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  1. I gave it a 10. The style of this episode was quite distinct; it was lyrical, operatic, morose, and beautiful. The score was wonderful. Every scene was exciting and engaging in its own way. Probably one of the stronger episodes of the entire series.
  2. The Stark banners replacing the Bolton banners was immensely satisfying. Agree with all the praise for Kit's performance--he definitely sold the intensity of the situation without overdoing it
  3. I gave it my first every 10/10. Fantastic, intense battle footage and I loved how we stayed with Jon for much of the beginning of the battle, which added this amazing intimacy to the scene. I have no words about Rickon's death.
  4. Not bad, some good stuff in there (the Hound, Lyanna Mormont, the Blackfish), but also some pointless garbage (Theon and Asha in the brothel, a dumb excuse for some background b00bs while Asha bullies Theon). I'm also getting really tired of people mansplaining stuff to Sansa; I was waiting for her to slap Lord Glover (Robett? What's that guy's name again?) across the face.
  5. Some great stuff here. The return of Edmure and Benjen (Unclegate?) was a definite highlight for me. Also, the sequence in which a showdown between the Waif and Arya was foretold...very intense and nicely done.
  6. Summer Hodor What an awesome episode.
  7. Wow. Just wow. The White Walkers' attack on the cave made my heart race. That was some GOOD television. RIP Hodor/Wyllis. You were the bro of all bros.
  8. Brilliant episode! Dany burning down the Dothraki patriarchy and the first ever Stark reunion (sob!) alone made it the best episode in a long while.
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