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  1. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    I never noticed how freaking tall the Hightower is! This is my fourth re-read and only now did I pay attention when Jon tells Ygritte that Hightower is taller than the wall. That is impressive, the wall was supposedly build using magic and the help of giants, but the Hightowers managed to buildt the Empire State Building in Oldtown. No wonder the current lord Hightowers haven't descended for a decade, imagine those stairs!
  2. I recently got a new phone, and the game centre gave me a random username as I don't like to use my own: ThreeHeadedCrow. No idea where it came up wiht this name, It is a game about fish.. I just wanted to share:) I just finished a re-listen to ADWD, and I am getting more and more convinced that Quentyn is alive. I might be very influenced by my love of Quent, but the scenes jusy play out suspiciously...charater on fire, cut to unrecognizable character dying. Even dying wiht a smile on his face, very unlike Quentyn.
  3. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I was just listening to the chapters where Joffrey dies and Sansa escapes. Sansa says she runs from the feast because the sight of Joffrey dying was too horrible. Do we ever find out what the plan was for getting Sansa out? Littlefinger couldn't have known that Sansa would have run, and if she had stayed another 10-15 minutes she would have been arrested with Tyrion. She clearly wasn't told that Joffrey would be murdered and that she should run when that happened, so I just wonder how littlefinger planned to get her out..
  4. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Minor characters you found yourself liking

    Jory - loyal to the Starks, helped Nymeria escape Dick Crabb - I loved his stories about the squishers Balon Swann - he is funny, he is not particularly loyal to the lanniaters. Don't even know why, I just love him.
  5. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Ranking minor POV characters?

    Victarion - one of my favourite characters Quentyn - I would read a whole book of his adventure. Have a small hope he survived. Melisandre - finally figuring out her view, her doubts. Asha - Great view on Stannis and the North Barristan - another view on Mereen (and Dany) than just Dany Aeron - found his chapter a little boring, but the latest chapter from WoW was amazing. JonCon - an insight into the invasion in the south Arienne - I never really cared that much about the Dorne plot line. Arys Oakheart - same as above Areo Hotah - same as above
  6. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    Yes, I'm sure Dany would not think it too strange, not sure what Jon's opinion would be. But I was talking about the point of view of the readers. There does seem to be a lot of fans who ship Jon and Dany, despite the fact that I'm sure most of us comes from societies where sleeping with your aunt or oncle is considered wrong.
  7. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from?

    For me, the biggest reason I don't want Jon and Dany to end up together is that they are most likely aunt and nephew! Im fine with cousins marrying, but aunt-nephew is a closer blood relation and it just seems really really wrong.
  8. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Small Questions v. 10105

    As other people already mentioned, Roose has probably only seen Arya a few time, and wouldn't necessarily have been paying much attention to her. Arya has also changed in appearance, the short haircut she was given and I guess she is at an age where you grow quickly. Rememeber that Harwin, who lived at Winterfell and was constantly around Arya didn't recognise her, not even when he heard her voice. It was only when she told him that he used to lead her pony that it clicked for him, so she must be quite altered.
  9. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Why Blood Raven is not the Three Eyed Crow

    Do you mean that you think White Walkers and Others are two different things? I don't think I have ever heard that before. OP, this is a great thread. I don't believe the 3EC and BR are the same either, but I haven't put anywhere as much thought to the idea as you have, it is a great read. I believe that the 3EC is Bran himself - or as someone suggested, future Bran. I find it very interesting that Bran's crow dream, the ice spires with the impaled dreamers are so similar to BloodRaven's cave. The crow is saying to Bran "fly or die", making me think that the 3EC is telling Bran that he has to be strong and learn how to use his abilities, or he will die in this place.
  10. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    Jory! That one gets me every time. And he is why I can't forgive Jaime. When Jaime pushed Bran out the window, at least he was trying to protect himself, his lover and their children. With Jory and the rest of the Winterfell men, it was only to chastise Ned. When Ned drags himself and his shattered leg to hold Jory Also Nimble Dick, Donal Noye, maester ludwin, Lyman Darry, Benfred Tallhart and Lady.
  11. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Is there something that you really don't want to see happen in the series?

    Yes to all of those! Especially number two, I really wanted to see the bad man fly What I don't want happening: Jon and Dany being romantically involved. I'd rather see him with Arya than Dany, despite the icky sibling relationship. Lady Stoneheart not meeting one of her children..I want a little closure and peace for her. Anything bad happening to Tommen, he is such a sweetheart.
  12. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    How to indicate "spoilers"?

  13. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Okay, thanks for that! Guess I'm not used to "posh" English, sounded so strange to me:-)
  14. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Was I mishearing or did Dany keep mispronouncing Khal Drogo's name as Drago? What is up with that?
  15. LordManderlyAsDragonRider

    Anyone else thinks that ADWD goes too far with Ramsay Snow?

    No, don't think the Ramsay stuff goes to far. It is perhaps not all pleasant reading, but Ramsay is not a pleasant guy! Most of the characters in ASOIAF are in the grey area of good/evil, I like that we have someone who seems to be completely in the black zone, and (until proven otherwise) is not some evil ice monster collaborating with the Other, but a human! I also think it has a purpose in the story other than to make us gag, if nothing else it add fuel to the in-fighting between the northern lords. Especially seen in comparison to all the other gross/ freaky stuff going on it these books, the Ramsay stuff really doesn't seem that bad twincest, pulling tongues out of little kids, crucifying slaves/slavers, whatever Qyburn is doing in the dungeons(?), etc.