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  1. I believe the Kraken will make an appearance during Dany's crossing of the narrow sea.
  2. You really think racism has to happen in any society/universe? Does the Dornish hates all Andals because most position of power are held by Andals? But most of all, it's a fantasy story, a fiction, if George wanted to make Valyrians blacks, he could just as easily make his world colorblind. The fact that you say racism would happen realistically says more about our world then GRRM's.
  3. Why? Can't you just move on to the next topic or you really have to prevent people from talking about something you don't want them to talk about?
  4. Or when Hillary said something like " make the youngs pokemon GO to the polls" having people make connection to pop culture and everyone start clapping "eh I got that reference" kind of thing.
  5. Good to know the head of drug trafficking organization have nothing to worry about.
  6. YOUR logic is flawed, how can you compare owning Tesla stock with slavery? More like if you make money out of drug deals, you're involve in the drug deal. If you buy stuff that comes from buisness that employ children or underpaid persons, you are part of it too, yes.
  7. Did I dream the part where Dany sends the Shavepate to torture the winesellers daughters? No matter what political side you're on, she's a cruel monster, the like of Tywin.
  8. The same way they get to the bones to craft bows I'd say.
  9. I don't recall an instance where someone ate dragon flesh. You're in Dorne you killed your ennemy's dragon, do you let the flesh rot or do you eat it? Do you believe it's only flesh or it as some power like the Jojen paste theory would have it with human/greenseer?
  10. I think you know but just to be sure, I was 200% sarcastic.
  11. Best liar, most intelligent, IGN 10/10...
  12. I'm not saying he's one of the best commander, but he is pretty smart.I'm just giving him due credit. The chain was more than just keeping the ships in the bay, but it split Stannis Navy in two. Would the wildfire had been as effective as that if the plot was made and handled by.. well anyone in KL at that time? I dont think so. I know after burning all those ships my next statement lose credit, but I believe Tyrion could be a great battle commander if he had the trait Stannis, Tywin and Tarly as, the lack of consideration for human life.
  13. Exept he didn't, he beated Tyrion even with the wildfire. Stannis lost to the Tyrells and Tywin.
  14. Aren't you contradicting yourself?... Tyrion made best of what he had, Aerys would have burn his own city, Cercei probably would have done the same trying to catapult it over the city walls. It's like saying Stannis is not a good militairy commander because he didn't build the ships himself..
  15. I don't think Essos' map tells much. We know cities like Draconys but we don't even know where it is, or if its in ruins. They say it might have been on the Valyrian peninsula, but we are not sure. so for the map being rather empty, I think its because Grrm didnt put too much work on it, or in world they might only mark major place, maybe only for trade purpose, on their map.