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  1. Yes, Joffrey was an evil little brat but at least he had the Almighty Tywin conducting things. Nobody fancies putting Danaerys in her place at the moment.
  2. Perhaps there's no Maester at Castle Black now Sam has gone and Maester Aemon has died so nobody can send a raven. Or perhaps it's a plothole. Or perhaps it's deliberate so we get a big reveal from Bran later, just after Jon has left. I'd expect him to have a big role in the coming episodes as he had about 30 secs screen time in 1st episode and nothing in the 2nd.
  3. I gave it a 7, and I think that's fair. The episode was mainly a recap and filler, but I did think the scenes dragged on. Arya with soldiers, felt like Cersei was on screen for 20 mins consecutively. Hound had a good scene, but boy did it drag on. Sam montage/actual scene was too damn long. I hope just because they have extended running time they haven't just extended scenes needlessly.
  4. Watching season 5 at the moment. Why did Cersei arm the faith militant? What could she possibly hoped to achieve?
  5. Gave it a 9, by far the best episode of the series, and so close to a 10. But for me a 10 would be an episode where I don't think anything happened that is total bullshit. Like Rickon running in a straight line. Sansa hiding 10,000 strong army from Jon to the last 2 minutes of battle and then allow Baelish to steal all the glory. But yeah, the rest was excellent. Even Danaerys was really exciting on her dragons. Except for her "Who run the world - girls" (Beyonce, 2011), moment. But that is forgiven.
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