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  1. I figure they'll be kept out of cities, much like the mountain clans Tyrion had. Win the throne and send the majority back to Essos with the statue of Joffery in tow.
  2. Bran sees something in the future involving Littlefinger and in the present turns him into another Hodor.
  3. Based on the show Dany can call them to her and they listen. Before she flew off to torch the ship, Drogon landed with his head at the exact spot Dany was pointing to.
  4. Thanks. I'll flesh it out a bit. (no pun intended) For it to be a cure the greyscale must be extremely advanced. It wouldn't cure poor Shireen, All it takes is a quick burst of Dragon flame. The intense heat and chemical composition of dragon flame breaks the bonds between greyscale and flesh. The greyscale turns molten but remains quite cool, much like the One Ring. The molten greyscale slides off the body and can be forged into weapons, becoming Valyrian Steel.
  5. The Tower of Joy vision concludes with Ned telling Howland Reed who the father is. Later, Jon lets Bran check out Lightbringer. When Bran holds it, his visions are projected out his eyeballs onto the walls of Winterfell. Thus Bran becomes the first DVR in Westeros and R+L=J gets confirmed to the world.
  6. The Millennials are taking over. Claims are the way of the old farts.
  7. One has nothing to do with the other.
  8. Exactly. He'll be Dead Qyburn by the end of season 7
  9. Was Frankengregor wearing a cloak of invisibility?
  10. Maybe Cersie will grant him Riverrun. Or more likely Harrenhall since Littlefinger has failed to deliver Sansa's head.
  11. The cure for greyscale is melting it off with dragon fire. Coincidentally this also creates Valyrian steel.
  12. Euron will build his ships, sail to Meereen, and find out from Daario that she already left.
  13. I was really hoping it was Joffery's
  14. Speculation on how she did it. Which makes more sense... Carving up a couple pounds of meat(this would be a very bloody process), taking the meat to a busy kitchen, making a pie, and placing a chunky finger perfectly on top. or just quicky slipping a finger tip into an already made already sliced pie?
  15. Bite down on one of your finger tips. Not a little nibble, go at least past the nail. Seems like it would be kinda tough to chew doesn't it? Something that chunky someone would notice. She killed the sons, hid the bodies, and lopped off just a finger that could be easily hidden until she could slip it into a pie. She sets a pie down that already has a piece missing. Why the missing piece? Perhaps to make it easier to peel back the crust of an already made pie and slip in the finger tip? She needed to shock Walder into inaction. So she told him she killed his sons and lied about baking them.