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  1. Dude was bored, he is crippled and there's no TV in Westeros, he wanted to see some drama.
  2. The most popular Flea Bottom taverns' threat from now on: 'Say that againmotherf***** and I'll put you on a throne!'
  3. Can we give a small shout out to Cersei, who turned out to be the final person sittiny on the IT? Also, that poor piece of furniture did nothing to deserve Drogon's wrath, it patiently bore the burden of Robert Baratheon's unsightly ass, as well as several others', and the history would be no different if they put another chair in it's place.
  4. We can say the death of Cersei is on Sandor Clegane. Had he not distracted Gregor, she would still have her brickproof shield, lol. (Btw, it's great that they let Tyrion go alone to KL, instead of, IDK, have the soldiers search the area in case Cersei survived.) And do they have to call him Bran the Broken in his face? I mean... Tyrion the Dwarf Robert the Whoremonger Daenerys the Incestfruit Theon the Cockless Sansa the Raped Samwell the Fat Cersei the Brotherfucker ...probably wouldn't slide.
  5. Ah, forgot that one. Yep, belongs to hte good.
  6. The good: We got rid of Daenerys fairly quickly No romances (that seriously was a pleasant surprise) Brienne's honors to Jaime Jon finally petting Ghost My pet fav character (Sansa) got a pleasant ending The usual: We got rid of Daenerys in a very underwhelming way. Tyrion: 'Lol, bro, she's dangerous. And she will hurt your sisters.' Jon: 'Say no more bro'. No political tensions Filler, unnecessary prolonging half of the scenes for cheap drama God, that was boring Really boring Geez, we get it, Edmure is no alpha. But does he have to make an idiot of himself everytime he speaks? Have some subtlety, show. Grey Worm Bronn Plot repetition for Jon and Tyrion Dress some southern looking guy flashy, don't name him, don't let him speak: the recipe for a Prince of Dorne (weren't 'wasn't the 'weak men's rule' supposed to be over, btw?) The king choice was super random. Was that what he had Bran hibernated for so long for? Underwhelming. I'm glad it's over.
  7. Tianzi

    Board Issues 4

    Hello. Either I've gone blind or the search function disappeared. If the former, where it is? If the latter, is it coming back?
  8. 3. One point for Sansa and Theon, one for Davos, a half for Jaime and Cersei and a half for the Dothraki.
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