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  1. anjulibai

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    She's dead. I wonder how she got the gold to pay for that crew to go with her.
  2. anjulibai

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    He didn't really stop both threats, though. They could have evacuated Winterfell, had Bran left alone in the Godswood, with Arya hiding, and it would have ended up the same, without loss of life.
  3. anjulibai

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Was it really to just drive Dany nuts when it came out? Because it seems like it had no other affect on the story.
  4. D&D threw away all the TPTWP/Azor Ahai stuff. There's no way to bring it together for the show. I hope GRRM will in the books, but the show definitely abandoned it.
  5. I did and I am glad, because I really needed to be prepared. The ones I have seen have been accurate so far, and I assume they will be for the last episode.
  6. anjulibai

    Who's left to marry Sansa

    Man, I hope she doesn't end up with Gendry. That would be such a shitty ending, for both of them. Of course, since D&D seem hell bent on giving us the shittiest ending possible, they probably will end up together. I'd prefer her to stay single. I don't think she'd ever really trust any man enough to want to be married.
  7. anjulibai

    Dany Marries Gendry?

    No. Gendry + Arya, or nothing.
  8. Really? Jon specifically tells Dany, when she told him why she couldn't have children, that that person that old her was not being truthful. She really emphasizes that the dragons are the only children she will ever have, something that she wasn't really bringing up to a lot of people previously (only that the dragons are her children). Then of course, Jorah mentions Longclaw going to Jon's children. I honestly always pictured Jon dying while winning the Long Night, and then Dany dying in childbirth to their baby. Neither gets the family the always wanted, but at the same time they have a family legacy to leave behind. That's the sort of bittersweet ending I felt would have been fitting for both characters.
  9. anjulibai

    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

    Did anyone notice that Jon's not rocking the man ban anymore in those pictures? I feel like that's significant. When he put his hair up like that, it was like he was mimicking Ned. Taking them down....like Targaryen men wear their hair?
  10. anjulibai

    Gendry (potential spoilers)

  11. anjulibai


    Littlefinger might have been bs-ing about how much food was stored up, especially since the main reason for the Lannister alliance with the Martells was to get the Reach's agricultural resources. And then, of course, Dany seems to have burnt a bunch of food bound the KL.
  12. anjulibai

    The Last of the Disappointments?

    Yeah, they aren't the creatives this sort of story needed, but they are definitely lazy about the writing. I think the only thing holding the series together a this point are the actors, who do a great job with what they have.
  13. anjulibai


    I don't know. Both lost so many adult men, in a society that needs men for the physical labors required. The Reach and Westerlands also recently lost a bunch of soldiers. Plus a bunch of people probably died in the Winter from starvation. It's not like the WofFK was followed by a season good for growth. When Cersei called the Lords, yes some came, but it seemed like a pretty small number, considering. Westeros has to be a mess at this point.
  14. anjulibai

    The Last of the Disappointments?

    That's true, but I think a lot of that was word of mouth, especially with so many of the shocking events that occurred early on. The show combined two of the biggest cinematic draws - sex and violence, and to a huge extant. That's all that's enough for a lot of people, sadly. I'm with that with such a detailed background, just putting a little time and thought into it all would make the show soooo much better. D&D just chose not, because they don't need to. It's not what attracts a large segment of the audience.