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  1. As do I. There seems to be a lot that will be swept under the rug and not explained this season. And now that Bran is the greatest force/greenseer alive in westeroes, able to influence past and present events, and having no equal in this coming battle will make zero just for him to sit it out. Again.
  2. I'm guessing that the time Bran spent doing whatever will come into play in the next episode or will be of importance in the endgame. Somehow. Hopefully?
  3. Thought the same and the martell sigil, minus the spear.
  4. Thanks? But not what I was thinking. More so a " fuck off " to what she thinks is important. Thanks again for the kind words.
  5. What's the general consensus on what the burning of child/Lord Umber represents? Besides that the WW have an agenda besides mindless slaughter. Far fetched but, can it represent danys wheel?
  6. What are the chances we see ghost or nymeria at all this season? Was the elephant comments a nod to the fans wanting more screen time for the DWs?
  7. I would say second sin, we see him banging out his sister first. Then " what I do for love".
  8. What's the end goal for Bran and Jaimie? Too short a season for each and every interaction not to have some type of meaning for the end.
  9. I see you had a thriving seafood business, you looked beautiful.
  10. I'm not saying his horse could, I'm saying he could of lent Meera and bran his ride or taken them there himself, or taken turns dropping Bran off then going back to pick up Meera or not dropping him on the ground then saying have fun you crazy kids, benjens out!!
  11. Where did Benjen leave Bran? And, unless it's a few feet from the wall and it's protective spells weaved into the ice, why didn't you leave your crippled nephew your fucking horse to ride?
  12. Good episode. Great to see the Dire Wolf once again in Winterfell. I enjoyed finally seeing Ramsay die, I would of taken him getting the bird flu and dying of screen just to end the character. Battle scenes were legit. Hopefully we get some crypt revelations next week. I'm also guessing sansa is pregnant due to how many times hints have been thrown our way. The mountains of dead seemed a touch too much. Jon should of been yelling zig zag rickon! Zig zag! the entire ride. Poor kid was brought back to be killed off never knowing the knowledge of the zig zag while out running arrows.
  13. There has been feelings posted that this chapter might not of been grrms. If so, and this is FF, I'd read whatever she/he has to offer up next. What are the candidates for the Castle that DH sees burning? I was very surprised to see the CE molestation theories prove true in straight forward fashion. TWoW should be epic.
  14. jobmartell

    [Spoilers] EP602

    What's the connection, if any with the 3ER quoting patchface with "under the sea"? Also, this show loves killing kids. Alot.
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