premise of burning Shireen due to the harsh snow on the arduous, lengthy journey from Castle Black to Winterfell (harder when you lose all your horses oh wait Mel found one) that has taken 9 episodes turns into "Just coz". I am happy to accept things need to change for show situations. But they need to make sense. Varys, yeah look I dont want to see Varys treking around Essos. Or Gendry rowing his damn boat. But if youre going to make out that the Baratheon army had to sacrifice the Kings daughter in order to make the trek from A to B due to how long the ride is/how much snow there is/how harsh the terrain is/how there are no horses DONT SHOW ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE ARMY MAKE THE TRIP IN 30 SECONDS ON A FUCKING HORSE.
  22. So your argument is "This is one of the best seasons because Dragon riding". I suspect you think it was also the best season because "WHITE WULKERS BATTLE!". Budget affects things like casting, CGI usage, locations etc. Budget doesnt affect poor dialogue that contradicts itself two episodes later (or seasons earlier for that matter). Budget doesnt dictate pure and simple charachter butchering. Budget doesnt affect writing, unless your budget can only afford high school graduate level story writers. This season was poor because the timing of it was incredibly rushed. The pacing was off from the very start. Ratings were plumeting up till Episode 8 because they spent all their time in Dorne with horrible dialogue then Episode 8 came and HOLY SHIT GOTTA CRAM 2 BOOKS WORTH INTO 3 EPISODES!! Whilst AFFC and ADWD should have been one book and condensed down a bit, the TV show shouldnt have been and didnt need to be. We WASTED so much time on plots that didnt go anywhere and had zero pay off. Thats not good use of your 10 hours a year.
  23. Wait wait, werent they saying that ratings were down from last seasons? I stopped reading the ratings around EP6, but they were dropping hard based on previous seasons, but still their highest rating show. Even as a TV show, ignoring the books, this season was fairly poor. I atleast like my stories to make sense. They contradicted themselves so many times this season. The dorne plot was ridiculous. Winterfell was a joke. It was 8 episodes of rubbish and two episodes of "lets cram as much shit from the books in as we can!"
  24. Will use the LittleFinger and Melisandre developed Teleporter. Old Town is but a kick of the heels away! Yeah I...it was the journey to get there. Its really frustrating that we went this whole season, stumbling from plot to plot to wind up at Episode 10 where there was 50 minutes of crammed in conclusions. I agree that it felt very messy and just all tossed in for the sake of it at the end.
  25. I dont think theyre leading to a Brienne killing. I mean apart from the feel good "You kill Renly YYARRRGHHH" scene theres no furtherment to the story there. Surely theres a payoff here and I think its it Littlefinger. We think that Littlefinger is going to come in with the Vale and mop up whos left after Stannis v Bolton. Littlefinger is a rat but hes better liked than Bolton and now Stannis.