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  1. Liaraeyne

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    GRRM said something along those lines many years ago. He also thought he would finish ADWD in 2006. He also thought Winds would be finished in October 2015. And then in December 2015. Words are wind. Nothing is certain at this point. Not even whether there will be two more books.
  2. Liaraeyne

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Oh, but I definitely agree on that. Rhaegar was a jerk. Throwing his wife and children aside and embarrassing them for a stupid prophecy... I really hope book Rhaegar is better...
  3. Liaraeyne

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    For all intents and purposes, Elia was barren. I know what barren means. Sure, her womb could quicken but another birth would mean her death. Rhaegar apparently respected her too much to do that to her. So, having another child by her was not an option. So for all intents and purposes, Elia was barren and Rhaegar went to look for another women because 'the Dragon has three heads' or something.
  4. Liaraeyne

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    A maester said that birthing another child would mean Elia's death. We can call that barren. @OP: yeah, Rhaegar is a jerk. Can't believe he would ditch his first children and kind, dutiful wife like that. I'm still pretty shocked. I hope book Rhaegar will turn out to be better. But Rhaegar was always a little crazy. He never doubted prophecies, which seems dumb to me. He threw his books aside and started training arms on a whim because of some stupid prophecy he found somewhere... that's just weird. Oh well, we'll see.
  5. Liaraeyne

    bran is such a creep...

    IKR, poor Sansa, she was SO uncomfortable.
  6. Betting al my money on Doran. Just my gut feeling!
  7. Liaraeyne

    The Mummer's Dragon

    Well said OP, But a mummer always uses a fake dragon in his plays. I just don't know, it could go either way.
  8. Liaraeyne

    Favorite POV Character

    Daenerys, Sansa, Jon Snow, Tyrion, Jaime Lannister, Arianne. Arianne started out dumb but I'm curious about her further development, she seems to have learned from her mistakes.
  9. Liaraeyne

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Thank YOU BryndenBFish This new update is so interesting; there's some stuff I didn't know yet. I'm glad Cersei and Asha are coming back as POVs! I don't really care for Gendry, but we'll see what happens there. I'm a huge fan of Wyman Manderly, so I can't wait to read more about the Order of the Green Hand. I wonder what kind of significance Arya's first period will have. I'm even more excited now.
  10. Liaraeyne

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I have a question about the number of GoT seasons. Which of the following is true: 1. Has the 7th season been confirmed as the FINAL season? 2. Has it been confirmed that there will be at least one other season after season 7? 3. Or is nothing certain yet?
  11. Liaraeyne

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Glad your back, @BryndenBFish! I really enjoyed reading the new update.
  12. Liaraeyne

    Dwarfism: A Targaryen Trait?

    Oh, come on. There is a huge difference between hints & evidence from the text and saying things like 'one secret Targ is enough' or 'it ruins a relationship'. OP compiled a lot of textual backup for his/her theory and makes a good case. Trying to argue against it using entirely subjective arguments like 'one secret Targ is enough' is just plain unreasonable.
  13. Liaraeyne

    Dwarfism: A Targaryen Trait?

    Thanks for posting this, Queen who never was. It was well written and you have quite convinced me. Also: I agree.
  14. Definitely Jaime. He became such a complex character in book 3. I like his character a lot.   Davos, he became really interesting in book 3. Loved him in ADWD.   Ser Jorah... and not in a good way. What a douchebag and whiny ass. And he misses a couple of brain cells.
  15. Liaraeyne

    How would you rate episode 501?

    6.5/10 Too much dialogue. Great acting, scenery and costumes. Overall a bit boring. My boyfriend, who was not read the books, absolutely loved it.