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  1. 8/10. I will no longer wait for intelligent conversation, clever script and interesting relationships between the characters. I know I won't have that now, there's no books to back up these 3 things and they are doing things the fast, tv/fanservice way. I need to lower my expectations regarding the quality of the script, because it's not GRRM. That's what we will have now on. So I'll give 8/10 because it was a fun and amusing episode. Nice CGI, I love seeing the dragons, nice fighting scene, I'm used to Dany/Jon and it was kinda nice interaction, the scenery was beautiful. Was it intelligent, believable script? No. But it was a good episode.
  2. 10. We had a rollercoaster of emotions. From Sansa being awesome, to Dany/Jorah cute moment, to Theon and Yara stealing the ships, to Tormund flirting with Brienne and Ed '' I'm not Lord Comm... Shit, close the bloody gate '' and finally crying so much because HOLD THE DOOR. Best episode so far. Love it.
  3. That's pretty much how I flirt hahaha! *heavy breath* *intense stare* I want to see Brienne's reaction when she figures out what the staring really meant. Because right now she thinks Tormund wants to kill her, lol.
  4. I know, right? I vote for Torienne! hahaha
  5. I'll give it 9 because TormundxBrienne, Stark reunion, Littlefinger and Sansa finally showing some character development.
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