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  1. LuckyCharms

    Bakker LII: Ol' Golgotterath Blues

    lol Naaah. I actually like LOTR.
  2. LuckyCharms

    Bakker LII: Ol' Golgotterath Blues

    Isn't it just standard eliminative materialist arguments relating to substances abuse or whatever? If you drink enough booze to get drunk off your gourd, losing all inhibitions crippling cognitive functions—what does it say about your identity or qualia if a purely physical matter can completely subvert your identity/morals/personality. It's the same just a bit more, uh, high mimetic. With eating ersatz orcs. It's seems like it's exactly within Bakker's wheelhouse and pursuant to all the thematic exigencies he's been going on about this whole time.
  3. Pretty sure that is isn't a continuity error. The 'fought both for and against the No-God' is Mek talking about Nau-Cayuti. Or it could be a Bakkerian ex post facto retcon. But it works.
  4. LuckyCharms

    The Unholy Consult post-release SPOILER thread IV

    Kellhus is dead but his soul isn't in the Outside. Ajokli's ranting because he can't find Kellhus's soul in Hell, so he naturally assumes that he entered the Carapace. Kellhus's soul is kicking around somewhere and Bakker commented that we haven't seen the last of him.
  5. LuckyCharms

    The Unholy Consult post-release SPOILER thread III

    This isn't quite right. Someone else way back in the thread had this same misapprehension. Guswuran leads out his Mysunsai in order to form up a with Quya beyond the walls. There's a line about how Cilculiccas recognizes the Grandmaster intent immediately. Sujara-nin sees the Mikka Council compass on his coat or whatever, gets triggered, and go apeshit on all the Mysunsai. Guswuran and the rest are only casting mundane wards and not ones against sorcery because they aren't expecting a fight at all, because they know the Nonmen are allies.
  6. LuckyCharms

    Queer characters in fantasy

    I also want to say that my favorite queer fantasy character in all fiction has to be Lord Vivec from TES III: Morrowind. The Warrior-Poet, the Holy God-King of Vvardenfell.
  7. LuckyCharms

    Queer characters in fantasy

    Amusingly enough, I wrote my term paper for my Queer Theory course about Cnaiur as a case study in genre fiction. Through the lens of gender performativity from Judith Butler and Foucaldian discoursive regimes. Can't recall most of my points. Mostly that a toxic, fetishized, hypermasculine, heterosexual culture could so easily pervert the narrative of queer self-emancipation into something defective and debilitating. Saying that Cnaiur is kind of psychopath, and also queer, therefore: queerness = mental instability seems rather reductive. I also recall a video from Anita Sarkeesian of all people, where she was talking about Caprica, the spin-off of Battlestar Galactica. How the brother of the Adama patriarch was a hitman for the Tauran mafia, this secondary character was also a homosexual man. She was saying that this was poor queer representation because this character was super amoral, a murderous thug, and rather brutish. That people who have a negative impression of queer persons will look to this as a proof of queer immorality. My immediate thought is that this is absurd confirmation bias. If an individual already has a profoundly biased or bigoted relationship with queer individuals, any "positive queer identity" will mean little to them. They would probably see it as some propaganda or whatnot. I should also say that within the context of Caprica, that character's (I don't recall his name, it's been years since I watched that show) queerness was never ever portrayed as a negative thing. He merely happened to be a hitman for the mob who was homosexual.