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  1. If Jon is a secret Targaryen then its possible that with Robb's secret will, he'll be legitimized as a "Stark" and once his secret linage is revealed he could get some support behind his claim over the Iron Throne and ascend the throne as a Stark rather than a Targaryen. In this scenario it would be a "time for wolves" as the direwolf banner would be flying over the Red Keep with a Stark on the throne.
  2. If I recall some Targs were born with webbed feet, scaly skin and dragon wings. So just like the Hapsburgs it appears that inbreeding did create a host of problems for their gene pool. And of course there is the fact that mental illness runs in the family which might have increased as the Targs continued their tradition of inbreeding, which led to Aerys being the worst case out of all of them.
  3. Ashara had purple eyes but she also had black hair not the silver/white variety. And why would she need to fake a suicide for this plan to work? Couldn't they just send her away with the baby to start a new life maybe somewhere in the North so Ned could be closeby with Ned paying for her and his nephew's expenses? Plus why would the Daynes go to all that trouble for Ned in the first place?
  4. Normally they wouldn't but if said bastard looked nothing like his father and is suspiciously the spitting image of the deceased crown prince from the former dynasty. That is something that would spark people's interests.
  5. I think the reason they still exist and why the Vale lords tolerate their existence is because the lands they inhabit (mostly the Mountains of the Moon) are treacherous terrain which not only are not so valuable but also maybe expensive for them to have soldiers station there to patrol that area themselves. So instead its just cheaper to leave some barbaric raiders in the area to act as a kind of buffer to attack anybody that tries to trek through the mountains uninvited. Now the main problem with this plan is the fact that outsiders can still win over the Mountain Clans to fight for them like Tyrion had done.
  6. Kaibaman

    Why LF and Tyrells didn't include Varys to poisoning Joffrey?

    You have to ask yourself, what exactly does Varys have to gain from Joffrey's untimely demise that would make him privy to such a dangerous conspiracy? Did Littlefinger or Olenna think Varys wanted his king dead and can be trusted with this secret? Not to mention what use was there in telling him, because did they even need Varys to pull off the assassination? No they didn't, so there was absolutely no reason Varys needed to know this and for all they knew he might have ratted on them.
  7. For Ned to claim Jon is half Dayne, he would have to get the Daynes to go along with the ruse in case some nosy fellow decides to do a bit of poking around. I'm not so sure they would be willing to do something so treasonous it would put them all in danger if things go wrong. But also while they are taking a huge risk for Ned's sake there's really nothing in it for them, and why would they be willing to sully their family's honor by allowing Ned to boast he had deflowered one of their ladies?
  8. Kaibaman

    Cersei meeting Dany

    I believe by the time Dany gets to Westeros Aegon would have cleaned house with the Lannister/Baratheon regime and installed himself as king, probably with Margaery as his queen and Dany's initial purpose when landing in Westeros would be to fight to take the throne from her possible nephew. After that she would then go to the Wall to deal with the Others. Which means she is likely to skip the downfall of Cersei.
  9. When Ned went up to the Tower of Joy to see his sister after she had given birth to a son (who just happens to be the progeny of the late crown prince), I think its safe to say that he must have breathed a sign of relief when seeing his newborn nephew for the first time and saw that he takes after his mother more than his father in the genetic lottery. The fact that Jon has the same dark brown hair and grey eyes as himself meant he could take him home with him and pass him off as his bastard and nobody would have been the wiser. But I wonder, had Jon been unlucky enough to of been born with any of the features from his father's side (if not all of them) that would have made him a dead ringer for a Targaryen, what would Ned have done? I doubt he could have kept his promise to Lyanna in taking care of him as his purple eyes, silver hair and fair milky skin would have marked him for death if anyone especially Robert takes a good look at him. Furthermore even if Ned managed to safely take Jon to Winterfell with him, there's no way he can claim he's Jon's father as Valyrian looks are an extreme rarity in Westeros. Plus having a Targaryen looking kid growing up in Winterfell would put Ned's family in jeopardy if word of it ever gets back to Robert. I suppose the sensible thing to do in this scenario would have been to leave Jon with the Daynes after delivering the Sword of the Morning to them. They could easily pass him off as one of their own if they were willing to oblige. Then again with Jon being on the other side of the continent, Ned will have very few ways to check up on him and make sure his nephew is ok and growing up well, therefore he wouldn't be able to keep his promise to his sister in taking care of him. Its a terrible dilemma.
  10. Kaibaman

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    I think if the Northerners were to make fishery a major industry then they won't have to rely too much on agriculture or food imports which might be able to supplement times when food is scarce especially during the winter years when crops don't grow. This was how people in Scandinavia essentially survived by subsisting on seafood. If more people are able to be fed consistently then you won't have to worry about the population plummeting every winter and rebounding in the years following which is really bad for any nation's economy.
  11. I would have to go with the Tyrells mainly because: 1. They control the most fertile, arguably wealthiest (by medieval standards) and most densely populated region in the Seven Kingdoms. The resources at their disposal (especially their food) could be used to better the rest of the kingdoms if they ruled the realm on the Iron Throne. 2. They have the largest army in the Seven Kingdoms. Kings in the olden days depended a lot on their power coming from how large of an army they had over how much they depended on the armies of autonomous vassals. With 100,000 troops at their disposal and virtually unlimited provisions, what other kingdom would dare to stand against them? 3. They take a lot of effort in training members of their family in politics and this applies to both men and women in their family. What other house has shown to put great effort into the training up their heirs to become masters of politics than the Tyrells? Even when they had an idiot at the helm like Mace, the other members of the family are competent enough to steer him and their family in the right direction. 4. They are loved by the smallfolk. They seem to be the only house that maintains good public relations not only with powerful lords but also with the smallfolk. Margaery has shown to be a great philanthropist and makes the effort into interacting and helping out those who are less fortunate and is loved because of it. 5. They have influence over the Citadel. Because Oldtown is in the Reach and because the Hightowers are their vassals, they have the Maesters at their mercy, who to some degree may just dance to the tune their sing. That is a very big deal with you consider how much control the Maesters have over information and influence over the countless great and lesser houses of the realm. 6. They are worshipers of the Seven. The Faith of the Seven is the most dominant religion of the Seven Kingdoms and the Tyrells are officially very devout to this religion. This means the High Septon will mostly likely always be on their side along with other followers of this religion. This also means they most likely won't clash with the Faith Militant unlike previous regimes have. Although this may not resonate as well with the North, but as long as they leave the Starks and their people's religion alone and let them worship their weiwoods in peace, there won't be any problem.
  12. Kaibaman

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    He will probably get really desperate when things go bad in the North and then burn Shireen after some prodding from Mel, this helps him win the battle but he will feel guilty enough for what he did that he join the Night's Watch in the end to atone for his sins.
  13. Kaibaman

    Targaryen Morality

    I for one think the Targaryens were a little too benevolent as rulers. While the Targs may have had the oddball in their family from time to time causing trouble and creating political turmoil, in medieval times kings were often constantly at war with their vassals, killing and torturing their enemies and even making the lives of the smallfolk hell in their pursuit for more power. Besides Maegor's brutality towards the Faith Militant (who were asking for it), The DOD and Aerys burning people alive. The Targs appear to have had a pretty good track record. Then again that maybe because they mostly kept a hands off approach to ruling and didn't consolidate more control over their kingdom and just let the ruling houses go about their business uninterrupted. Its kinda strange that besides a few laws here and there, they didn't seem all that interested in centralizing more control for the crown but I suppose since they had dragons, they must not have felt the need to.
  14. Kaibaman

    What's your favourite crack! Ship

    Dany and an Other.
  15. Kaibaman

    Future of House Westerling and House Spicer

    As much as I like Jeyne, I afraid that when Lady Stoneheart gets a hold of her and her mother, they will both be done for. Lets face it, UnCat has no compunction when it comes to killing people who belong to a certain family regardless of whether they are innocent or not.