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  1. Bloodraven was never a blackfyre, but rather the opposite, or did I understand you blackfyre reference wrong?
  2. Gala

    Welcome to war

    For that to be true she has to kill Tyrion and Jon (Davos and all their people), too. Ah, yes, all the survivals like Arya, for example.
  3. Gala

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I doubt that, since the conversation with Grey Worm was earlier and I think they were planning to destroy the city all along (between burning the collar and the nod in the throne room after "you know when it's time"). Grey Worm acted as if Jon was an enemy already, when he came in the chamber to talk to Dany. She was already ready to go berserk. And even earlier she actually told Tyrion that Jon has betrayed her. I have no doubts that the fates of Tyrion (after Jaime release), Jon and Sansa are already decided in Dany's head. We will know soon.
  4. Gala

    This Is How It Was Supposed To Be [Spoilers]

    Yeah, yeah, Tyrion is to blame.
  5. Gala

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Need to rewatch for details, didn't pay that much attention.
  6. Gala

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Are you sure?! I must rewatch, because I have seen it absolutely differently, probably, was affected, but I still think that it was the other way around. I will not be surprised if they discussed it with Grey Worm beforehand.
  7. Gala

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I think he has and it is, probably, Sansa.
  8. Gala

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Well, I think that valonquar is only in books and they didn't add this part of the prophecy in the series, unfortunately.
  9. Maybe because GRRM has said this himself, no? Although, I understand that you do not want Dany be bad in the books (I presume, she is your favourite), but in the books she is going this way too. I wasn't even surprised by what she did in this episode. I hope somebody kills Grey Worm too. From Dany's behaviour in the episode, I presume Jon won't be in favour anymore. I think that she has already decided what to do with him, Sansa and all of them and she didn't tell Tyrion a thing.
  10. or maybe she was referring to Arya))) I agree that Sansa was talking about Dany burning King's Landing, but maybe, just maybe she was referring to Arya executing Cersei...she even said "execute" rather than "burn"
  11. Those that I have emphasized in bold are exactly the thing I didn't like in the episode. By the way, Dany didn't slid off Drogon intentionally, she fell (I have watched the episode twice already) and she was completely terrified and helpless without her dragon (which is fine, since she has no fighting skills at all). And I actually wanted to slap Missandei at that moment, she irritates me since last season and her smug pompous manner. Sansa and Tyrion have long history and they were having their conversation, when she decided to put in her two cents in other people's conversation. I am disappointed she still lives (meaningless and dull character, despite the beauty of the actress and great and meaningful book character).
  12. Gala

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Yeah, up until Bran said only one phrase and Jamie immediately stopped being smug and actually became ashamed and afraid. And that was the moment I liked, as well as when Brianne vouched for him (which was predictable as hell)
  13. Gala

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Re-read: I said MY PERSONAL OPINION few times... let's wait and see who will love or not who Last time I checked they were not even in the room at all, but I get what you are saying...He just happened to be looking at and talking to Dany particularly because it was she who had to hear him.
  14. Gala

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    I bet they would, since they are not used to question her decision. That's what I was trying to say: it is easy to free the slaves, who are just becoming free people with free will, and rule them, the other thing is to rule those who were free and whom you are not freeing, but rather otherwise- conquering. She does not understand that...I mean at all.
  15. Gala

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    So...it was you who brought up Jaime to this discussion. I still do not understand what Jaime and his history with Bran have anything to do with this discussion. Yes, I am speculating and that's why I wrote "personally" at least few time, if you haven't noticed. Let's just wait and see who is right. I am not discussing Jaime's heinous crimes (among them one which is actually heroic - slaying the Mad King) and certainly not comparing them to Dany's, that's absurd. One thing Jaime lacks - hunger to power, which both Dany and Cersei have, so comparing them would be more logical and appropriate. Additionally, Dany has no history with Bran at all. I definitely didn't use words like "condemn" when I talked about Bran and Dany. Once again...Sansa was not obliged to do more than curtesy requires and she wasn't obliged "to fell blindly in love" with Dany on the spot, while Dany was actually expecting her to. Yes, after Dany's reaction - sort of "wtf" look on Dany's face after Sansa's cold curtesy- he broke the conversation and addressed directly Dany, because that was she who should have heard about dead dragon. And by the way, it was you who "said something about Sansa" and I just addressed your post, go and re-read.