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  1. Exactly. And if Stannis has half a brain, he has learned his lesson about popularity vs lawful claim after Renly. Plus, he himself wanted to legitimize Jon and push him into the Stark line before Sansa, so the analogy really wouldn't give him any favors if Robert's son were legitimized.
  2. It's kind of funny how Tyrion didn't want to marry Lollys, but her child ended up being Tyrion Jr. As for Lollys' 'happiest ending', well, given to a man who sees her as a meal ticket, is ready to kill anyone at the moment it benefits hm, is preparing for fucking her as soon as she pops out her child, without a concern she's a rape survivor, wrecks her family (possibly killing or speeding up Lady Tanda's death)... Well, I know Bronn is a fan favourite, he can protect her as long as it benefits him and Lollys really didn't have much better prospects, but still. As for Bronn being in danger from Cersei, I think that the very fact that he dared to seize the chance to take the Stokeworth from the rightful heirs and the Queen's allies, and named his stepson Tyrion to boot, shows that he (probably correctly) judged that Cersei can't do crap about it in the foreseeable future.
  3. Tianzi

    Cersei and Robert Similarities

    Cersei's children look a lot like her while Robert's children look a lot like him. They both favor their respective eldests. Cersei tries to have Roberts children killed (with varying success), Robert would possibly execute Cersei's children. Robert would've Cersei killed, Cersei has Robert killed. Robert rapes Cersei, Cersei aborts when she's pregnant by him. They're both the eldests of three siblings. The drinking problem. They are both crappy rulers, albeit for different reasons. And there is definite irony in that Cersei's under delusion that she's the female version of Jaime, while at the end of the day she displays a lot of Robert's traits.
  4. Still, if his wishes make the characters act inconsistently, it's worth it to point out a plothole (even a minor one). But in this case I think the answer is easy - if moon tea is any danger to woman's fertility or life, Lady Tanda would be shutting down any chance for prolonging the line, since Falyse is probably barren. (and Lollys is already in the age which's considered 'too old' for a bride in terms of bearing heirs, as we saw in Cersei's and the Tyrells' case).
  5. Tianzi

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I also remember him saying that every other projects except Wild Cards would be on hold until TWOW is out. Shouldn't that include F&B?
  6. Tianzi

    Most evil act in the series?

    Ya, especially Falyse Stokeworth.
  7. Tianzi

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    Cersei is a woman in a patriarchal society. Now, she is obviously far less opressed than most of the other women on the continent, but still.
  8. Tianzi

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    Only you usually have one monarch to take as your husband during your marriageable period (let's forget Margaery Tyrell's case here...) and your choice is between him and other suitors, with several variables other than the social standing. If you already are in the position when you can marry the king, your other choices are probably meaty too. Now, how often the king will be the best bet, considering all the circumstances? I believe there is a thread nearby about how Ned Stark shouldn't have been ok with bethroting Sansa to Joffrey.
  9. Tianzi

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    And not many sane noblewomen with normal families during the peacetime would (if they knew her circumstances, of course). And some of the luckier in life peasant women probably wouldn't either.
  10. Tianzi

    Most evil act in the series?

    Actually he is (like all Targ descendants) more % a Targ than an anything else, so yup. We had dozens of children murders and rapes, what exactly makes those stand out? I'd just give Ramsay the prize for the, hm, individual work. But then again, maybe people kicking off wars for petty reasons (fully knowing what's happening on wars) are worse.
  11. Tianzi

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

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  12. Tianzi

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    Judging from Cersei's flashback, she was a horrible person since her childhood, but I still think her life circumstances helped a great deal to make her worse (and special thanks would go to Tywin and Robert). As for the main thread - my world used to light up when Lord Tywin Lannister was taking the stage <3 And to a lesser extent, Roose Bolton. Also, during re-reading, I have some fun while reading about Joffrey.
  13. Tianzi

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    And a 'power imbalance' is pretty much the standard in relationships in this series (though some exceptions occur, like Missandei-Grey Worm). If that was a show in the modern setting, about normal people, a character acting like Tormund would've been a creep, but in GoT... since it's clear he doesn't pose any threat to Brienne, I can accept it can be played as comedy (though I don't 'ship' them).
  14. I honestly don't see Sansa, Bran or even Arya being capable of swinging a huge-ass execution sword. But they certainly should've done better than butchering LF with a knife in the hall. As far as the execution decorum goes, even Joffrey did better with Ned Stark.
  15. Tianzi

    Season 8 Predictions?

    We will find out that the High Septon of Essos had annulled Grey Worm's castration.