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  1. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I guess I didn't make myself clear either. There is a HUGE advantage for the Stark girls in LF knowing Arya is faceless, but not knowing they know he knows..... It will entice him to come up with his brilliant master plan of seducing Arya to kill Sansa and wear Sansa's face to run the North the way Arya thinks it should be run. Only problem is, they planted the idea in LF's mind the same way he plants ideas in the minds of others.....therefore, he's dying by the sword by which he has lived.
  2. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I posted this elsewhere..... If LF thinks that Arya has a keen mistrust of Sansa to support Jon, and LF understands that Arya has the wherewithal to take Sansa's likeness after killing her, giving her the avenue both to kill Sansa without repercussion and the power to run WF the way she thinks it should be run in support of Jon, and LF sees that Brienne has been sent away so that Arya could attack Sansa without Brienne to defend her, then In LF's logic, he needs only seduce Arya with the idea of killing her sister for the sake of a better realm. In this sense, there is an enormous advantage in knowing Arya is faceless, because it gives him the opening to ply his treachery.
  3. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    What she was doing in silence in that conversation was counter to the words she was speaking. And, wasting time so they can kill him in the finale. His death has to be poetic justice because of the weght of his character in teh beginning of the story. There is no more poetic justice than two girls (he's a pimp), one of them his perennial pigeon, bests him at his own game.
  4. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    This is the part of your post where we come to full agreement. I think you are underestimating the girls, just as LF is.
  5. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I know I'm being repetitious to the point of spamming, but I believe they have taken her out of character because she is literally out of character, applying her thespian skills to take down LF. Even so, we saw in Crossroads that Arya (true Arya) has become something that is darker and more detached than what she was when she handed the coin to the ship's captain......An understandable change after HoB&W.
  6. The crow has a particular Sonic Drive In he likes to hit on the way, which pulls him 500 miles off course.
  7. I consider it more an interpretation of events, or maybe a prediction. I like GoT theories to be bigger picture, like Bran as NK.
  8. I agreed 100% with your reservation. Until Sansa sent Brienne away. Sansa isn't a murderer. There is only one reason she would rationally do this, and that would be because she must be in concert with Arya. I think the director is overplaying both Arya's aggressiveness and Sansa's fear to A: stoke emotional response in viewers and B: throw doubt over who is playing whom. Both of those are audience-facing devices, and the game could have been better portrayed with more subtelty imo. That is, even if the game is as I think it is.... PS the faces convo happened after she sent Brienne away.
  9. I'm being redundent as I've posted it before, so apologies to others. In order to trap Littlefinger into persuading Arya to betray Sansa, he needs a carrot, a way for her to do it without interference, and a means for her to get away with it. The carrot: Arya's displayed angst and mistrust toward Sansa. Mistrust that was expressed in strong, nearly violent terms. LF can sell it as killing off a betrayer of Starks for the good of the family and the North. How to get away with it: By wearing Sansa's face after the murder. She couldn't have murdered Sansa if Sansa is right here standing in front of you, right? LF would also have a more cunning and brutal partner in Arya-as-Sansa, right? The purpose of the faces thing with Sansa wasn't to scare Sansa, it was to offer to LF that there is a means to get away with it. Remember that everything said gets back to him. Interference: Brienne fought Arya to a draw. If the plan backfires and Sansa lives, LF is dead. Sansa excused Brienne from WF to give LF confidence that there would be no interference from Brienne when he seduces Arya to kill Sansa. This is also what clues me that Sansa is part of the sting, not just Arya acting independently. Now with the dagger, I believe she just did that as a reassuring gesture to Sansa, reminding her that they are just playing a game and Arya is acting out well enough to actually scare Sansa. note that all of Arya's words would make it back to LF from beyond that closed door, but the silent visual of handing her the blade would not.
  10. My most logical reason is that the sisters are baiting LF to commit a convictable treason, and it is less likely to happen if Brienne is afoot. Specifically, I think Arya is entrapping LF to recruit her to kill Sansa and take her place using her face. Brienne's absence leaves the pathway to that end more open.
  11. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    This gives me even more confidence that Arya is playing him. He's getting his own medicine. Most of what he's done has been dropping words that influence others, and he is nowhere near the shit when it hits the fan, Lysa a dramatic exception. The fact that you don't SEE LF strengthens my belief that she is playing to him.
  12. I gave it a solid 9. frozen lake seemed a bit incredible, but I love the intensity of Maisie's acting in this one.
  13. Illiterati

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Don't you mean shameless plug?
  14. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    We don't know that's what happened in the novels. The novels have not ended yet.