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  1. 6.5/10 Too much dialogue. Great acting, scenery and costumes. Overall a bit boring. My boyfriend, who was not read the books, absolutely loved it.
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome you guys! :D Honeyed chicken: thank you for taking such an interest in my post! :D My name is something I came up with by myself. It's not based on anything :) I'm a fantasy fan, I like elves and fairies and whatnot, and I wanted an Elvish name to go by on the internet :P After a while of pondering and writing things down I came up with this ^^ inspiration isn't something that just comes to you, its comes from work ^^ The TTTNE thread sounds fun, is it a thread where you can post anything fun, or post about your life? :) Yesss Littlefinger is fascinating!!! I hope GRRM won't kill him for a longgg time. I also read everything about Littlefinger carefully. He will probably be even more important later on than he is now. He's so smart and plans everything eerily well. He seems to know very well whom he can trust and whom he can't trust. For example, he trusted the queen of thorns in cooporating with him in killing Joffrey. She could've betrayed him, he would've been executed and she could possibly have received a huge financial reward, but still he knew he could trust her. On the other hand, he had Dontos killed immediately after he delivered Sansa beceause he knew he couldn't trust him. His intelligence and cunning never cease to amaze me! Hmm, well, I just really don't like Arya... I've disliked her from the beginning. She was very uninteresting to me, a cliche'd, unconvincing tomboy. She also doesn't have much of a personality to speak of besides a touch of psychopathy... but she's not an interesting psychopath such as Aerys, Joffrey or Walder Frey. I also personally think her death prayer storyline is kind of lame. But what I perhaps dislike most is her storyline. She's just not getting ANYWHERE. It's the same everytime, she's almost here or there, is almost going to meet her family and then... nope. Happened so many times it really started to annoy me. It also annoys me that she constantly bites her lip. ''She chewed her lip'' Yeah, NOW we know! Her chapters are a lot of wandering around and I read them with very little attention, so sometimes I miss stuff... I did carefully read the part about her meeting Edric Dayne, and for a while I was utterly convinced that HE was Aegon (VI) Targaryen. But now that I've read ADWD, I'm not sure what to think... I have always greatly preferred Sansa over Arya! I know many people hate her but I've liked her from the beginning and never started disliking her. She's just so human to me and a decent, believable person. I can really relate to her. Just like Sansa, I have also made choices I regret, and I have also trusted certain people I regret. Sansa is also very willing to admit to her mistakes and tries to learn, something I can also relate to as well. She's also a strong character and tried to survive as best as she could while she was in King's Landing. Oh I love Daenerys and I fully agree with your statements about her! Such a strong character, still so young, but trying her hardest to learn and be a good queen! And indeed, lot of self sacrifice! She faces a lot of difficult situations, the harpy, the Yunkai'i, her dragons growing wild... I doubt anyone could've made better choices for those situations, and she's still not arrogant, she reviews everything carefully even after she's made a choice. I'm very interested to hear about your favorite and least favorite characters! Actually surfing in Europe is easy and quite common! :) I have personally surfed a lot in France; in the atlantic ocean. Very good waves there. It is also possible to surf in Portugal and a small part of Spain. It is also quite well possible to surf in my home country the Netherlands at the west coast! Surf camps at the Dutch west coast attract a lot of German tourists. I've heard it's also possible to surf at the north coast of the Netherlands. I suppose it's also possible to surf in the UK and the west coast of Norway! Mostly digital gaming but I am also very fond of board and table games! =) Haha coincidentally I ordered 2 new tablegames today.... Ohhh nice! I love baking and it's great to see other people's creations!!! I'll go have a look! Oh btw, perhaps we should take it to PM from here :P otherwise we'll be spamming the thread haha
  3. Hii! :) I'm a 22 year old female from Europe. My hobbies are reading, gaming, traveling, cooking, baking and surfing. I just finished reading A Dance with Dragons so I thought I'd make a profile here :) I love how well written the books are and the extensive storyline and all the characters. My favorite characters are Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Sansa, Kevan, Varys, Littlefinger, Myrcella, Tommen, Eddard, Barristan, Stannis, Doran, Oberyn and Margaery. My least favorite characters are Joffrey & Ramsay & Walder Frey (obviously), Theon, Catelyn, Ser Jorah, Arya, Melisandre and more I have cosplayed Daenerys as she's one of my favorites and I look similar to her (same hair :P) Really excited for Winds of Winter and sharing thoeries and discussions with ya all! :D
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