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  1. The criticism concerning Sansa has nothing to do with the trap. Jon himself admitted a trap was 'obvious'. Knowing or not, he would have gone after Rickon regardless. It's more a matter of why she didn't tell him that she had reached out to the Vale. Her motivations are questionable, because as a consequence she sent Jon and his army to slaughter. Which puts her in a great position if she wants to inherit Winterfell without a chance of Jon opposing her.
  2. If Lady Mormont does find out, I would love it if she called her Sandra Bolton for the rest of her life. Ha!
  3. No one knows the specifics of her marriages, and no one really cares, as Sansa found out this season. Sigh, the curse of being a woman in Westeros.
  4. I agree, it's more a matter of whose arses are saved, which doesn't just limit the debt to Sansa alone, but also to Jon, his army, Winterfell, and The North.
  5. Yeah, it's unclear whether she knew or not, but there are a couple of things that makes me believe she did. 1. She sent the message in episode 7. If people can teleport around from one side of Westeros to the other within the span of an episode, it seems like more than enough time for a few ravens to have passed between them in two. 2. During the parlay she seemed very confident that Ramsey would die 'tomorrow', even though she made it clear Jon didn't have enough men on several occasions. 3. Little Finger arrived with Sansa at his side. Sansa would have stayed at camp while the battle was raging, not strolling around the country side at the risk of being caught. And Little Finger arrived from a completely different direction. Meaning, Sansa received notice where to meet him. This could all mean nothing, of course, but they were just little things that brought me to that conclusion. Whether she was wrong or not will come down to how she explains her actions, and the motivations behind them.
  6. There might be a slight hiccup concerning Sansa as the Lady of Winterfell. She's technically a Bolton, she no longer has the Stark name, which certain characters pointed out in previous episodes. I don't think the line of succession means much anymore, considering the only options are a woman, a bastard, and a cripple who can't sire any heirs. It could come down to the Lords and Ladies of The North deciding who they want to follow and, unfortunately for Sansa, she's not a particularly inspiring leader. They very well may back Jon. He was able to inspire men who had no reason to fight for him, to fight and die for him. It felt like LF made it clear that he wanted Sansa to be in the position of power, so Jon ruling Winterfell may put a wrench in his plans. I have no doubt LF will want to get closer to Jon, but as always, for his own means.
  7. I don't think he wanted him dead (although that would be convenient), but definitely not in power. In 605 he says to Sansa "a time may come when you need an army loyal to you," she say's she has an army, and LF accentuates the fact that they're not her army, but "Your brother's army...half-brother." LF wants Sansa in a position of power over Jon for some reason, and I think it's safe to assume for his own means. I guess we'll find out next week what that is. (Can't wait!)
  8. I wouldn't call that good advice at all. She gave him nothing he could work with. And once again, she didn't tell him about reaching out to the Vale, where she could have convinced him to hold off marching for an hour or two. And when she did arrive Jon and his army were pretty much wiped out. Also, that look she had on her face when she saw Jon alive and heading after Ramsey (Jon, Gimli, and Legolas being the focal point of the shot). She didn't look happy. This could all be nothing, of course, we'll have to wait until next week. I can definitely see how Sansa may want him out of the way though.
  9. I had the same impression during that shot. She looked very smug until she saw Jon. "Oh, you're still alive?" Wanting Winterfell for herself would explain why she refused to tell him about the Vale.
  10. Definitely. I don't think Sansa will be easily convinced though. She hasn't indicated any thoughts on the matter either. Is it next week yet? The anticipation is ruining my life right now. Haha.
  11. Oh man, I forgot about the royal decree. If things don't go the way LF wants in the North next episode, he could use this to depose Jon as warden/king in the north. And since Jon has no army now... (thanks, Sansa).
  12. True! I don't think he'll kill Sansa though. He has affection for her, and he must know how little power the Lannister's and Cercei have now. So why kill her when he could use her to climb the ladder further?
  13. It's not looking good for him, I won't lie.
  14. As much as I would love the Brotherhood to eff these guys up, I don't think they will. They don't have the means to take out the Frey and Lannister armies.
  15. I didn't know I needed this to happen so baldy until now.