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  1. It was better than the first two episodes but man, I’m not really feeling this show.
  2. Tell me you don’t know how flu shots work without telling me you don’t know how flu shots work. I never had a bivalent booster, if it was any of your business. And what if I’m not concerned about getting “very sick” (whatever that means) or dying? What I’m also concerned about getting sick enough that it disrupts my life for a few days or weeks? e.g. missing school, missing work, etc. Case in point: ‘Makes the inconvenience of getting jabbed kind of a non-issue, no? It sure was a hell of a lot less tedious than this whole conversation. I mentioned in my original post that I caught covid in the spring and it knocked me on my ass. Would I like to avoid that again? Yup. Am I afraid of needles? Nope. Speaking of people not concerned with being over cautious. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/
  3. Also, https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/106094
  4. That Al Jazeera areticle is from 6 months ago. Here’s one that’s more recent. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/wave-or-surge-experts-differ-on-terms-but-agree-covid-cases-are-rising/wcm/fca31d11-2ba6-4964-92f6-cc6e45b87d40/amp/ Yeah. How terrible of me to do that to you. Assume what you want. It matters not at all. 6 months ago. I also caught the flu a little while before that. I still plan on getting a flu shot when they become available in the fall. Do you approve? Oh, wait. I don’t give a shit.
  5. Um, protect me from future Covid infections(?). My last shot was a year ago. How much protection do you think that jab and previous jabs is giving me for the next six months, starting today? Show your work. The same one I was in when I caught Covid 6 months ago. By what fucking right do you tell me I “don’t need a booster”? I gotta check with you before I go to the doctor? Feeling awfully full of ourselves today, aren’t we?
  6. I had Covid roughly 6 months ago. The guidance here is 5 months minimum from the last shot or Covid infection.
  7. How’s that? I have no idea. It was whatever was on offer.
  8. Been ignoring these threads for a while. I got my booster today. I think it’s my 4th shot but I can’t even remember anymore. I put it off because I actually caught Covid back in March. I felt like shit for about 2 weeks but otherwise fine. Not life threatening at any rate, but it was bad enough that I don’t want to feel like that again. My next booster will come the day I’m eligible.
  9. -deep inhale- PREQUEL FIGHT! PREQUEL FIGHT! PREQUEL FIGHT! I’m going to figure out this cycle I promise. You know, maybe midichlorians are catching. I mean, micro organisms get around don’t they? You hang out with a Jedi long enough without your N95 mask and you’re bound to catch some midichlorians. “Ahh Choo!!!” “Bless you… Here; have a tissue.” As the Kleenex box levitates off the table…
  10. This (Ferrari) looks better than I thought it would. How did I not know Michael Mann directed Last of the Mohicans? I need to look at my life.
  11. Oppenheimer was a strong contender for Oscar noms (which is what Universal effectively paid for). With Dune 2 shifting to next year, I’d say it’ll be taking home some chrome for sure.
  12. Ruby Gilman: Teenage Kraken. Pretty good. Funny, heartwarming. Nice visuals. I liked it.
  13. From what I’m reading, the pitch to Lucasfilm was actually built on a concept he had already been working on for some time (stand alone).
  14. You don’t have to squint very hard to see some Seven Samurai vibes in Rogue One either. - Cinema! https://variety.com/2023/film/news/killers-of-the-flower-moon-release-date-wide-ocotber-1235707166/amp/
  15. I read some comments from a couple of mildly prominent social media so-and-so’s regarding the rebel moon trailer, in the context of Star Wars. Setting aside my personal opinion of these individuals, I found myself thinking, “Y’know, I don’t believe “The Mouse” is actually paying you idiots, but you make it really hard sometimes. Just giving it away like government cheese, they are.
  16. Despite huge critical acclaim and awards recognition, Fincher’s films haven’t been huge box office successes. Zodiac even lost money. Benjamin Button may have only just broke even. ‘Can’t wrap my head around that. I’m just happy he gets to cook. ETA: not that all of his films are like that. I didn’t want to imply I was saying that.
  17. Yup. A galactic empire brought low by improperly fitting headgear and eye openings that are 10% too small. I know! I'm pretty sure the Sulaco was automated. There didn't appear to be an operations crew on board.
  18. Barbie is now the highest grossing film of the year worldwide. She has crushed the Italian plumber beneath her dainty crooked feet.
  19. Old news that has already generated tons of shockingly idiotic commentary. But don’t worry, I’m sure plenty of Comic Book movie idiots and Disney/Star Wars shills* have their “objectivist Star Wars” commentary primed and ready. *No, I don’t think they are shills. I would respect them more if they were.
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