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    Literature Of Old: Plutarch, Appian, Herodotus

    I had read Thucydides many years ago but only this past summer did I deign to read his History in Attic Greek. Which, ugh, was one of the most grueling and miserable decisions of my life but glad I got through it. In the prelude he famously asserts that in his capacity as a historian he's not writing for a contemporary audience but for all times. Pursuant to that goal he's says he's going to intentionally write in the most complicated and sophisticated syntax and grammar of Attic Greek so that only the most scholarly and intellectual people will be able to read it so that the uneducated thetes and whatnot won't pervert or distort his writings. And all I can say is: yup. On a more lighter note I read Lucian's A True Story this past month, which is just delightful and breezy Ancient Greek in comparison to Thucydides. It's really salient to these discussion on the mythologizing of historical inquiry in the classics because Lucian is a tongue-in-cheek parody of Herodotus, Ctesias and Iambulus, all these sort of hack historians making shit up that they haven't actually experienced or could possibly know about. A True Story is often considered the first work of science fiction as its principal narrative follows an interstellar war between a race of people living on the moon and a race of people living on the sun. It's certainly not the highest tier of 'classical literature' but if you want to read a really funny parody of the Homeric epics and even more archaic historians, Lucian is awesome.
  2. LuckyCharms

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Heard through the grapevine of my friend who runs a chain of bookstores in the Hamptons. But apparently Abrams publishing had purchased Overlook last year at some point as an imprint. During the Overlook acquisition PON and I think Judging Eye were all out of print. But Overlook told Abrams that TSA was one of their better selling series and wanted to get it back up and running. I was told that PON and Judging Eye are now back in print and the Abrams editions are supposedly slightly larger in dimension than the old Overlook ones. So Bakker might be in communication with Abrams if they want to do something in the future for series three? Hopefully. Don't grill me on details. This was all heard second-hand. My business insider friend will keep me updated lol. But we can maybe be a bit more optimistic than we have been before.