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  1. 8/10. I will no longer wait for intelligent conversation, clever script and interesting relationships between the characters. I know I won't have that now, there's no books to back up these 3 things and they are doing things the fast, tv/fanservice way. I need to lower my expectations regarding the quality of the script, because it's not GRRM. That's what we will have now on. So I'll give 8/10 because it was a fun and amusing episode. Nice CGI, I love seeing the dragons, nice fighting scene, I'm used to Dany/Jon and it was kinda nice interaction, the scenery was beautiful. Was it intelligent, believable script? No. But it was a good episode.
  2. Fexyr

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    Barristan, yes!
  3. Fexyr

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    I meant loyalty, not respect, my apologies. And I said often. The Unsullied had no choice, because all they know is serving a master. The Dothraki had no choice, because she burned all their leaders. Ollena/Sand Snakes/Yara seek revenge. Varys is following her for now, but I'm sure he's not loyal to her. Tyrion, Jorah, Missandei (and I'm a supporter of that theory that Missandei is betraying Dany) and Grey Worm are the ones that are loyal to her by choice.
  4. Fexyr

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    It's not about the amount of titles. It's about not letting that get to your head. Hate to break it, but Dany is losing it a little. Dany often demands respect (my dragons,my army bla bla), while Jon earns it. And that's a fact. I guess we will see more of that during this season. Tho I hope she will realize that and change. She's not a bad ruler at all. But I'm afraid she's going to lose control and let the power frenzy take over.
  5. Fexyr

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    Maybe Jon Snow of House Stark, King in The North, The Bastard of Winterfell, The White Wolf, 998ยบ Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, The Reborn, White Walker Slayer, The Free Folk Ally, , The Only Person Who's Not Interest In Thrones But Cares About Real Threats Like The Night's King
  6. Fexyr

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    And thaaaat's why he would be a better king to Westeros. It's not what he want, tho...
  7. 10. We had a rollercoaster of emotions. From Sansa being awesome, to Dany/Jorah cute moment, to Theon and Yara stealing the ships, to Tormund flirting with Brienne and Ed '' I'm not Lord Comm... Shit, close the bloody gate '' and finally crying so much because HOLD THE DOOR. Best episode so far. Love it.
  8. That's pretty much how I flirt hahaha! *heavy breath* *intense stare* I want to see Brienne's reaction when she figures out what the staring really meant. Because right now she thinks Tormund wants to kill her, lol.
  9. I know, right? I vote for Torienne! hahaha
  10. I'll give it 9 because TormundxBrienne, Stark reunion, Littlefinger and Sansa finally showing some character development.