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  1. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I guess I didn't make myself clear either. There is a HUGE advantage for the Stark girls in LF knowing Arya is faceless, but not knowing they know he knows..... It will entice him to come up with his brilliant master plan of seducing Arya to kill Sansa and wear Sansa's face to run the North the way Arya thinks it should be run. Only problem is, they planted the idea in LF's mind the same way he plants ideas in the minds of others.....therefore, he's dying by the sword by which he has lived.
  2. Illiterati

    Arya vs Sansa what are your thoughts?

    Her sending Brienne to KL. PS I meant Sansa conferring with LF ws one of the things. She has clearly stopped seeking his counsel, and I believe she sought it here to plant a seed in his mind.
  3. Illiterati

    Arya vs Sansa what are your thoughts?

    That's one of the two things that convinced me that Sansa is in on the game against LF.
  4. Illiterati

    Whats the fate of Euron and the Ironborne?

    I don't think the wights carry the skills and culture they had when they were alive. I think they are simply puppet drones of the WW.
  5. But we're talking about Mary Sue #1 and Mary Sue #2 here. None of what they are doing makes any sense to what D&D have built of their characters, except that it is all a ruse. LF would be the obvious target of the ruse. And a smart conman would realize LF develops spies everywhere, and play their con in private where LF would get word of it but not suspect that it was targeted at him.
  6. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    you frighten me!
  7. Illiterati

    Those Chains

    In fairness, the storytellers' interest in displaying the wildlings was not anthropological...they were interested in the relationship between the wildlings and the Westerosi and the wildlings and the others. They didn't put hunting and gathering on display, either. One can reasonably infer from the macro picture drawn of the wildlings that they have little technology, but we can't assume it explicitly just because we haven't seen it.
  8. Illiterati

    Arya Stark - An Unprovoked attack?

    I believe she is....and does.....
  9. IMHO, I don't think 2 would be theatrical enough. They're going to make this a monumental event. Seven season of mixed quality have led to this point.
  10. Illiterati

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I posted this elsewhere..... If LF thinks that Arya has a keen mistrust of Sansa to support Jon, and LF understands that Arya has the wherewithal to take Sansa's likeness after killing her, giving her the avenue both to kill Sansa without repercussion and the power to run WF the way she thinks it should be run in support of Jon, and LF sees that Brienne has been sent away so that Arya could attack Sansa without Brienne to defend her, then In LF's logic, he needs only seduce Arya with the idea of killing her sister for the sake of a better realm. In this sense, there is an enormous advantage in knowing Arya is faceless, because it gives him the opening to ply his treachery.
  11. Illiterati

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    The peregrine falcon can reach speeds exceeding 200MPH in a dive. Ravens can't dive from Eastwatch to Dragonstone. A dragon can't dive from Dragonstone to Eastwatch. The only way to insert any sanity into the battle is to assume passage of time that the showrunners didn't portray. To be honest, while amused with the pace of it all, I made the assumption of elapsed time offscreen and didn't get too excited about it. Could they have done it better? Probably, but this was by far not the theing I have most disliked in the series.
  12. Illiterati

    Arya vs Sansa what are your thoughts?

    Given the cast of characters that were vaguely protesting his edict, I might even argue that it was their plan all along not to interfere with Joffrey's order, that they gave some token protest to make it look good.
  13. Illiterati

    Those Chains

    Agreed. I can see the S8e3 scene, 8 minutes at Pyke: Euron: "Has anyone seen my chains? IIer: "chains, my lord?" Euron: "MY CHAINS! WHERE THE FOOK ARE MY CHAINS?"
  14. Illiterati

    Those Chains

    It could also have been discussed in the writers' room that if Viserion had fallen dead to the ground, the NK had already displayed the ability to instantly raise fresh kills on the battleground, so it would be an inconsistency that he didn't do so now and initiate a dragon on dragon battle.