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  1. I haven't seen it yet - thought I'd check the scores first. 25% give it 1/10 - seems to have turned form to divisive to disliked. I'm afraid to watch it now.
  2. I feel much the same - it is the first episode I gave a 1 also. Even the Sand Snakes, Waifenator and Zombie capture team didn't get a 1 from me - but this did.
  3. Sure but AsoIaF/GoTs is still the centerpiece right? All of the history and backstory and magical society's of old exist, in a narrative sense, to feed into the main tale which is that being told in ASoIaF. I get writers garden as they write - I am writing again now myself after many years of hiatus and know that plans change as characters come to life - but for a fantastic universe to ring true it needs logical consistency. The rules must be established, they cannot be plotted as the saga unfolds, when parts are already published - because otherwise you end up with logical inconsistencies from act to act. From what you say above, it sounds like GRRM wants a mini reboot in his own universe.
  4. Sure, the NK had more fans, like me, that are sad to see their heroes demise. The King is dead - long unlive the King! But serious, yea, I get why it is so divisive. It is exactly like The Last Jedi, which was extremely divisive. It is subversion without earning it and without satisfying payoff - it is the narrative version of a jump scare. And everyone who likes horror knows that jump scares, whilst they can be effective in the moment, are dumb.
  5. I was most interested in the connective magical tissue for the universe - how did it all fit together and function (R'hllor/Others/Dragons/The fall of Valyria/The Pact/How the Seasons work etc) GRRM did promise an explanation for at least some of this stuff and hinted for others (There were dragons everywhere once) so I expected those explanations had been given to D&D/HBO and would have translated (at least in part) to the TV show. Considering there is no longer any hint of a logically connected world in the show, either D&D are incompetent beyond belief at story telling, being so bad as to be able to actively make things worse, or GRRM didn't have that much backstory to give them anyway. I expect it some combination of both - that D&D are entirely incompetent and that GRRM didn't have a complete understanding of how the universe he created worked - so I think letting the whole thing die is likely the least painful outcome for creators and fans now.
  6. Is this the most divisive ratings for an episode ever? Even 706 (the atrocious Zombie hunt episode) didn't have votes cluster around the extremes like this episode has.
  7. The Prequel series being cancelled would be a good thing at this stage. Seems like the ASoIaF universe has ran out of story - why prolong the agony? It's entirely possible there was never any real depth or meaningful explanations anyway and all everyone was doing was just making up crap as they went along to try and fill in blanks left after a great start.
  8. Fuck I hope you wrote the next episode, because that is about the only thing that could happen to redeem this piece of shit show for me now. Dark fantasy my anus - this crap is just Saturday morning cartoon fare filmed in the dark.
  9. This - so many times this. Story should never have been sold for adaptation until it was finished. After this episode, I accept all the rant and ravers that call D&D hacks - I believe they are entirely now. Trouble is, just because GRRM can plot a good start with some great characters, does it really make him a good writer if he can't finish? Unless, of course, GRRM knew all along that he never had a good ending and sold it to hacks as a way to take the heat off himself.
  10. The humans in this show have committed far nastier acts than the walkers have - just saying something represents death does no make it evil or scary, or even unlikeable. Old age represents death but there are way too many aged humans sucking up recourses ATM - what is really bad in a pragmatic sense? This show was thoughtful, nuanced and logical, a the start. Explain to me how Arya became no.one by embracing her Arya personality whilst in training to be no-one? Explain how she was possibly forgiven by Jaquen for failing at her training 3 times in a row? Explain how she beat the waif? Her character is at best a nonsensical assassin and at worst a non deserving little brat who attained knowledge without any discipline.
  11. Worst episode ever. I gave it a 1 . Can't believe they killed.my main man the NK - not even sure I want to see the rest now. And they killed him with Arya - she of the nonsensical broken arc. Guess it is symbolic of how fucking stupid the storytelling has become in this show. Only good bit was that little Mormont brat biting it.
  12. Surely there are more important questions: What does the NK want? How do the seasons and magic on Planetos actually work, anyway? How did Dany make those dragons? How did Mel birth demons? How does Mel live so long? What did Varys hear in the flames? Is Jon dead or alive - does he even breathe? I find the whole Jon linage a rather minor thing - and actually kind of annoying because how could Rhaegar legally annul his marriage when he had already made kids with Obyrens sister? I thought the way Westerosi law worked was that you could not opt out of successful reproductive unions - especially those between members of great houses? Besides this, the Targs were invaders so what makes their claim to the Throne more valid than Roberts? Surely one of the main elements of the show and books is letting us see how broken medieval successions and secret babies really are as concepts? Truly, if whether of not Jon deserves the Throne is the main crux of the story, in book or show, then its a waster of 5 (and counting) books and 8 seasons.
  13. An hour of soppy forgiveness. It was very nice and almost made me like some of the characters again - but it's just way too simple and cliche. This story started with such complicated promise. When the human heart is in conflict with itself it seldom resolves so positively. I hope there are some real kick to the guts surprises coming, because as well made as this season is, the narrative is ultimately boring. Also, getting massive LotRs film vibes this season. Anyone else feel Pod singing was exactly like this: Still gave it 8 out of 10.
  14. Without GRRM writing his dialogue, he is a crap character. He was downright mean to Varys - coz I have balls and you don't. Varys should have said, yea but at least I can reach a fucking doorknob, you doorknob. Dinklage is also way overrated and its showing.
  15. Good call - I hope zombie Hodor can still Hodor also - but in a screechy way. We have never heard a screechy HODOR! I gave the episode 7. Was yea, ok. Not good, not bad. Mostly predictable. Happy that the NK is still leaving messages - means there is still some depth to whatever he wants. I read a not quite spoiler that the NK patterns and messages come together for a really cool reveal - man I hope there is some truth to that.
  16. There are too many things wrong with where this story is heading - Roberts Rebellion was a lie coz Rhaegar loved Lyanna - awe, ain't that nice. Except the shit was already married and a dad, he just abandoned his family for a young Northern bit of smoo and everyone is OK with that? This show has a really fucked up version of committed love I guess the books and early episodes of the show kept driving home the things we love destroy us, so I can only hope that next season the NK proves to be the hero and Dany and Jon the villains. At least the NK looks good riding a dragon and not some little wuss bag like Dany - he sits up high and proud and shit. I don't get show Arya at all - she is a total mess of a character. Hope she goes insane and stabs herself to death next season. The zombie scene was underwhelming - seriously, the Mountain looks way scarier than that piss-ant little skelebones did - like WTF is wrong with his face? Loved that Qyburn took a particular interest in the wight, hope he goes and shakes the NKs hand and makes some kind of alchemy/necromancy alliance next season. Perhaps Cersie can than be the Nights Queen? Perhaps a Queen is all the NK is looking for, just like Euron.
  17. 7 - better than the travesty last week, but nothing in this episode was as good as Euron's water battle and the Field of Fire battle. Overall the only thing this season has had going for it are battles and dragon FX. Is it just me or does GoTs seem a lot less adult now? It doesn't feel as gory or thematically disturbing anymore. Incest has kind of become accepted as love - perhaps that is disturbing in itself. Other than that, there aren't any nasty elements now, which makes it kind of boring. It's like it used to be rated R and now it's MA or something - like it's been downgraded to a kids show. Best bit of the episode was Qyburn looking at the wights hand.
  18. 6 - had some really dumb arse storytelling but My hero killed and claimed a dragon - Go team White Walker! Some of the dialogue between the hound and Tormund was funny. I find it hard to rate below 5 because as dumb as the narrative has become it's still very professionally made and engaging - and it's not quite as dumb as things like the transformers films and the new Star Wars.
  19. I gave it 5, which is one of my lowest ratings. Capturing a zombie and showing it to Cersie feels like a stupid excuse to get all of the actors in the one place. I knew it was coming because I read the spoilers but I was hoping it wasn't true - it's so dumb and contrived, to deliberately draw things out. It ruins any sense of urgency about the Walkers, Dany's conquest and dragons - the plot in general. So Tryrion has given Dany 3 failed plans, she succeeds by going it alone and then listens to his plan 4. Fuck I hope this plan fails and Dany feeds Tyrion to a dragon. But seriously, why is Dany even listening to him? Why does she care about what Cersie thinks about the zombies? Why does it matter? So Rhaegar and Lyanna were married. Again, why does it matter? Who gives a fuck? Certainly not Sam. And thinking of Sam, how does he have any idea what books and scrolls he stole? He took them from a room he'd never been into, in the dark? What does the Night King want? What was the Long Night all about? What is the Red god? Sam probably can't work it out with the random shit he stole. I'm venting because the plot has gotten silly and I know where it's going - fanservice central, nothing intelligent, deep or thought provoking for the rest of this season, perhaps this story.
  20. Re the whole Arya/Brienne thing, I enjoyed the fight for how it played out, without thinking of the logic too much. But, what if Arya is the Waif and the Waif has had an immense amount of training in swordplay? The only thing that still really negates the Waif becoming Arya is Nymeria not eating her - but, if the Waif became no-one enough, perhaps she can impersonate Arya enough to fool a direwolf?
  21. The drawings may not have all been done by the Children, or at the same time. The Walkers were on an entirely different wall, in a different style. It's not like Jon is an archaeologist, is it?
  22. Simplest explanation is that Jon misread the painting because he has a bias against White Walkers. There are 4 elements in this equation - Patterns, Children, Men & Walkers The patterns are related to Children and Walkers but not men, suggesting the Walkers and Children are closer to each other than either group is to Men. The book and show are deliberately vague around the history of Westeros and the White Walkers, suggesting that something is being hidden, still. Even if we take it on face that the Children made the Walkers to defend against Men and that the Walkers got out of control and the Children had to team up with Men to defeat them - the patterns are an issue. The patterns mean that either the Children changed something about themselves which the Walkers still adhere to or that the Children have never really been on the side of Men. It is seeming more and more logical to me that the Walkers are the Pact and the Old Gods rolled into one. They were created as some kind of environmental protection agency that Men has to adhere to to coexist with the Children. As Men became more numerous in Westeros, they stopped adhering. I don't think that Men and the Children ever really worked together to defeat the Walkers, more I think that Men probably drove Children and thus the power of the Walkers underground (into the North).
  23. Ah, that makes a lot of sense - cheers. Couldn't understand Dinklage's voice at all though
  24. So I guess it wasn't 'who are you idiot?' he said first? need subs
  25. Yea, I read that one on Reddit - pretty funny though, he quickly doodled in the Walkers before showing Dany On a different note, I watched the episode again, with headphones and could still not really make out what Tyrion was saying? Was it Who are you idiot? Jamie charges You fucking idiot? Why doesn't Tyrion recognise Jamie?
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