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    Are the starks finished?

    If Sansa can be the Queen of the North and her people are happy with it, there would be no problem to take a prince consort. As for the candidates from the 6K, she is the King's sister, and we have phenomens like Yara being the ruler of the Ironborn and Ser Brienne being apparently the commander of KG. I doubt anyone in the DDverse cares about 'the male line' anymore.
  2. Dude was bored, he is crippled and there's no TV in Westeros, he wanted to see some drama.
  3. The most popular Flea Bottom taverns' threat from now on: 'Say that againmotherf***** and I'll put you on a throne!'
  4. Can we give a small shout out to Cersei, who turned out to be the final person sittiny on the IT? Also, that poor piece of furniture did nothing to deserve Drogon's wrath, it patiently bore the burden of Robert Baratheon's unsightly ass, as well as several others', and the history would be no different if they put another chair in it's place.
  5. Tianzi

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Maybe he just felt like burning something. Seems to run in the family.
  6. We can say the death of Cersei is on Sandor Clegane. Had he not distracted Gregor, she would still have her brickproof shield, lol. (Btw, it's great that they let Tyrion go alone to KL, instead of, IDK, have the soldiers search the area in case Cersei survived.) And do they have to call him Bran the Broken in his face? I mean... Tyrion the Dwarf Robert the Whoremonger Daenerys the Incestfruit Theon the Cockless Sansa the Raped Samwell the Fat Cersei the Brotherfucker ...probably wouldn't slide.
  7. Ah, forgot that one. Yep, belongs to hte good.
  8. The good: We got rid of Daenerys fairly quickly No romances (that seriously was a pleasant surprise) Brienne's honors to Jaime Jon finally petting Ghost My pet fav character (Sansa) got a pleasant ending The usual: We got rid of Daenerys in a very underwhelming way. Tyrion: 'Lol, bro, she's dangerous. And she will hurt your sisters.' Jon: 'Say no more bro'. No political tensions Filler, unnecessary prolonging half of the scenes for cheap drama God, that was boring Really boring Geez, we get it, Edmure is no alpha. But does he have to make an idiot of himself everytime he speaks? Have some subtlety, show. Grey Worm Bronn Plot repetition for Jon and Tyrion Dress some southern looking guy flashy, don't name him, don't let him speak: the recipe for a Prince of Dorne (weren't 'wasn't the 'weak men's rule' supposed to be over, btw?) The king choice was super random. Was that what he had Bran hibernated for so long for? Underwhelming. I'm glad it's over.
  9. Tianzi

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    I'm judging Dany by GoT standards. She lost a loved one and the boy didn't want her? Boo-hoo, get in a line, almost literally every named character had it worse, most of them not going into a murdering spree out of 'fury' (and not only because the lack of a dragon). As for the 'lesson' part, I can take her burning of the Tarlys as that. I can arguably take her initial carnage of the KL, although it was clear that Cersei doesn't really have support there and Dany is proving BS on her wannabe saviour image. But after the city's surrender she's only showing that she's an omnicidal maniac who needs to be removed. Stronger than Joffrey? Well, obviously. But let's remember that Joffrey was taken down without suffering a military defeat and the reason was his reputation as a psycho. Edit: And btw, my problem with Dany (and feminism in GoT) isn't her turning into a villain. It's turning her into a bad quality villain, for banal reasons, with inconsistent portrayal and a psycho temper tantrum, similar to several previous bad quality female villains (the Waif, the Sand Snakes). Granted, most of the characters at this point are being badly written, but this manner is recurring in females.
  10. Tianzi

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    So, Joffrey on a dragon. We had a 'non-perfect' female ruler in Cersei for several seasons and this was fine, as she was portrayed in this semi-consistently. Dany's turn is portrayed as a tantrum of a junior high girl over a hunky quarterback not going with her to the prom and another girl having more social influence. Want to make her a villain? Fine, but do your homework, give her real reasons, show her decline gradually. About 5 ppl total in Westeros knew about Jon's claim, not many of them cared (no Targaryen supporters in the show), and he didn't want the throne himself. Who is she teaching a lesson? The KL's citizens who were 'supporting' Cersei, another queen with an inferior claim? Now people who were willing to support her whink she's a psycho. She shot her own feet, thrown herself form a position of one of the world saviours to a crazy mass-murderer.
  11. Tianzi

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    GoT and feminism? D&D made it so Daenerys found the time to dislike Sansa in the latest episode. She flipped cause Jon wouldn't love her enough (?). I mean, come on throw in that she burned the city because there was her time of the month and we have the complete picture of how D&D think the female mind works.
  12. There should have been a conversation about Lancel several seasons ago (there were no 'many other men' in the show), but by now Jaime's problems with Cersei should lie between 'abandoned all humanity to be doomed' and 'sent a killer after me'. If he can overlook that, then shagging Euron after they split and Jaime was banging Brienne anyway, should be an afterthought at best. True that, although still probably less painful than the dialogue D&D would come up with.
  13. Actually I'm fine with this one. Euron could have been lying, and Cersei shagged him after Jaime left her anyways (and Jaime shagged Brienne). And in this situation of life and death it didn't really matter who shagged who.
  14. Also, does anyone else love the fact that the horse was the only surviving member of the Golden Company? I mean, those guys had one horse.
  15. I'm in amazement how nobody is interested where Arya Stark is. Why didn't they take her and make her a part of the campaign? Even the Hound sees how it's a simple solution, but noooo, Jon/Daenerys and their lackeys on't even pay a thought how the girl WHO KILLED THE NIGHT KING could be of use. Do those people not communicate? It would be funny if Arya ended up fried by Drogon in pure accident, on her way to actually do the same what Dany wanted.
  16. Can we talk about how the Hound knows that Sansa's been broken in 'rough', but doesn't know that Ramsay fed to his dogs? Geez, the gossip in Westeros sure has weird priorities. I hate that Sansa was the blabbermouth again. I mean, I see the point and on the pragmatic side maybe it was even the right thing to do but it's just flushing down the toilet all the talk about her 'northness' and 'Starkness'.
  17. Ah, sorry. Second thing: Jon is culturally a Northener. Marrying an aunt is nay-nay. But kissing/banging is ok? Can we go to early days in the show when they at least pretended that most ppl are disgusted with incest?
  18. OK, just one thing: Rhaegal gets about five shots from greater dstance. They all hit him. Drogon gets 982472398523 from up close, right in the face. None hits him.
  19. That's why it's lame. If it required a dragon, at least that would be something that used to be inaccessible in Westeros, thus making the NK look a bit tougher as a villain.
  20. Btw, I don't have a problem with the fact that it was Arya and not Jon. I have a problem with this solution as: - dragon fire couldn't, but one stab from a ninja girl could - there was no difficulties - srsly, the NK and his entourage put less o fight that the guys who wanted the Hound's chicken. Actually, any zombie given individual fight did better than the NK - so, why did the NK's crew fell apart too? - in the end of the day Arya had less problem with the NK than with the Waif - there was no magic. Bran showed nothing. The NK showed nothing. There should have been an episode with heroes versus the White Walkers and it should have been bloody and cost some of the mains their lives.
  21. It's a pity that Arya cannot wear the Night King's face. That would be the only way to turn his lame death into something entertaining. And the fact that plot-wise the poor undead guy served as a starter boss to Cersei is just plain insulting.
  22. Lol, I love the title of this thread. Seconded. But I guess the show's equivalent of Christianity was the faith of the Seven.
  23. So that long night wasn't so long, lol. Night King went down like a... sigh. So they didn't have the balls to kill off any non-tertiary named characters. Oh, Sam. I get now why Necropolis is allegedly banned on the HoMM 3 tournaments. I'd take issue with Meli's power and the fact, that the Dothraki didn't burn themselves, the horses didn't get scared, that Stannis lost while having THAT on his side... But well, her scenes looked awesome enough that I can let it slide. Soooo... we are done with the end of the world pretty quickly, lol. Are we going back to the more important (in show's perspective, apparently) things, like Cersei and Euron? Cause I really don't want to.
  24. Tianzi

    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    I hoped for Sansa giving her people some moral support in their (apparently) last hour. You know, just like she did during the Blackwater, when she was younger and her character was only developing. It would be a nice hrowback. But nope. Are they going for the romance with Tyrion? Ew. Sitting in a crypt, arguing about Dany when she's a. not even here b. fighting for the well-being of your asses. Very unlikable, Sansa.