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  1. Little finger had to die. It was the only assured way the Night's king would invade for vengeance. Little finger know this, so sacrificed himself for the greater good. So whoever is converted by night's king has everlasting life. Little finger is the true hero of a song of ice and fire.
  2. MilesJames

    Warden of The North

    I think the only real way to prove the wights are real is to capture the nights king and show him to the maesters. How hard could it be ?
  3. MilesJames

    How to stop the Night King

    This actually has a small chance of working. If nights king can be killed by dragon glass. He is much stronger than normal others and is unaffected by dragonfire and can possible see future.
  4. MilesJames

    How to stop the Night King

    Arya ? You want an assassin to lead a charge/attempt to kill a being that can probaly see the future, and has a dragon ? Even if Arya could get to the night king, what is to stop the night king from just killing her ? Its not lile she can sneak up on him.
  5. MilesJames

    How to stop the Night King

    "He only has 100k" That was an estimation by Jon who only saw the man he has with him in severly foggy artic conditions. However the night king could easily have millions of wights by now if he wanted to. So if he only has 100k the real question is why did he choose to only have 100k men ? Even if we assume the living have a great kill to death ratio, do you expect them to charge an army and fight to the last man ? There is nothing to stop him from simply rasing anyone who dies from his side. Does Daynerias army know no fear ever and will never break ? A dragon dog fight ? Do you remember what happened when the fellowship came ? Night king know they were coming. Surrounded them. Choose not to kill them. Waited for dragons to come, kiled far away dragon and let other dragon escape. (I am confident he let other dragon escape becuase he also let jon escaoe right after)
  6. MilesJames

    Night King appreciation thread

    I find it very odd that most people seem to be thinking the night king will be defeated without to much difficulty. On paper if this wasnt a story the night king should clearly easily win this war. Lets compare strengths. Night king 1) atleast 100k wights(much harder to kill than regular man) 2) Gaints wights, animals wights(much harder to kill than normal gaints or animals) 3) Can raise any fallan human or animal, including babies, civilians, birds ect 4) Severe artic winter follows, and turm evreywherw North of where he is into antartica. 5) Others(stronger and faster than normal men) can only be killed by special rare weapons 6) Night king can easily kill dragons. And has dragons Westroes 1) Jon=Westroes equivalence to Nights king. Only he has no power and is a terrible commander who loses evrey battle he ever fights. 2) Atleast 100k men who will be fighting in severe winter condition ever though almost all men are use to desert climate and do not have proper winter clothing. 3) Cersi attacking their rear 4) 2 Dragons
  7. Honestly it seems like to me he doesn't even consider anyone or anything he has seen as a threat. I think he thinks "the idea that humans could stand against him alone is so ridiculous it doesn't even merit discussion. " Lets look at his action. 1) See's Jon Lets him leave at hardhome without killing him. 2) Knows fellowship is coming, traps fellowship on rock. Decides not to kill them. Sees close dragon kills far away dragon with ease, probaly intentionally misses bigger dragon 3) Lets Jon escape even though he is completly surrounded again.
  8. MilesJames

    Cersei's Armies

    Your probaly right afterall why would they lose men against the others? They don't even have many strengths. 1) atleast 100k wights 2)Many giants 3) Many others(that can only be killed by special weapons) 4) Many Animals 5) Can ressurect dead animals and humans at any time 6) Severe artic winter follows them anywhere they go instantly 7) A leader who can easily kill dragons I say the odds are stacked in Westroes favor.
  9. Bad writting/plot demanded it. The funner response is the nights king is just toying with evreyyone. Hell it appears he know the group was coming, let them killsome of his men, surrounded them, could of killed them at any time but choose not to. Easily killed a far away dragon, let the other bigger dragon go, than he even let jon escape. It like he thinks its a joke that mare humans are going against him and do not even warrant being taken seriously.
  10. MilesJames

    Warden of The North

    The North will be outraged until they hear the approaching army of the dead. Suddently they won't care. or atleast shouldnt. It doesnt take a rocketscientist to realize the odds are heavily stacked against them. The Nights King slaughtered a dragon with ease. He was barely even trying. Hell He could of easily killed evreyone on that rock but let them go. You are seriously underestimating the nights king. Being able to resurect animals, humans and power magic = vastly superior to medevial technology. Espically since severe artic winters follow him wherever he goes.
  11. It would of been more satisfying if Bran caught him of guard and exposed evreything.
  12. 1)The night king has the largest army in Westroes, with atleast 100k wights, giants, many others and animals, all of which will grow rapidly. He can raise fallen soldies and animals. So in order to defeat his army you would need a ridiculos death to kill ratio 2) Where ever the Night king goes, it becomes the land of always winter. So anyone North of whereever the nightking is except the most prepared people will freeze or starve to death. 3) Dragons can't even get clos to the nights king since he can kill them with ease 4) So Westroes only chance seems to be to kill the Nights king himself. So Without ridiculos plot armor can Westroes defeat the Night's king ?
  13. If Bran wants to expose littlefinger is exposed. Would he actually expose littlefinger though ? Beyond that littlefinger would of left winterfell the second Bran used the chaos is a latter speech. Ofcourse he alsp would of mever married sansa to boltons.
  14. MilesJames

    Arya vs Nightking?

    When Ariya defeated Briene with ease, Briene was toying with her. The only time she may of tried is when they tied. Ariya has a few years of training is assassinating people. She shouldnt be able to beat any but the weakest knights in combat. The hound in not one of the best fighters and would of always been wrecked with ease by people like two handed Jamie or Ser Author Dayne. Beyond that the NK can see the future, has mystical power. I really doubt assassinationtatics would work on him. Espically since he is just going to go around killing evreyone
  15. Its completly absurb to think he couldn't a great knight to fight for him for so many reasons. 1) White Walkers are approaching. Littlefinger's Wealth is bounless. I will give a fortune to whoever kills Sansa champion for me. (Tons of Knights Volunteer) Knight wants to leaves Westroes with family or seld never returns. 2) He could offer a castle in Vale to whoever beats Sansa champion. 3) He saved the lifes of evreyone in Jons army. So some would feel a call to honor to fight for him. 4) Many of the Lords and knights of the Vale are already bribe 5) He should have body guards Bottom line, if Little finger would of acted like little finger(not fan service to the audience) He would of never admited to killing Lysa. Demanded a trial by combat if that was the only way to get out of winterfell and had an elite knight fight for him. If Ariya fought for Sansa she would be completly outclassesed sinse she is merly an assassin with a few yeara of training.