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  1. I really like that kid. I really like that kid. How does it imply that? Being chained to a table with nothing but an undead Mountain for company 'till the day I die would freak me out a bit too. Can Robert Strong "rape"?
  2. https://media.giphy.com/media/3o6ozscsz4jRX7xuQE/giphy.gif
  3. I am too. A slightly overweight, 6'1", hairy little girl... with a penis.
  4. I'd agree with that regarding Cersei. Ramsey's death had a nice sense of justice, with a touch of irony.
  5. Smells like dog poop. Ramsey that is. Betrayed by his own sadism.
  6. It seems to me that the early episodes covered an incredible amount of ground in a short time and the last episodes are kind of setting things up. The remaining 3 episodes will be packed with "holy shit" moments. Cleganebowl will not happen so long as I have a hole in my ass.
  7. She has a list, no question. Her list probably has a meaningful order, but there's no way she passes up a target of opportunity.
  8. I'm thinking back to Catlyn's words to Rob in season 1: "We will kill them all." Given everything Sansa has been through, and given that the Lannisters are responsible for the death of her father, mother & elder brother, and the destruction of her house, etc., I doubt she will make a distinction between "good Lannisters" and "bad Lannisters". Tyrion might be the exception, as he was actually kind to her, but that's moot because I don't think they will ever cross paths again. She let Littlefinger live, but that was a near thing. I think if he had said the wrong thing, he'd have been done. Jaime has no relationship with her at all. The show never puts them together and he never so much as says hello to her. All she knows is that he is the Cersei's brother and (probably) Joffrey's father. What?
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