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  1. I think this is the most fair of a summary that could be written for those on each side of the coin.
  2. Every Last Chicken

    Time to rewatch from the beginning

    I'm not saying she didn't have an ounce of goodness to her. She obviously had moments of what seemed like genuine care for some of the people (for instance, when she locked her dragons away after Drogon burned the little girl). To me she was always teetering one way or the other, but over the last season it has gotten more apparent that her self-righeous side was coming out in full. And who says I'm siding with the Master's of Astopor? Of course they deserved their death. Slavery is horrible and what they did to those soldiers was also horrible. That doesn't mean Dany wasn't a liar and a hack. Just because one looks worse doesn't mean the other isn't bad.
  3. Every Last Chicken

    Time to rewatch from the beginning

    I think it's a little harsh to tell someone that they're pro-slavery for questioning the actions of a character in a fantasy novel, no? While what Daenerys did was admirable to us (I'm sure all of us agree that slavery is bad), the method she employed was deceitful. She essentially renegged on her deal and murdered the slave masters whom she was dealing with. And lets be honest, the unsullied were trained and brainwashed since children to be an elite fighting force; so when she tells them all they can be free, what do you think they are going to do, go find a family and settle down? Her "liberating" the unsullied was only a formality as far as i'm concerned because where else were they going to go after what they had been trained for? Season through season, she has to constantly remind everyone who she is and why she's so important. She adopts a plethora of fancy titles to make sure everyone knows her name. And what happens at the first moment when all those names don't matter (in Vaes Dothrak when she is recaptured), she simply kills all the Khals and butchers the customs of a people who she was just fine with a few seasons beforehand when Drogo was alive. She could have escaped with Jorah and Darrio but instead decided she needed to "teach them a lesson" because once again, she's too important to adhere to the customs of her late husband. In between we see her crucifying the masters of Meereen, indiscriminantly instead of investigating who actually crucified the children or bothering to learn the customs of the place she conquered. When Barristan dies she decides she's going to feed the Masters (who are not really masters anymore due to her new rule) to her dragons. Yes, we see her grant mercy sometimes but mercy is never granted without her reminding the person who granted that mercy. Even in episode 4 when she grants Storms End to Gendry, she has to remind him it is because "I am a merciful queen". It's all for show and it's essentially what politicians have been doing to people for years. If she were fair, just, and a seeker of truth then she would have stepped aside when she found out the truth about Jon. Instead she blame shifts and says that everyone else telling the truth is what got Varys killed and STILL declares the throne as hers despite her claim not being as strong. She goes as far as to try to control him and expects him to keep the biggest revelation of his life under wraps for her own selfishness. Daenerys has only cared about one person since the start of this story and that is Daenerys and how she will get on that throne. Anyone who gets in her way gets killed.
  4. Every Last Chicken

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    They're going off of previous riots and knowledge of how fickle the citizens can be. Starving the people might sound cruel but hungry people take action to not be hungry anymore. Jon even said to wait for them to get there and they could set up a blockade and wait them out and make Cersei's army come out of the capital. Cersei may not care about the people but a starving mob is going to be hard for her to handle with her army outside the capital. Unfortunately I feel Daenerys is letting her temper cloud her judgement and is going to allow it to take the lives of not only her own soldiers but lots of innocents.
  5. Every Last Chicken

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Honestly this was the part for me that told me all I need to know about Daenerys. She's entitled and jealous and doesn't know how to handle it. She didn't give two shits about the fact that half of these troops have just been through 2 battles (Battle of the Bastards and the War of Dawn 2.0) and then proclaims to Varys that she's willing to kill innocents in Kings Landing because "My purpose in life is to remove Tyrants, no matter the cost"... Well the cost this time is her becoming a tyrant herself. Nobody in that war council said that they weren't willing to help her remove Cersei from power, but it made no sense to not rest at least a little while. Hell even Rhegal had holes in his wings and was barely flying straight. She is so hellbent that she's willing to drag everyone else down into a war that's quite possibly not winnable at this point. She repeatedly feels the need to remind everyone that she is the Queen. The scene with Gendry was awkward as hell. She starts by reminding him that it was his family who overthrew hers and tried to kill her (something obviously he had nothing to do with) and then turns it around and says "you should be the lord of Storms End"...Like what kind of backhanded compliment was that? How about just telling him she appreciates him and that she wants to legitimize him for doing good. Instead she has to make her proposal look better by downing his family first, so that everyone can see "what a gracious queen" she is. And lets think back to previous seasons of what she's done when someone she cared for died. When Selmy died she fed the masters to her dragons indiscriminately. No rhyme or reason (she says to find out who the harpies were, although Varys accomplishes this without bloodshed), just death becasue she was angry. What do you think she's going to do now that Jorah, Rhegal, and Missandei have all died all in such a short timespan? I'm not saying she's gone mad or is going mad - I'm saying she's always had this side to her and it's always been the reason I think she would make a terrible monarch. Now some of her advisors are starting to see it as well. Sansa and Arya had every right to question her. She's been nothing but pompous since arriving in Winterfel and only a food with blinders on can't see that.
  6. Every Last Chicken

    Who is Going to Die

    I think Qyburn uses the language similar to "in the unlikely event that they do survive the battle" when he gives Bronn the crossbow. I'd have to rewatch to be sure.
  7. The valenquar portion of the prophesy is not mentioned in the show to my knowledge. Per the script of the Maggie the Frog scene: MAGGY: Three questions you get. You won’t like the answers. CERSEI: I’ve been promised to the prince. When will we marry? MAGGY: You’ll never wed the prince. You’ll wed the king.CERSEI: But I will be queen?MAGGY: Oh yes, you’ll be queen. For a time. In comes another. Younger, more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear.CERSEI: Will the king and I have children? MAGGY: No. The king will have 20 children, and you will have 3. CERSEI: That doesn’t make sense.MAGGY: Gold will be their crowns. Gold their shrouds.Maggy starts laughing. Cersei’s thumb starts dripping blood.
  8. I think @MinscS2 quoted the exact line which was "How do you know there is an afterwards?" which can mean quite a bit. If Bran can see or have premonitions of events in the future, maybe he is genuinely dumbfounded and believes Jamie is saying something that is true but otherwise has no way of knowing it (that there is an afterwards). Or Jamie is dead...
  9. Game of Thrones Fans: This show's been dumbed down for the masses. We need more dialogue! Also Game of Thrones Fans: WTF is all this boring filler. Nothing but people talking all episode. 1/10 Personally I really enjoyed the dialogue between the characters, even the comic relief (re: giant's milk and The Hound/ Beric/ Arya). I thought the knighting of Brienne was great and sentimental, even if she pretended she didn't want it at first (Jamie knew her better than that). The conversation between Daenerys and Sansa was interesting too. Everything seemed smooth up until Sansa mentions Northern independance again; that hand of friendship slipped right off and hit the table after that...
  10. Every Last Chicken

    Who is Going to Die

    I'm probably alone in this but I think Jamie is going to die. In a previous season he and Bron are conversing about how they would like to die, and Jamie says "in the arms of the woman I love", which of course seems like Cersei at the time. I think it might have been a forshadowing of him dying in Brienne's arms, possibly after saving her from death. And with him serving in her flank, it seems like a definite possibility.
  11. Every Last Chicken

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    Sometimes I think back about this scene and what might have changed had she told them to wait, but I also come to the realization that perhaps not saying anything was a better move in the long run. Ramsay was all about mind games and playing very cautiously. He wouldn't dismount during their parley for a 1 on 1 against Jon because he knew the odds were not in his favor. He arrogantly came outside the castle walls of Winterfell to meet Jon and his army on the open fields because the odds WERE in his favor and he knew it. Had he seen or scouted the vale army and known that they would be joining, it’s possible that he would have retreated to a more strategic position within the castle walls and prepared for a siege. Aside from maybe Wun-Wun, I don't think Jons army + the Vale would have had an easy time taking Winterfell by siege. In the end it was a gamble to withhold the information about the Vale troops, but the gamble paid off. I'm not going to say Sansa is the smartest person on the show all of a sudden; we've all seen her make some terrible blunders and pay for them dearly (not going with the Hound, not going with Brienne, etc). But to say she hasn't learned or developed is a little disingenuous in my opinion. As for the Winterfell court, I feel like what the previous poster said is accurate. They have a more open system where everyone airs their greivances without worrying about retaliation. After all, despite all the grumbling they are still at Winterfell and still appear to be ready to fight and help. Only Lord Glover chickened out at the last moment.
  12. Every Last Chicken


    Bronn is also one of the only people that both brothers trust, and thus can get close enough to either of them to actually completely the job. If they just send some nobody over there, they probably would have a hard time getting that close.
  13. Every Last Chicken

    Episode 2 preview

    That's a good catch. I noticed that they spliced the scene in right as she says "Cersei" and not before, so she might be saying the name Cersei in that scene in an entirely different context, with the "You never should have trusted Cersei" being dubbed over for dramatic effect. I think the showrunners just want us to think there's going to be a bunch more drama between the women whereas it probably won't amount to anything when the episode airs.
  14. Every Last Chicken

    Episode 2 preview

    I think it was misdirect in the trailer as well. My bet is on what the poster you quoted said - Daeneryrs telling Tyrion "you shouldn't have trusted Cersei" and Sansa telling it back to Daenerys in kind or possibly her telling it to Jon since she specificially warned him about it last season.
  15. Every Last Chicken

    dany and sansa

    It was a little different than that. The conflict was more between Littlefinger, Sansa and Arya. When the northern lords announced Jon as their leader, she actually has a smile on her face and looks proud of her brother, right until she looks over and locks eyes with Littlefinger, who is giving her the "I told you so" look. From then on its LF trying to plant seeds of doubt in her and turn Arya against her by leaving a copy of her old letter (the one she was forced to write under Cersei/Jeoffrey's eye to Robb) for her to find. Jon is gone to dragonstone so he's not really involved in any of this. Admittedly it could have been done much better had there been more dialog between the sisters and Bran to slowly uncover LF playing them, but they left a bunch to be interpreted off screen and it looked like crap writing by the end of it and forced drama. The writer's tried to hard to get the audeince to think that Sansa was going to punish Arya, when in reality they planned to execute LF the entire time.