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  1. Yes, Cersei’s feminism (bitter dead-ended as it is) exists. She’s pissed that she wasn’t given choices and possibilities on account of her gender (being sold off like brood mare, not getting a sword like Jaime etc). It has a lot of big flaws, but it is still feminism. Feminism/feminists can be misogynic. Misogyny is so deeply woven into everything its almost impossible to not ever do/say stuff that isn’t feministically correct. The reasoning you have about Cersei’s exceptionalistic tendencies fits better with Dany’s aspacian piedestal, which is DANY has a right to rule everyone because she is so very special and other women aren’t at all like that, so they deserve being ruled over. Aspasia was a highly intelligent highborn woman in Ancient greece a who won the right to vote but only specifically for HERSELF, other women didn’t matter (maybe it did, to her, but its not recorded to my knowledge).
  2. As a reader I'm 100% black (because Rhaenyra was made heir and greens are vulgar and screw the stupid patriarchy) - but had I been an in-story character I'd go green because blacks is too dangerous, they kill anyone around them on whim and I wouldn't be up for that.
  3. @Lord Varys this gem from the aFfC prologue illustrates both racism and classism in the story:
  4. Not so, it's still different. It's correct that classism can abuse/discriminate in a similar manner to racism. But this is true of an indefinitive amount of things, like; communism, religion, dialect. Different hands using the same tool aren't necessarily the same. Ramsay does messed up stuff to commoners - does this make him a racist against them? Do we ever think he justifies his deeds with being biologically superior like he's Nietzsche or Viserys? I know I don't. If not for material gain, the bloodline thing in noble marriages was about the prestige and bragging rights rather than biological essence. Medieval royalty claimed to be god-appointed and from god's will they gave out lordships etc so nobles were special because "god" not because they were biologically different from anyone they rule over. The "blue blood" myths (there are a number of those; pale skin/visible veins in the temples, skinny ankles and wrists, small feet and delicate hands were all at some point seen as a hint/proof of nobility) - all turned out to be lifestyle-made rather than biological. Although the expression blue blood was a way for spanish royalty to distinquish themselves to the Moors as well as the general rabble, so there's perhaps a grain of actual racism in there. It's about loss of prestige for Kevan. Maybe some discriminatory pre-concieved notions that with a merchant-class mother the kids might not be raised properly or lack necessary skills. House Westerling was impoverished and refilled with Spicer gold, loosing out on second-tier Lannister matches is the price in prestige for that gold. Davos is a lord since aSoS. He says in Clash that his sons were lowborn like him (at least those sons present at the Blackwater) so he was already married with kids when he was knighted so his kids will not get splendid matches due to being lowborn, but if they assimilate well enough (and marry strategically) their children will be at normal minor lord status. Higher if house Seaworth keeps bringing home the prestige.
  5. Yes and some of the story has to have some personal level drama - or its gonna be a mockumentary. Omg, this is really nice! I hope this is how they'll do it. Nope. Social classes and racism aren't the same. Social classes can discriminate/abuse the same as racism does, but but differs where there can be social climbing/falling between classes - while racism is implaccable (like sexism). I can see how you'd come to that conclusion; beyond the valyrian apartism, houses do have their signum looks which are emphasised over and over. But in absurdum they'd have to be like Targs and only marry in their own house to preserve their magical features for it to be the goal. Which they don't. There's some; Neds parents and Tywin-Joanna. The rest are happy with Tully-looking Starks, Frey chins on Lannisters or Florent ears on a Baratheon. Marriages are not about protecting/preserving these traits, its about protecting and preserving wealth, power and prestige. edit: this is why I think the house-traits are magical rather than heredetary. If a house is empoverished enough they'll marry a merchants daughter for a good dowry. Davos is a self-made nobleman. Compare with Drogo marrying Dany, Illyrio hints as to where her value lay: I'd say they are the first critera. It's strategic protection/preservation/accumulation of wealth/power/prestige. The qoute from Illyrio rates Danys genetic before being highborn.
  6. You're right I didn't consider the "beggar" aspect in my reasoning.
  7. This isn't so, though. Not one single character fails to notice summer islanders/dothraki/naathi/valyrian/dornish-rhoynish/qaartheen exact shade of pigment. If valyrian traditions hadn't be necessary for magic they'd be overtly racist in "keeping the blood of the dragon pure". Through the entire story we're told hold highly valyrian looks are valued. Compare with Ibbaneese (I know they're not POC but they are their own race with traits people look down their noses at, which is racist every bit as much as the positive racism Danys recieves for her genetic make up). And note princess Daella getting so freaked out by the appaerance of an summer islander that she run away weeping thinking him a ghost, which doesn't say much for the diversity of Kings Landing. I'm not saying this is a racist story but only that this story has racism in it, its part of the realism.
  8. Im on my phone now so I can’t chop up the reply so I’ll put numbers in the quote, hope you don’t mind. 1. 100% agreed. What was up with show Xaro and warlocks mass murdering the rulers of Qaarth? So unmotivated imho. Liked it much better for him to show up in Mereen pretending to be an old friend and then turning against Dany. 2. It is important for the war, its the reason given for originating and escalating feud/war. Aemon calls them Strongs and loses an eye, he gets sour and kills Jace, which causes the Blood and Cheese murder. I’m confident it will matter. 3. I’m not so sure. The Red Wedding wasn’t done because Robb broke his marriage-pact but it that was what Frey used to justify it with. Same should be true of legitimacy, in this social structure it is much worse to be a bastard than a woman. Bastards are thought to be morally defective. 4. Not sure here either. They could choose to disregard earlier marriages or let the house-traits-magic resolve it. 5. Not sure the Summer Isles nobility would carry the same prestige as nobility of Lys or Volantis, or even Qaarth. Jallabhar Xho was royalty but not very well respected. Summer Isles is much more culturally different, being way too cool about free sex to be accepted or respected imo. But then showmakers might just disregard this too.
  9. He is stated to be a lyseni pirate in the show but it nowhere states that Lys is made up by Valyrian people, so it works fine if you don't know stuff from the books. Not so good when you do and get annoyed over them missing out on this insanely good world build. Here I disagree. There needs to be more than a spy report and some on screen canoodling for it to be believable for other characters. Alicent being powerhungry and going against the Kings decreed heir is one thing, but for others to join in a war that has a bunch of dragon on both sides... There'd have to be something that can be generally accepted as proof. Like Joff being blonde in GoT and Ned reading the book saying all Baratheons have black hair. Good points. I was thinking along the lines of skin, like hair and eye colour would be traits assocciated with house, ie house Velaryon has black roots, like Lannisters have green eyes or Tully auburn hair etc. Your version is would be more likely or realistic but it kind of goes against this bloodline/hereditary magic-thing that does play some part. Yes, it'd be so awesome!
  10. I don't think they will. Recasting actors from GoT (especially main cast) will ruin the fantasy; that this is same Westeros but a hundred years earlier (can't very well have the Imp turned fool or Arya playing Nettles, because the characters are already similar to begin with), it will be more costly than actors who haven't made it big yet and serve to remind the viewer of GoT and invite constant comparisons. I can't imagine anything beyond the odd cameo tbh. Imagine them CGI the dude that played Tormund into Mushroom and the let him rant about his member
  11. GoT did it to Salladhor Saan, which worked ok since the purple eyes thing was completely thrown out. No comments of the prostitues of Lys (Saan being lyseni) to give it away. Whether or not HotD plans to use the purple eyes is the interesting question here; in the story they are a big reason Rhaenyras' sons paternity was questioned. Silver hair and pug noses might be enough? Also, if the Seasnake's son Laenor is mixed race, then Laenors sons by Rhaenyra shouldn't be all milk no coco, so skin colour might replace eye colour in function actually. I wonder if house Velaryons valyrian heritage will be downplayed/written out or if they will be another skin colour valyrians with the silver hair? I personally would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Steve Touissant with silver hair and purple eyes.
  12. I’ve only read lotr and the Hobbits tale, I’m not big on fantasy generally, so it might well be Tolkien was more nuanced than he gets credit for. But isn’t there an ssm that says that thing about Tolkien? And what Tolkien was or wasn’t isn’t so much the question as what Grrm thinks of Tolkien.
  13. No friendship is ever completely equal, nor any two individuals/characters either so that isn't a reason to disregard them. Cat and Lysa (granted they're family/related more than friends but right there we have one of the highest sourness-scores in the entire story, Cat's disastrous visit to the Eerie is soooooo good) is way more fascinating to me than Cat and Brienne. Cat takes pity on Brienne, Brienne comes to respect Cat's "womanly courage". Yawn. I wouldn't call the waif an acquaintance nor rate a relationship's worth based on how many pages they get. My interpretation on why Arya doesn't have female friends earlier is based off two things; Sansa and Jeyne bullying and a strong internal feminism. Girls don't play with swords, go on adventures etc, why would she want them around when those are the things Arya wants to do? The waif is finally another girl who trains to be an elite assassin. Compared to Cersei's bitter dead end-feminism ("if I had been born male") or Dany's Aspacian piedestal (same such as Sansa is well underway onto as well) - Arya's feminism seems to grant her more freedoms than the other. Still however Cersei and Dany has been way more power-succesful while they aren't at all free.
  14. Dany and Missandei is pretty nicely depicted friendship to me. But other than that I think the closest thing we get is Arya and book-waif and Arya and the whores at the happy port. I do get why - Cersei and Taena/Cat and Lysa-types of friendships has a greater entertainment value than a nice and ”pure” friendships that only amounts to giggling and hugging and supporting each other through thick and thin. The male friendships arent entirely pure either imo, Ned lying to/ arguing with Robert and even some fake breakups along the way. Jon and Sam might look pure at first glance but Sam is pretty sour about the baby swap plus there’s room for drama when Jon learns about Bran going beyond the wall.
  15. I think GRRM maybe tried to make only grey characters in contrast to Tolkiens black or white ones, so thats probably part why. We have the She-Bears and Asha for a lighter shade of grey, Brienne pretty much white... Granted none of them has a great deal of power en par with Cersei and Dany. I really hope for book-Dany to have a less horrid road than show-Dany but it does feel like grasping for straws in doing so.
  16. Do we know who gets to be Mushroom? Or if he made the cut?
  17. I know thats what you think but I don’t agree with it; it’s too far fetched and contains a big bunch of unsound leaps of logic imo. That being said, I respect your enthusiasm and how invested you are in this and I enjoy reading your posts and theories
  18. Am I the only onw who wonders if carrying Blackfyre might be a liability? It’s a generational traitors sword. Sure it once belonged to Aegon tC, but now its given its name to five rebellions and at least one big war, so connotations isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I do love this about (f)Aegons armor though, it’d be too awesome if he had one with rubys like Rhaegars! It would also put a nice twist in Danys dream of Rhaegar in armor, lifting his visor and seeing herself, it could be turned into a big psychological drive of doubt or guilt.
  19. They were. Homeless Harry, though... I can’t really see him turning down lannister gold, lordship and an (from his pov) easy victory - for some rash stripling fresh off the poleboat. I don’t think Cersei is above playing/cheating him so it will be a short triumph for Harry though. Even if he fears Varyllio and them sending faceless men, he’s too horny for gold to say no to it imo. Dany won’t be a deterrent either, too far away to matter more than gold and coushy life.
  20. The GC will sell fAegon out to Cersei. (sellswords can’t be trusted) Sansa will get her head chopped off. (for symmetry with Lady) Dany isn’t Daenaerys Targaryen, she is daughter of Rhaegar and Ashara.
  21. Ok we’ll have to agree to diagree here, so far none of us seems to be able to convince the other and its off topic anyhow.
  22. The only ones we hear from are Genna and Kevvan. Genna like Tywin because he opposed he marriage and Kevvan doesn’t reflect on Tywin from what I can remember, so thats really not any proof either way.
  23. I’ll elaborate why it isn’t. 1 If the child disapears people will whisper* and ofc they will think Tywin threw him in a well, 2 An abandoned child could get into the wrong hands, considering their strained relationship Aerys would probably pay a pretty penny to humiliate Tywin by parading his son around the court, any rival or rebel would love to have him as well. 3 Down the line pretenders could become a real problem, who wouldn’t like the favour of an heir to Casterly Rock? 4 All inheritances would be murky waters, Tyrion is second in line for the westerlands so every heir after Jaime would sit very uncertain * which means everyone will know that there is an abnormal child gone missing and will so react accordingly if one should turn up, talk would spread of that as well. Also I think you misunderstand the mechanics of a taboo. I don’t think Tywin is afraid to break it in itself - but he isn’t dumb so he sees the cost of social stigma. It would give Aerys SO many more barbs to puncture his overly proud Hand with, even if Tywin just left the child with some nice farmers.
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