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  1. shawnpmcd

    Why didn't Jon simply refuse to accept banishment?

    Guys, he isn’t in the NW. he’s the King Beyond The Wall. That’s what the last scene was showing.
  2. shawnpmcd


    I didn't find it to be too bittersweet, and I was a fan of it. Now what WOULD have been bittersweet was if Dany's last words to Jon were "I'm pregnant".
  3. shawnpmcd

    MIA White Walkers

    Hardholme and Beyond The Wall had WWs be very active in the battle. Shocked they sat this one out for a full 80 mins.
  4. shawnpmcd

    MIA White Walkers

    why’d the White Walkers let the Wights do 99.9% of the fighting and then just stand by as Arya charged their King? What in the world we’re the NK’s generals doing during the battle??
  5. shawnpmcd

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    yes, but no one (least of all Sansa) knows that yet. Jon didn't bend the knee for himself, he bent it for the North. That doesn't mean that Sansa is ahead of him now or he's "just a guy". Also Dany refers to him as the Warden of the North.
  6. shawnpmcd

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    I was more talking treason vis-a-vis Jon, not Dany's POV. Bottom line, she's negotiating something that he has already agreed to.
  7. shawnpmcd

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    My point in the thread is while it might be a good point, it's not hers to make. Jon was King and bent the knee. She doesn't have the authority (though,ironically she does but doesn't know it yet). She's basically saying yeah our King knelt and yeah I'm not the leader but I speak for all and we won't kneel. Some might say treason. Again, not arguing the merits of her POV, but on what authority does she think she's speaking/undercutting Jon.
  8. shawnpmcd

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    Sorry, I'm saying SANSA picking this fight. Not Jon's crypt discussion.
  9. shawnpmcd

    Those kids?

    I took the focus on them to foreshadow them turning, much as the kids in Hardhomme turned. We'll see.
  10. shawnpmcd

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    Guys, I’m not questioning the logic of her position on the issue(in fact I largely agree), I’m questioning her authority to undercut Jon, whose decision it was to make. also, for all those people who say Jon lacks strategy, picking this fight right before the NK comes and risking Dany bolting with her armies and dragons was not smart. (Mind you we know with 4 eps left she won’t retreat, but still)
  11. She had scars on the side but not really on the front of her stomach? Wasn’t the front where much of the damage from her stabbing was? Anyone else thought that was weird?
  12. Who is Sansa to say the North won't bend the knee? Now, when it's commonly known that Jon is actually ATarg, she'll have standing to say such things, but at the time she said this to Dany she didn't know that and was essentially, without authority, undercutting him (who had already bent the knee on behalf of The North) and potentially damaging the alliance (in theory Dany could've taken her ball and gone home).
  13. I know it's a topic that has been discussed before, but based on everything we know through Ep 2, can Bran see the future? I ask because of his reply to whether Dragon Fire can hurt the Night King.
  14. shawnpmcd

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Minor beef -- I was hoping that L.Mormont and Jorah would have a moment. And I REALLY want Arya and L>Mormont to have 1 scene together.