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  1. D&D could be banking on us supporting Littlefinger and the Vale when he gallops in, making sure we forget that for the past 5 seasons hes been nothing but a treacherous rat.
  2. Surely the original god of Tits and Wine has a few more bastards out there older than Gendry. His only option left. Yet you say he has food left for a few weeks. So his other options are a) wait for a few weeks for when Davos returns b) wait for a few weeks and see if the snow lifts c) attack Winterfell now before a "few weeks". How does burning Shireen ensure his victory at Winterfell, nothing was mentioned there by Mel. "Give it up" should be the phrase used to people defending such ill thought out storyline.
  3. I dont think she loves her daughter more than Stannis. Everything shes done in both books and shows has pointed to her not really feeling much affection or compassion for her. More so when Melisandre came onto the scene. She speaks of Shireen as a heathen and suggests she should be punished many times. Stannis has shown nothing but commitment to Shireen, as a baby with Greyscale and now as a young girl. He is a prickly man at the best of times and for him to show so much affection, breaking through his stern iron demeanor, really speaks volumes about how much he loves her and cares for her.
  4. If thats the case (I thought they were simply freed) then theres hundreds of horses ready for BBQing tonight. This whole plot stinks. Its absolutely lousy, lazy writing. Stannis, hardened battle commander. Couldnt defend his lines against 20 men. They simply wanted a reason to shock (and possibly take Stannis down a peg or three) people in Episode 9. Havent we used up the "shocking scenes" budget for one season?
  5. It really wasnt explained why in the show. I gathered it was because the food supplies were burned. In the books, they want to have more sacrifices for better weather and Stannis tells them to pray harder (note: Shireen isnt even with them at this point). In the show, this is really what, the second hurdle hes endured on this march? I can accept that in dire situations people do what they have to, but the show didnt present the current situation as life or death. It didnt feel as if it was dire. It really felt like Stannis woke up and felt like burning someone which is totally out of charachter seeing as he is moving away from burning people as a punishment (hell he even said hang the guards instead of the traditional burning that Mel would relish in).
  6. But burning "Rickon" and "Bran" was fine? Sure we didnt hear the screams but we did see the charred bodies hoisted up on display.
  7. D&D Said. Thats fantastic, youre playing Carrier Pigeon Whispers, relying on a conveyed message from D&D from GRRM. Did GRRM say Stannis burns her or did he say she is burnt? Two very different things. Yes she will burn. But she wont burn because Stannis has ordered it. Stannis is leagues away, caught in a blizzard. Possibly dead at very least cut off from all communication. How is he going to order the burning of his daughter? If it happens this way, its slopping writing from George and I will stand by my criticism in the unlikely event it does happen this way. But she wont be burned BY Stannis. Book readers have thought that Shireen dies so Melisandre can rectify the events of "For the Watch". Many suspect that, that will take place next episode. I wonder how the show watchers will feel if that is the case.
  8.     Yeah at the start I thought I was watching Gladiator, then it jumped to the Star Wars universe.
  9. I think Shireen is likely to burn in the books. However, the circumstances are going to be much different and they situation has been set up a lot more desperately in the books. I dont hate Stannis for doing it. End of day, his made the greatest sacrifice in order to save his army. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. He showed that he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the realm. I hated the way the show handled it. Firstly, the circumstances werent dire enough. Just two episodes ago we saw how much Stannis cares for his daughter. How much he went through to save her and what he is willing to do for her. I find it hard to believe, a man as stern as Stannis would burn his daughter for Lord of Light just like that. Stannis, the ultimate stubborn ass, burnt his daughter just cause. Why was Selsye crying? Why did she need to be restrained? She has been saying she needs to be burned since Season 2, theyve shown how heartless she is and how she thinks her daughter is a heathen. She has no compassion, she is a lot worse than Stannis. Dont make her out to be the poor mother. They didnt show Mel's manipulation at all this episode which is a HUGE part of why Selsye wants to burn her. They made this Stannis' decision. They made Stannis the criminal. They made Stannis into the most hated man in Westeros. When in reality, he is a desperate man with an army dieing like ice cubes around him with his evil wife and mistress shaking their fists yelling BURN THE GIRL! All this, exactly 10 episodes after he was the greatest man in the realm. Well it was good while it lasted. Heres a shot of Dany riding off like the conquering hero. The conqueror of jack and shit whilst Aegon Targaryen is battering down the doors to Storm's End. But hey, JORAHS BACK IN THE FRIENDZONE BABY!
  10. My only assumption was that because Doran had that argument earlier concerning Myrcella that they were under some sort of suspicion. But then I said to myself, they live there, that doesnt make any sense. I just chalked it up to being one more portion of the Sand Snakes story that is utterly dumb.
  11. I agree I thought that moment with Jorah, rivaled his scene where Dany asked about Daario. I wonder what his thoughts would be on Longclaw.
  12. I saw this answered a few times and still some confusion. Essentially, to become noone is akin to mastering their training. However, becoming someone else is a lot easier. He is saying she has shown that she might be ready to take that first step and become Cat of the Canals. Rather than becoming a faceless man. This could easily be drilled into them by starting to adhere to how he makes the Vale lords cooperate in the books. The interactions between him and the lords of the vale havent been that pronounced in the show, but theres smoke there. They could expand on that quite easily and remain true to the book relationship of him essentially holding Sweet Robin hostage and by buying or disposing of lords one by one untill they are all loyal to his purse. I think this also links up to his end game of LF pushing the Stannis v Bolton fight and him rolling up like a vulture to finish the survivors to become Lord Protector of the Vale, Warden of the North, Lord Paramount of the Trident. Ive had this argument with some of the facebook groups. In our culture. 100% rape. However, Westeros =/= 21st Century Western Civilisation. We need to stop applying our morals onto a television show which is based around a medieval code. She was married and went off to her husbands room. What happens then is what happens to every female of that period. They consummate the marriage. A lot of people are using the line "Why didnt Tyrion bang Sansa". Well thats because Tyrion isnt a psycho who genitally mutilates, flays or hunts people with pack hounds. He has, under their culture, the right to his wife. She has begrudgingly given consent by going through with the marriage (not that she had a choice). I suspect, Sansa thought she could act all frightened (watch how she starts to unbutton her dress) like she did with Tyrion and get away without taking the dick. Where was the outcry when Khal Drogo pounded Dany? Everyone was to busy fantasizing about Drogo sticking it to them to care it was rape. I ask this question. Had Ramsay "raped" Jeyne Pool, would it have caused this much of an outrage? I suspect the only reason so many people are angry is because Sansa is the sweet, innocent little dove that has gone through hell. If Ramsay has done anything wrong, it is being rough and violent with the fresh flower. Dont think they have KY back in Westeros though.
  13. The only way I can see redemption for him is him giving his life, making the ultimate sacrifice for a Stark.
  14. See to me it makes even less sense now. Roose Bolton is the current Warden of the North. They are an old Northern family who whilst does have their current share of enemies, certainly has larger support in the north than the Lannisters or Littlefinger. Handing Sansa Stark to the Boltons brings anyone who was undecided, to Winterfell. The Mormonts etc who refuse Stannis, where do they go? Sansa Stark - they think Rickon and Bran are dead so Sansa is the next eldest. Littlefinger can walk up to the gates and scream all he likes. Roose is just gonna give him the finger. Warden of the North means nothing if you dont hold the North. The only way forward for me in this storyline is Sansa Stark runs to her little birds in Winterfell and lets them know. Ramsay is discovered to be a jerk and noone rallies to the Boltons. Stannis takes advantage of this and attacks with Northern houses who are under the guise of "Save Sansa Party." On the "scene" itself. I thought it was fine from a imagery point of view. I dont think it was rape in the Westerosi sense. She was consenual, despite not wanting to do it. She knew her duty and did it. What I did have an issue with is how the show has elevated Sansa from her scared and frightened child image to a strong woman who is playing the game. They destroyed that. I have an issue with how they treated the charachter. The Dorne scenes are cringeworthy. The entire premise that Jamie Lannister wanders into the Watergardens and manages to get close to Trystane and Myrcella is laughable. Then introduce the Sand Snakes. Apart from being the worst fight scene since Power Rangers, their dialogue is horrendous. They pretty much copy pasted Oberyn and somehow made it sound terrible. Areo Hotah looks amazing though. My heart broke for Jorah. Learning his father died, it reminded me of when Dany asked about Daario.
  15. I met him here in Melbourne at the FitX bodybuilding expo this year. He is INSANE in person. Im personally 6'4" and he made me look like a dwarf. He is quite athletic for a large man, how that translates to a man in armor is a different story though. Im pumped to see him and I am honestly shocked we havent been introduced to the Mountain yet seeing as his fight is what Episode 8 and this week is 6...
  16. Tywin really cant rethink the Tyrell alliance. The Tyrells have a fairly firm grasp of power at this point. As we hear in this episode the Iron Bank is knocking. The capital is in major debt and the Tyrells are a source of a) soldiers b) food c) money and major sources at that. Without the Tyrells the kingdom would be in complete disaray and Tywin knows this, whats worse, so does Olenna. I think Cersei would be hesitant in entering the alliance, Margery Tyrell, twice a widow to murdered kings - but Tywin is very intent on marrying someone to her. if Jamie wont then the only other option is Tommen. Which falls straight into their plans. I think the Tyrells - more specifically Olenna - is a tactical genius.
  17. I dont think the Tyrells had any intention of blaming Sansa or any of the blame falling onto her. They were genuinely looking out for her. With that being said, I do think Olenna would have had a good idea that Tyrion would have been fingered for it given the strained relationship of Cersei Joffery and Tyrion and by association Sansa would have gone down for it as well but in the end shes one girl. I dont know if Littlefinger would have told the Tyrells the entire plan for Sansa as they wanted her for Loras and to get her out of the capital and her falling into Littlefingers hands is arguably just as bad as the Lannisters in some ways. I will be interested to see how they play Littlefinger into this whole thing in the coming episodes because there are lots of questions that arent fully answered and I think the show was far less subtle than the books were at pointing out who did it and maybe theyll also reveal a few extra things there to.
  18. I dont think he will win either. Personally, I believe the whole story ends in nothing but utter chaos with noone on the throne. Go back to a time before the Targs came and we have independent kingdoms?