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  1. You mean khat? Well, no-one was described as getting high from sourleaf.
  2. WTF is qqat? With the addictive chewing it's clearly meant as a tobacco analog. That's rather sad. It wouldn't make sense to include any of these since they didn't became widespread worldwide until after the middle ages, which twoiaf is based on. So no coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. Maybe GRRM will conjure up another analog for one of them.
  3. I don't think so, at least none was shown yet. Sourleaf is more like tobacco, but red and leaves a stain of the teeth.
  4. ... You were the who failed to comprehend it... Rhaenys could answer like a normal person.
  5. You didn't actually answer my question. You mixed in the Pentos mushrooms in this somehow, which have no relevance.
  6. It's not like he had access to the poisons after his arrest to take them across the sea More than what? He didn't have poison in Pentos. How would he? He saw some mushrooms, picked them up.
  7. I know. I mentioned it, otherwise people would have pointed at that. It was mentioned after that as well, by Kevan, where again, Tyrion didn't deny or confirm it in any way. I wanted to know if it was addressed any other time that I might have forgotten, or didn't notice. Well, Cersei's influence might make Varys say it. Pycelle says whatever the queen puts in his mouth. Though I don't see why Tyrion would want to take it. No-one especially want to poison Tyrion (even if someone wanted, there are other places to by poison) and the Grandmaster's chamber is not something I expect to be accessable to just anyone.
  8. Did Tyrion actually steal poisons from Pycelle? (Other than the laxative) Was it confirmed or rebutted? I only remember Tyrion not denying it at all. It would also be the only thing that's actually a lie of the things that Varys said as a witness.
  9. Jesus... The writers really need GRRM's books to work on... How on earth did they come up with this incredibly stupid cliché of the hero getting submerged for an indefinite/arbitrary amount of time meanwhile even swimming underwater until entire armies pass and/or they swim far enough away that no-one's in the vicinity. They pulled out this crap twice this season, with Jon (even though there ware also wights underwater) and Jaime/Bronn. And once in the sixth season in the Arya episode (with Arya), which is by far the stupidest episode of the series.
  10. Hi! I recently started reading the first book. I've been using this wiki a lot. So many names, places and other stuff...
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