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  1. Sansa seems to remember most of what happened in the KL very well (as everyone else apparently lost their brains, she's the only person who remembers Cersei isn't to be trusted), and even with the different relationship with the Hound than in the books, he still was the first person to show her friendship in KL, and she still was the first person to bring humanity from him in the show. So it's still jarring.
  2. Tianzi

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Sadly, to me the episode was a real snoozefest. It wasn't obnoxiously stupid and they didn't show Cersei and Euron which is nice, but... the ep was character driven and in my eyes they just can't write dialogues anymore. Hearing Tyrion's speaking is painful and there's not an ounce of wit elsewhere as well. I'm looking forward to CGI dragons again.
  3. Tianzi

    Order of deaths to come.

    Calling it: Gendry is going to bite it, now that he's served his purpose, Arya will turn out to be preggo by him with the last Robert's grandbastard.
  4. Am I the only one dissappointed that there was no Sansa - The Hound reunion? It seems like the show had forgotten that those two also had history and acts like only Hound - Arya and Tyrion - Sansa bonds existed.
  5. Tianzi

    dany and sansa

    Wow, that was irky. That Sansa and Dany are snipping at each other like snotty middle-schoolers, is for the same reason why we have so many dick jokes and why we haven't seen any wit of Tyrion from several seasons - the general quality of the writing. But the drama in itself leaves me amazed how, after all those seasons and supposed life lessons, everyone sucks at basic diplomacy. So, Sansa, while some of her concerns are valid, maybe shouldn't publicly undermine Daenerys or complain that her army and dragons need to eat. Does she hope for the dragons and the army to leave? I'd like to remind that the Night King also has a dragon at this point. Daenerys conceitment and threats to Sansa made me cringe. Yes, the North needs her. But for this alliance to work, you need to sell some image to the locals, who see you as a suspicious, stinky foreigner. Sansa is a Stark. The acting Lady of Winterfell actually. They are at Winterfell. All the allies are the Northeners or brought by the Tully connection. Sansa is basically voicing what many of the Northeners think. Is Daenerys going to execute her because she doesn't like her tone? Good luck. And finally Jon, who might have brought Daenerys for better reasons than thinking with his dick, but does nothing to make it appear so. Instead of employing himself and the Dragon Queen forces to show everyone how they get on the saving the world business, they are strolling around like a pair of Instagram influencers, looking pretty and giving everyone the impression that romance is the most urgent, and the war can wait. Way to increase his troops' support if even his #1 fan, Arya, starts to fear that Jon might forget his family loyalty. Well, on the bright side, Sophie's 'you must have rolled in a rabbit poo' look at Emilia is somewhat enjoyable.
  6. Tianzi

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Balls joke in literally the first dialogue. Jon and Dany acting juvenile. Sansa and Dany acting juvenile. Dany's displays of self-satisfaction. Euron and Cersei... ugh. Yara's rescue kind of came out of nowhere. Overall it felt kind of both rushed and tedious. Although it looked great.
  7. Tianzi

    cersei and tywin

    He knew that on what basis? Tysha wasn't an example and there's no mention in Tyrion's backstory of his whoring really causing anyone any trouble (contrary to Robert, for example). Tywin is known to have bullying Tyrion based on almost whatever Tyrion wanted to do, even wanting to travel. But sure, we can go with the 'bitching that his son won't marry and give heirs, even though he's been a Kingsguard for 15+ years and Tywin himself had over two decades to remarry and make more heirs" example instead.
  8. Tianzi

    cersei and tywin

    I don't think Cersei is particularly reliable with telling the truth, especially when she wants to shift the blame away from herself, but: a. Robert is never shown to be too careful or consistent with his opinions either, especially when drunk. b. Tywin is a huge hypocrite. I wouldn't put past him telling Joffrey one thing and himself doing something completely different (just like with Tyrion and prostitutes). And as for the Greyjoys, they remained to be a threat indeed, so it's possible that Tywin could've predicted it when Robert didn't, and kick then down some more.
  9. Tianzi

    Who will Sansa marry?

    On the annulment: it probably works or doesn't work, completely depending on who is concerned (for example I easily imagine Tywin not really bothering with annulling Tyrion's marriage to Tysha, because hey, a commoner versus Lord Lannister, is that even a question?) and that's why LF goes straight for the much surer and more classic method of dissolving a marriage - Tyrion's death. Although the other/supporting reason might be a desire to keep Sansa more dependant on his power (she already is, as suspect of Joff's murder, but some of the Crown enemies could not have that much problem with that) - if she believes that there's absolutely no way to free herself from being Tyrion's wife and find protection from another man, she is his. And on that note - who Sansa will marry and who Alayne Stone will marry might be two completely dfferent questions. And it might generate some great irony for LF - if it turns out that Sansa will continue to live as his bastard daughter, he will be unable to marry her himself.
  10. Tianzi

    Who will Sansa marry?

    You probably should wait with that until the reasoning in your posts has the quality to back it up. Martin is a 21st century writer and a self-proclaimed feminist. Yes, he does describe a patriarchal society. Yes, he has ideas like a girl falling in love with her rapist. But he creates a variety of female characters, whose actions, thinking and decision-making (of differing quality - no risk of 'positive discrimination with Cersei onboard) affect the plot and shape their own lives. Should be obvious, but really isn't in many works. He gives them identities and while they have way less institutional power than men, they take actions of their own - within the boundaries of the patriarchal system or outside of it - and their actions matter. He also usually doesn't shy away for depicting problems of patriarchal (and feudal) society, rather than giving us 'it is Medieval-ish world, roll with it' mindset. To put it simply: mistreatment of women is portrayed as bad, bad thing. Even if it's common. Even if it happens to unsympathetic characters like Cersei or Lysa Arryn. To put it even more simply: Brienne good. Randyll Tarly a dick. Of course, Martin doesn't sugarcoat how going against the established system can get disastrous consequences either (you can get the impression that stability > morals). He usually explores issues like class division, gender roles, culture clash, tradition vs innovation, morals of ruling, etc. multidimensionally. So while some invididuals of the 21st century, of both genders, seem not to get that, 'feminist message' =/= 'the female protagonist waves a sword, opens her own firm and castrates all males'. So, back to Sansa, who has indeed been mostly a pawn and one of the most passive character in the books, that's part of why I want her to become more of her own person and shape her destiny, and not be a prop in Tyrion's character arc. And if she has to stay married to him, I want it to be her own decision with some agenda and not 'the prize obediently returned to her (male) owner'. If she marries someone less narratively important than her, she will still not own land (lol), but her storyline will be about her.
  11. I'm looking at his conversation with Sansa. He wanted her out of an engagement with someone who proved to be a little shit and out of an environment that would've been dangerous. And he wanted someone 'brave and gentle' for her. Arranged marriage, yes, of course, but they cared (at least until the war came and there was less room for compromises), as you put it, for the groom's character. I don't see anything pointing out at not caring about the character. Both Brandon and especially Ned were rather decent. Hoster was a prick and indeed cruel to Lysa, but as I said he made her go for an old man when he believed it was only as good as she could do. Had she been not defiled, he would find a better match for her. On that note, let's ponder about how the unhappiness in the marriage in Lysa and Arryn's marriage turned out. And how Robert and Cersei's did. And what Olenna Tyrell did when she found out about Joffrey's character. Those are the extremes, but generally some peace and stability in marriages and the Houses' interests came together.
  12. So, nothing about breaking hymen. You get dirty and your ass hurts. That's the reason they bothered. Doesn't seem like a standard procedure. And yet we got Cersei, so it's obviously not very well checked. It's a rapist, not a raper. Joffrey doesn't rap. No, since hymens being broken are a normal occurence with young noblewomen, there would be just no sex ruled. Joffrey probably couldn't lie convincingly. Also, if Sansa's hymen is probably not broken. If that's the case and Joffrey claims sex, Cersei is exposed. Nobody mentions Septa Mordane's failure. Because there was no failure. Nobody mentioned that Sansa did anything controversial. Because Sansa didn't do anything controversial. Sansa and Arya hated and blamed each other after that and Ned and Mordane were involved. If there was anything to criticize in Sansa's decision to go off with Joffrey, it would have come up. If there was any danger to Joffrey in this affair in the first place, she definitely wouldn't have done it. Listen, this is discussing a fanfic. There are multiple arguments against your hypothesis, but more importantly there are no arguments for it - we've all read the books and that plot just didn't exist. It's like saying that the forest was full of alien spies and Sansa and Joffrey encountered them. And that it doesn't come in the text because the aliens wiped their memory out. From the narrative point of view it also has no right to exist: it's an incident in the past, Joffrey is dead already, there's enough of conflict between Sansa and Cersei, it wouldn't shed any new light on anyone's actions, it won't lead to any plot twist. It's fanfiction that has literally nothing to do with the actual text.
  13. ...Lady Ermesande? (well, technically speaking probably someone else 'married her off', but the marriage was forced by Tywin). I did not say he typically would, I said it would be an option. Also, that might be an age when (some) girls are able to get pregnant, but their bodies aren't typically well developed to give birth. Well, not a common knowledge in this society, but then again, some noblemen could listen to their maesters. Ned surely wanted to wait because of his children happiness, Tywin surely waited with Cersei because he was fishing for the best match possible. The 'typical' nobles probably fall in somewhere in-between. Even Hoster Tully gives Lysa to an old dude because she's defiled and not because he only thinks about an alliance. Yep, he is a rapist and a murderer. But he does his best to act decent as Sansa's husband. It was a wartime and everyone was after Winterfell. I think Sansa would've been treated similarly if she was 9 or 10 yo in terms of getting married off.
  14. Well, Tyrion. And If I'm not mistaken, we don't see any other decent nobleman figure married to a girl this age. Yes, 12 is age when getting married off doesn't raise to many eyebrows. However... ...the division seems to be clear. Powerful families, when decision-making isn't done by the Boltons, Viserys or Tywin Lannister (who also married off a baby), tend to do exactly that - wait. Robert and Ned also intended to wait with Sansa and Joff marriage. Being married off at early teens or even before that clearly isn't seen as good for the involved.
  15. Yes, Tyrion was ill-equipped, I was talkind about age difference in general. Willas Tyrell would probably handle it better. Sansa is 12 when she marries Tyrion. Lysa was 15, Cat was 17, Cersei also 17-ish, Roslin Frey similarly, Margaery - considered the most eligible bride in the kingdom at her time - 16 (maybe 15 when she married Renly). Lyanna was 14 and still unmarried. Asha is in her twenties. Elia Martell was 15 and unmarried in Cersei's flashback. I'd say at least recently, the standard in-story was NOT 12-13 (only for betrothal). Daenerys is an exception, but he's given away by Viserys, who makes clear how much he cares about her as anything other than a bargaining chip.