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  1. Aegonzo The Great

    Did The Wildlings wake The Others?

    This is one of the enduring mysteries of the whole series: Why did the Others return? Why now? It could be the Wildlings did it while searching for something, ostensibly the Horn Of Joramun. But I think the question that needs to be answered first is: Where were the Others for the last 1000 years? Where did they go? Becauase it seems Ygritte is suggesting they were woken from graves or something like that. What, are they ice cicadas? They go hide under the frozen soil to re-awaken even 1000 years? That just doesn't seem right to me. I'm of the opinion that there was some sort of long-forgotten pact between the Others and Men, and somehow that pact got broken and now the Others are coming to get revenge/remind Men of the pact. What the pact was, or how it got broken, could have been something to do with the Wildlings. I actually think it might be something like this: All the Men that live north of the wall are "livestock" for the Others, since it seems like they can't sexually reproduce. So the Others come and take babies with the intent of converting them into more Others. The Wildlings are to provide these babies, with a certain quota each year from each tribe. Mance, being from south of the Wall, convinces the Wildlings that this was a barbaric, unfair practice, and they should just run away. In refusing to give more babies to the Others, the Wildlings broke the pact and now the Others are chasing them/coming for revenge on Man. But really, anyone else's guess is just as good as mine.
  2. This could be interesting. As much as people would like to see it, I hope they don't do a Robert's Rebellion prequel, since it would reveal a lot of the mysteries at the start of GoT. Think about the Star Wars prequels.... Sometimes it's better to just not know. Also not sure how I feel about a sequel. If the ending is bittersweet with a lot of Westeros destroyed and a lot of characters dead, I'm not sure how interesting it'd be to watch a show about rebuilding the world. Seems like it'd be kind of boring. So, Dunk & Egg it is! Or, if they want to be really ambitious, show us the Long Night. I think that'd be pretty cool, depending on how much we find out was actually true about the Long Night over these last 2 seasons.
  3. Aegonzo The Great

    Will we ever hear the Other/White Walker language?

    Yes, this. I think they may just stare at each other and communicate telepathically. But they have to explain why the Others want to attack, and more importantly, why NOW. It's probably the greatest mystery of the whole series, and if they end the show without addressing it, it will be a massive letdown.
  4. Aegonzo The Great


    Nah, don't think so. First, I don't think Tyrion would fall in love with her after spending so little time with her. Second, the look on his face seemed to be more of pity for Dany learning the hard lesson that to be a ruler means sacrificing things like love and personal relationships for the sake of more logical relationships. Third, I think Dany more than anything else is taking on a sisterly role to Tyrion, being the sister Cersei never was to him. I think plot-wise, this makes a lot more sense. (And may have deeper implications, depending on if you think it's possible Tyrion's father is not who everyone thinks he is.) Dany and Tyrion like and respect each other and it may bloom into a kind of sibling love, but I will be shocked if it ever becomes romantic.
  5. This is an interesting theory. One of the great mysteries remaining in the series is why the Others have returned now, and what they want.
  6. Aegonzo The Great

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    Given the choice, it'd have to be the Mannis.
  7. Aegonzo The Great

    Will we ever hear the Other/White Walker language?

    Probably true. After this season, I'm more convinced than ever that (on the show at least) the Others are just mindless killing machine bad guys. Why bother having them talk or figure out their motivations? They kill things, and have an army of zombies, that's all we need to know, apparently.
  8. Aegonzo The Great

    Characters you dislike or hate

    I strongly dislike (in order): 1. Cersei (Her smug self-assurdness as she goes around screwing up everything is irritating to no end.) 2. Alliser Thorne (He's just a dick for no real reason.) 3. Arianne Martell (Her and her schemes are annoying. She really should just let the adults handle things.) 4. Mace Tyrell (and all the males in that family, really. Just idiots.) 5. All Freys
  9. Aegonzo The Great

    Dany Now Has Two Stark Sympathizers By Her Side

    She was. But the message seems to be: Plan A: Try ruling by politics, negotiation, all that. Plan B: DRAGONS! She can try to be nice, but if things start going poorly, she'll just roast anyone who doesn't see things her way. This seems to be what she's learned and how she operates. How that translates to Westeros remains to be seen.
  10. Aegonzo The Great

    Dany Now Has Two Stark Sympathizers By Her Side

    Er, I'm not sure. She chained up her dragons to keep the people happy, but when the chips were down, her dragons pretty much single handedly won her a battle where she was hugely outgunned.
  11. Aegonzo The Great

    Will we ever hear the Other/White Walker language?

    In the Prologue of the first book, they are described as talking in a language that sounds like "ice cracking", I believe.
  12. Aegonzo The Great

    Dany Now Has Two Stark Sympathizers By Her Side

    I've never heard this theory before, but that's really interesting!
  13. dunno, found it on google

  14. Aegonzo The Great

    So who rules now in the 7 Kingdoms in the show?

    I seem to recall this happening after the Battle Of The Blackwater, and LIttlefinger made some quip about it. Probably episode 2x10.
  15. Aegonzo The Great

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Varys is a Faceless Man.... Confirmed?