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  1. Depends if he finishes it, and finishes it well. if he does, no. If he abandons it, or do a d&d on the ending: yes.
  2. Id say the westerlands. They have the most money to spend on training and weapons, and we do learn that they are training new troops, opposite to other regions. also remember how Tywin’s foot deploys “as an iron rose” during his battle with Bolton. indicating quite some training (this goes for regular troops, not knights)
  3. the blond guy wears a crown, so has to be Viserys. For the dark haired guy, id go with Criston, as he does not look like a "Breakbones" to me. Harwin was described as massive. that guy is not.
  4. A sky-blue falcon soaring against a white moon, on a sky-blue field Might be familiar :-P id go with the one in my avatar. Its the coat of arms for my hometown :-) Armiger City of Amsterdam Crest The Imperial Crown of Austria, proper Blazon Gules, a pale sable charged with three saltorels argent in pale Supporters Two lions rampant proper Compartment A stone pedestal proper Motto Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig (Dutch: "Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate") (Yes, Amsterdam has XXX in its coat of arms)
  5. i havent picked up on any details i learned anew, might have read it all to fast :-) (i finished F&B about a week earlier)
  6. They did not. They even have made a illustration of her in bed
  7. hmmm, that might be a cultural thing, but if Dany was living here, she still could get an abortion, so im not really inclined to call it a baby yet. she also did get her revenge on Drogo, with how she left him. It wasnt right. not by a long shot. but for me its not really baby murder. again, i do realize this is something that even in Europe is not that culturally accepted everywere.
  8. Its a bar, so they have quite a few things :-) if you want something real Dutch, it be Jenever probably :-) The SotH, until now, have always counted on Terror Tactics, and leaving no attackers to be identified. Why would they break with that tactic now, for no obvious reason? that may take a while leaving us with all the joy of speculating
  9. House Pahl is powerfull, yes, but some members from a younger son of a younger son? they had the name, but i dont believe they where members of the main branch. not excusing what she did, not at all. but Cercei never had any excuse to be what she is. Mirri, at least does, elevating her above Cercei a little bit (in my eyes) they were not in the best opportunity to do that, they where the only ones that could not run away. all others murdered that night, and the nights before were killed by people that disappeared right after, but these 3 agents stayed behind?
  10. Someone could have bought the liberators of the city a drink. again, from what we know of the place, it sounds like a bar. Sliping something in someone's drink is not that hard. it unfortunately happens quite often irl, in bars that have better lighting that the bars in Mereen, that have candles for light. in most major cities woman are cautioned to always keep an eye on their drink. again, logic dictates the wineseller wasnt involved, as he was the only one who could not really disappear, and was sure to be picked up.
  11. in the show she choose the master by lot i believe, and we got hizzies father. the show has always been less subtle. In the books we have the masters chosen by the other masters. noted to not have had much power in the first place, and probably powerless to stop that idea of nailing the children against the crosses. For Dany, it is not. Only when she is mad, she lashes out. i have an aunt like that as well. im thanking god we never went on holiday with her. But there is a lot worth seeing in Amsterdam, so hit me up if you ever go there again! i dont know if you are from the US, but if you are, we have a drink at a bar that's is older than the US :-) she was raped quite a few times, and saw alot of people from her village killed by the khalasar that baby's father led... contrary to Cercei, she has some reason to want revenge...
  12. and as i said in other replies, you are making it out as some kind of master assassination. it is not. you poison 2 people. you get out, if need be with al the other patrons leaving when your victims die. thats all.
  13. You mean the same Lord Tarly that threatened to kill his own son? How is he an example of a likable person torturing people? and did the BWB use the cages before lady Stonehart?
  14. ik was noted that not all of those leaders where complicit or supporting the crucifixion of those children. Dany notes herself its probably useless and will not lead to a meaningful confession. we are pretty well reminded that it was not the right thing to do.
  15. He was a goaler. that was what he was employed as. what was there to torture in the Eyrie? there is not many people there as a general rule of thumb. as a goaler he probably dealt with drunk guards and the likes. When littlefinger needed someone to maim Marillion, he had a small pool to draw from. some guards, a cook or 2, Mord, and that is about it. the Eyrie is noted as being very empty around that time. For what i understood is that torturing is losing its way in the 7 kingdoms. For example, there has not been a lord confessor since Daeron II.
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