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  1. If Ellaria's big plan to start a war was THIS, then she's even dumber than I thought.
  2. My preferred thing would be, they all die. Except for Davos, he's still pretty decent.
  3. Not really. I still kind of liked Stannis back then, so I was rooting for him.
  4. And apparently that alone was enough to get Stannis to go "ok, let's burn my baby girl" with laughable swiftness.
  5. Given how this season has turned out, I can just as easily see it as them misinterpreting GRRM's comments: GRRM: "Yeah, Shireen gets burned in TWOW." D&D: "OH REALLY! Wow Stannis really goes that far, interesting." GRRM (after watching the episode): "Oh for goodness sake, I didn't say that Stannis was the one who does it guys, jeez." And again, even if he does, that doesn't then mean that the scene suddenly automatically works on the show. The SHOW still failed to properly lead up to it in a lot of people's minds (including mine) and that won't change when TWOW comes out.
  6. Yeah, in the books where's he and actual interesting character. Flawed but fair. But this is far too subtle, better to make him a religious nutcase. The writer's already lost me on that one with no nonsensical her even being there in the first place continues to be. And if the Bolton's are dead, and Stannis is dead, then she can reclaim what is rightfully hers.
  7. Yeah, in the books where's he and actual interesting character. Flawed but fair. But this is far too subtle, better to make him a religious nutcase.
  8. No, I'm not rooting for Ramsay. That's another problem with the Stannis thing, it completely kills ANY interest that I had in this conflict. Now, it's just two sides led by despicable people fight each other, and I don't care who wins. Heck the best thing would probably be for Jon and Davos to kill them ALL, that'd at least be cathartic.
  9. And that's the point. It's one think that have dark/horrible crap happen to people. It's another thing to have nothing but unrelenting misery all the time. NOTHING good EVER happens to ANYONE who isn't evil or vile. Especially since the show apparently has forgotten how to execute said scenes in believable/convincing manners. They failed with Sansa, they've repeatedly failed with the Dorne, and they failed with this as well. So they cannot even execute their horrible crap WELL, which is even worse.
  10. I'll be really curious to see what the ratings are going forward. D&D must be REALLY confident in themselves, because they're REALLY pushing their luck this season. -They did the Sansa thing, which has been "controversial" to say the least. -They've done the Dorne plotline, which has just flat-out been disliked in general. -Now they've done this. I'm wondering if, should this continue, some people are just going to go "ok I'm done. Enough is enough."
  11. Yeah actually it is. They've already made big changes, so make more. You cannot pick and choose when you use the "but, but it happened this way in the book." Not with this precedent already set.
  12. Why did we need to be reminded YET AGAIN that the NW is full of unsavory characters, or that they're not really trustworthy. It's not like that hasn't been made abundantly clear in the past, so the point is what exactly? Also, I'm sure that attempted rape is just the thing to get a woman "in the mood." Wow, I feel dumber just typing that, great job there D&D.
  13. Have there be a fight/dispute that doesn't involve attempted rape. Wow, that was pretty easily actually.
  14. Yeah, don't have her saving LF's backside last season, then having that cool conversation with him, and then that final shot of her "new look" on the stairs which was clearly meant to tease the audience with "Sansa has arrived," only to pull this crap. Also, if you're going to try, come up with a better justification for it.
  15. Well the show hasn't done a particularly good job of showing the effects of the war on Westeros as a whole. If it's outside the major cast, then it's either absent of barely referenced.
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