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  1. Meanwhile, CB just shows people his excessive photo collection of sushi cats as a way of saying hello.
  2. siyxx

    Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    That's like asking the Americans to chose between Hillary and Trump. Where could I get an aspirin for Oberyn Martell? He's been whining about this skull-crushing headache for ages already.
  3. Is it because twistin' time is here?
  4. The only reason RB2G knows all of this is because *dramatic pause* he is Curley (CSI Miami themesong blasting in the background)
  5. Are we asking multi-questions now? or this is only a phase?
  6. siyxx

    Do you think any Freys will survive?

    I think it's too difficult to eliminate "all" the Freys...I mean, they're an extremely extended family, living all over the place. I think the best BwB and LSH could do is to kill most of the Freys within their territory. But those out and away from the hunting ground (e.g. the surviving Walder boy in Winterfell, Robert Frey in Oldtown) they'd most likely survive. So yes, I think a lot of the Freys will survive.
  7. siyxx

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Pretty Pia Keira Knightley
  8. siyxx

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Christopher Eccleston (circa Doctor Who) could be Bronn Saoirse Ronan
  9. Can you translate that to English please?
  10. RB loves The Lion King so much he sets the alarm so he could wake up and slowly rise from the bed to the intro of "Circle Of Life" every morning. Naaaaaaaaaaants ingonyamaaaaa bagithi Babaaa
  11. siyxx

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Edmure Tully Bill Skarsgard
  12. siyxx

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Young Griff Riz Ahmed