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  1. Ya, I don't mind the ignorance...I had Lions kinda spoiled because I knew pretty well of El Sid. But alot of the other stories I just like to have general frame of reference so I can be more in the mind set....if that makes sense!
  2. Very much appreciated, sir!
  3. Thanks, Wert! Very much appreciated. By chance, is there a post or anything that covers the general period/area that each book covers? I was a big fan of Last Light because I love most things Vikings and that period of English/Norse history is so fascinating to me. I thought he did a pretty good job with the Britons, Celts and Norse. I know some novels deal with an "Italy" theme and there are several others. Anyhow, thanks again!
  4. You must be a deviant who likes torture because I don't understand this mentality at all LOL
  5. Obviously this is subjective (I've only read Lions and Last Light) but can anything by GGK top these two? I recall Lions being so highly recommended I never wavered and enjoyed it pretty much start to finish. Last Light took me a little to get into the at the start, but I actually felt the story was slightly better than Lions and I felt the ending was SO fantastic. I've been on a dry spell and a friend randomly bought Snakewood and said it was solid, so he is letting me borrow, but in light of lacking any GRRM or Bakker series at this point, there is plenty left for me to explore for GGK.
  6. I've read Lions and Light....what are some other of his popular ones? I need something to read! I am surprised as I THOUGHT one of his other novels already covered Italian Renaissance (obviously just one of them I had not yet read). Fairly excited to hear of this new one.
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