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  1. Out of curiosity, if you were to give your dream casting for the characters who have been cut (Jon Connington, Aegon, Strong Belwas, etc.) and the characters who have yet to appear or be casted (Sarella, Marwyn, Victarion, etc.), who would you cast? Here are some of my picks: Jon Connington: Tony Curran Aegon Targaryen: Logan Lerman Victarion Greyjoy: Ray Stevenson Sarella Sand: Tatiana Maslany Archmaestar Marwyn: Jim Broadbent
  2. What the hell are they doing? I was on board with this season 100% until this episode. First, I really thought they would redeem Dorne this episode by having Doran reveal his true colors, but no, they've made Dorne completely useless. The Arya stuff could have been handled much better and was just awkward. Stannis burning Shireen, what the hell? After their wonderful scene earlier this season that pretty much symbolized the opposite of what just happened. And the Fighting Pits scene just didn't feel right to me, maybe because of the burning scene right before it. I have probably given 10s to all episodes this season so far, but this one was just awful...
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