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  1. good girl

    Dorne is lost....?

    HG to KL is along a road. From Sunspear it is through a desert and across the mountains.
  2. I think the NK will be defeated in battle and Cersei will be taken down in other ways, perhaps by Arya and the Hound. Clearing the way for the final conflict to be between Jon and Daenerys.
  3. good girl

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    The answer is Luwin keeps a catalogue of all the scrolls sent to Winterfell for his records, Robb must have taken the copy South! The handwriting is never seen or mentioned in the later scene where Catelyn reads the letter on the show so it works on the level of not being completely impossible. The machinations of creating Luwin's catalogue and the stretch George goes to in the book so that Cat can see the letter but also that there is a copy in Sansa's hand at Winterfell does make me think the letter is a plot point direct from George.
  4. good girl

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Yes I think the vision of Rhaegar, a woman and a baby in the HotU is Jon's birth.
  5. good girl

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    He actions are clearly driven by prophecy and that is why they don't make rational sense. Why take a second wife in Lyanna when he has Elia. How can you apply any sense to actions that make none. He thought the Prince that was Promised should be named Aegon so that is what he named his son (and presumably his heir). I don't think we need to look further for reasons.
  6. good girl

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    But if someone asks and he is evasive then it becomes clear the woman isn't Elia and gives the game away. Does anyone have a link to George confirming this other than the note on Elio's blog entry.
  7. good girl

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Why would George spill the beans on his big reveal? Why not just ask him to tell us all the secrets left in the books.
  8. good girl

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    I find it much more compelling that George wrote a scene about the birth of one of the main characters in the series rather than a scene about a dead baby (with Young Griff certainly a Blackfyre) It is classic George mystery writing. Why is the woman never described? I don't know if a couple of months pass or not. Rhaegar goes from the TOJ to the Trident via KL and then Ned makes the reverse trip. Riding in haste both ways. And Lyanna can survive for as long as the plot requires.
  9. good girl

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    To me it seems certain that we will learn the House of the Undying vision was of Jon's birth. The timeline of when Rhaegar leaves the Tower, how long it is until Ned arrives, when exactly Jon is born is all a matter of conjecture. Lyanna could have died weeks after giving birth from complications.
  10. good girl

    Why is Jon going back to Dragonstone?

    The reason is they can't have one war against Cersei and kill a whole lot of fighting men when they will need them to fight the army of the dead.
  11. They had safety until the water froze thick enough for the wights to walk on. I guess that could be a couple of days. They were at least there for 2 days since Thoros died overnight. That one day past Gendry arriving at the wall. They had the right clothes and provisions for their travels north so it isn't outlandish that they could wait on the rocks for a few days.
  12. How fast do ravens travel in the books? Faster than standard carrier pigeons who can cover up to 700 miles in a day? In either medium it is never specifically explained how the ravens work. The fact is that Westeros in the show is much smaller than its size in the books. Around half the scale of this map http://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/e/e7/Map_of_westeros.jpg Three stated show distances*: 1000 mile from KL to Winterfell, 40 leagues (~140 miles) Winterfell to Torrhen's Square, 200 miles from The Inn at the Crossroads to KL all match up with that scaling. That makes the distance from Eastwatch to Dragonstone around 1000 miles which isn't so outlandish for a raven to make that distance in around a day. *some one needs to remeasure The Wall.
  13. good girl

    Why did they bring up succession order?

    I just assumed in the show Dany knows she can't have children because she isn't getting her period.
  14. Hannah Murray (Gilly) and Kerry Ingraham (Shireen) have been two of my favourites. They have really brought their parts to life And to death for Shireen which was some wonderful acting, really emotional and harrowing. If those are too main cast... Ben Crompton for Edd and Andy Kellegher for Polliver. Some classic dark humour well delivered.