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  1. anjulibai

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    Yeah, it's definitely established that the Citadel takes in lowborn boys that show aptitude. There's no reason to assume that Qyburn is highborn. I don't think there's anything to hint at his origins.
  2. anjulibai

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    It is hard to argue with dragons.
  3. anjulibai

    New little legal details

    Sending off a few ravens would deal with the problem of a lord executing another lord, I would think. I would assume the Lords Paramount send messages to the king in matters of their vassal lords disobeying the law and needing to be dealt with.
  4. anjulibai

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Was Vaegon really forced to become a maester? And was Maegelle really forced to become a septa? Both seem to have been pretty happy with those fates. The roles suited their characters. I assumed the reason Maegelle was sent to Oldtown was because there wasn't a mother house in King's Landing, which was still a pretty young city at the time. Plus, the High Septon was still Oldtown, so religious life was probably centered there. Saera I think was a special case because of her behavior. Seems like that was more to reform her than to punish her.
  5. anjulibai

    Baratheon claimants?

    Orys Baratheon had black hair and black eyes. So part of the look came from him, too.
  6. anjulibai

    Why Drogon?

    Drogon's the biggest, most dominant of the three, and he's also the spitting image of Aegon the Conqueror's mount Balerion.
  7. Serenei of Lys is Larra Rogare? What?!
  8. anjulibai

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    If Alyssane was really worried about Rhaenys's inheritance, I wonder why she didn't try to arrange a marriage between her and Viserys when they were children. Seems like that would have solved a bunch of problems.
  9. anjulibai

    R+L=J v.165

    Maybe the story came out that she and Rhaegar married, but maybe no one wanted to accept that Lyanna wanted to get married, so everyone assumed she was raped and forced into the marriage. Certainly Robert would never accept that Lyanna didn't want him - too much a blow to his pride. As time has gone on, people only talked about more about a rape and not the marriage. And given that she died, the stories of what happened to her became worse and worse. GRRM does talk a lot about stories changing with time and details being forgotten; there are a lot of references to unreliable narrators throughout the books.
  10. anjulibai

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    I can't agree with that. I thought it was obvious Jon was the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar when I read AGOT. I'd never heard from R+L=J before - I took it from the textual evidence. I read about all these other theories, and I think, "y'all read the same books I did?"
  11. anjulibai

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    And if Brandon was the father, Ned would just say so. No need to hide that from Catelyn, since Brandon was dead and she was married to Ned and had born him a son.
  12. anjulibai

    R+L=J v.165

    What was Rhaegar planning, though? Why NOT try to reach an understanding with the rebels? Especially after Lyanna became pregnant, which you'd think would have made Ned at least try for peace. All the secrecy after Rhaegar and Lyanna ran off just doesn't make sense to me. The moment Rhaegar new Lyanna was pregnant, he should have sued for peace.
  13. anjulibai

    Where are Tyrion’s bastards?

    Tywin would kill any bastard of Tyrions and do who knows what with the mother, and I have no doubt Tyrion is aware of this. Likely, he makes sure to let the prostitutes know this as well.
  14. anjulibai

    Southron Ambitions question/observation

    It's possible the Southron Ambitions were not so much political as economic. The North isn't particularly rich, and there seem to be areas that are decreasing in population. Perhaps Rickard thought the marriages of Lyanna and Brandon to southron great houses, and Ned's fostering with a third, would open up economic opportunities and bring more traders to the North. By increasing contacts with the South, Rickard could have hoped to improve conditions in the North.
  15. anjulibai

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Long dead 2. Lyanna 3. No single person, most likely a group of people 4. Lyanna 5. Just some random child, probably bought from his parents 6. Big Walder 7. Ramsay 8. The Night's King 9. Someone that survived the Red Wedding 10. Jon Snow and Daenerys, together, probably with a third TBD 11. Dead 12. He is as he seems - a disgrace maester who has attached himself to someone that will allow him to continue his experiments 13. We know it 14. To Stoneheart 15. Dead 16. Dead 17. Against 18. Bloodraven