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    sansa, arya, and dany

    For the thousand time I've written this, but still....and then get screwed by the incredibly increaed WW army herself, when they come South. The only idiot is Cersei. Daenerys (luckily for mankind) is less an idiot. The girls will get along, no doubt. Daenerys is not what Sansa wishes to be...Sansa wishes to be home (yes, she would be a wonderful Lady of Winterfell). Daenerys has no home and all she wanted until recently was IT. The Starks (and it was stupid that Jon did) should not bend the knee to Daenerys. They should be alleys - yes. Jon is surely at least an equal. Anyway, I do not think Daenerys is fit to rule anywhere. If (and the word IF speaks volumes) she ever breaks the wheel, then I will believe she is fit, but so far she has just been power-hungry self-righteous conqueror, well...until Jon came and changed her mind that cost HER a dragon, her child as she calls them.
  2. Why not? They are practically the only real family, I mean family-family, with true love between the siblings and unconditional love for their father from all of his children - "the lone wolf dies and the pack survives". Look what loneliness has done to them- they must be together to survive and for the love they bear for each other. And they are one of the "good guys", why people do not like that? There must be something at least remotely resembling good family values (the Starks are family oriented House, in a good way I mean) in the books/show (there are other examples, but those are not main in the books and are not included properly in the story in the show).
  3. It seems that he did that in Harrenhall already, before even marrying Lyanna. As I understood giving Lyanna the roses and naming her the queen of love and beauty instead of pregnant Elia when the whole Westeros was watching was humiliating enough. I wonder what Oberyn felt and told then. He was present there.
  4. Gala

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I'll talk about books since in the show it is not even mentioned properly. Book Sansa is more Queen material than Marg is, was or would be in any chapter (in the show they made Marg cunning and liberated, but in the books she wasn't prettier or particularly smarter than Sansa; if Sansa had someone like Lady Olenna helping her, I think she would be even more successful than Marg). In the books Marg is more plain character than in the show (I do not particularly like her neither in the book nor show). In fact, Tyrion described Sansa just as good-looking as Marg and thought that Joffrey was a fool and that Sansa would become a good queen, even better than Marg. Tyrion called Sansa beautiful and she was just a young girl developing then. The thing is - Cersei never saw Sansa as the one, because Sansa was helpless and her prisoner, while (in the books) Marg still has Tyrell power behind her back and that's the reason she thinks it is Marg. And yes, Dany is the obvious one and it is about her- she is more beautiful queen, more beautiful than Cersei, that is. She is one of the main characters anyway. As for Dany being "the most beautiful woman in the world"...most of Lys share the same look, even baseborn slaves... There are few incredibly beautiful Lysene woman in the story that were brought to Westeros as wives and paramours (one of which is Dany's own direct ancestor). In fact, Lys's pleasure houses and whores are famous for that, so "the most beautiful woman" is just an exaggeration... Dany's attractiveness is increased by her personality and dragons, which is unique, no doubt, and she is well publicized - let's not forget about that. Anyway, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". P.S: In the books we also have Arianne Martell, who is a princess and is definitely a beauty. She could easily become a queen in the next book and be the one from Cersei's prophecy, although, I doubt it: in the end it is all about Daenerys.
  5. Rhaegar and Elia had a daughter and a son, not 2 sons.
  6. Do not remember anything in the show about her period, but in the books she had her periods, I suppose, since she had miscarriage in the end of Dance and thought it was her period, which she was missing for some time.
  7. Actually, the official version of the events is that she was kidnapped and raped - the event that lead to Brandon and Rickard's deaths and their deaths lead to other events in turn - and Bran has just discovered that she actually ran off and even married the prince on her own will. That's why he said "based on lie". It all has started with her "kidnapping and raping". Aerys, being the biggest idiot and a madman, just put some oil on small fire and it burst out.
  8. Thank you clarifying, as if I haven't read the books and do not know the story. In the eyes of dishonorable people he was a fool, I mean people without any kind of morality - Cersei, at that time Jaime, Tywin...Littlefinger is on top of them all, so yes, I was happy when despite their innocence Cersei's 2 kids died - she deserved that more than anyone and it all was her doing; Jaime, too, for that matter. Tywin should have died screaming, but he died shamefully, which is also a little bit satisfying. I will die of joy if or when Ned's kids kill LF. He is the ugliest person, even worse than obvious monsters like Ramsey or the Mountain. Wasn't LF the one who actually "helped" with the execution? I doubt that Joffrey made it up himself especially when everyone explained why they were going to sent Lord Stark to the Wall. Varys, Cersei, Sansa were in shock, while Payne and Slynt were ready and not surprised - it seems Tyrion has established that it was done on purpose, hasn't he? "Not listening" and "should not trust anyone" - was just mocking and it wasn't even an advise. Anyway, LF lied about the dagger, for one. That is just a lame excuse - "you don't do that without getting dirty along the way". Oh, please, LF didn't do something right or great for humanity or people. He was climbing the ladder to whatever reasons...to screw over the lords, to gain money, to gain power... a little disgusting person. He knew from the very beginning that his way is a dirty way, because he was ugly inside from the very beginning. I don't even have pity for him because of a broken heart (although, Catlyne was never in relationship with him), because things like that heal- you go on and live your life. What kind of person you should be if you become something like that in the end because some girl didn't love you back and married someone else instead. It is a rhetorical question. Whatever reasons people (I assume you are talking about readers/watchers) have to hate him, they are just. For me he represents the worst kind of people I had experience with.
  9. The idea is in case of Jon (as well as other Stark kids) and Daenerys for that matter - not the lineage matters, but magic and the fact that Starks are descendants of the First Men that still worship the Old Gods and they are skinchangers, powerful ones actually, that is why they got their "sigil pets". Mormont women joke that they mate with bears, but I'm guessing they are also skinchangers. Ramsey's "love" to his dogs - is a mocking version of bonding with such a powerful and magical creature like direwolf. It doesn't matter what the sigil is...magic and blood matters...Lyanna's blood matters. It has nothing to do with the society rules - lion, stag, fish, wolf or bear. It comes with the Old Gods and magic. That is just my personal opinion.
  10. "She" probably is a typo. When Lysa was having a hysteric she confessed killing and lying because LF asked her- Sansa heard that. LF told Sansa the whole plan of Joffrey's death, the plan that set up Sansa (I mean she was used as pawn to smuggle the poison) for king's murder. Anyone who thinks that LF has no purpose and does not check the whole info before acting is an idiot- Sansa is not, as it appeared. Thus, calling him either an idiot or evil is logical. As for "wait until Jon and some other northerners die and then come to save the day with the Vale army" - everything here is perfectly logical: Vale is not the North, despite the fact that Sansa is a Stark (she is twice married to the enemy), LF needed Northerners to support her claim, additionally, he would gain more Sansa's trust. I also doubt that he could manipulate the exact time when the Vale army comes to the help - they almost missed, anyway, may be it was sheer luck that they didn't. Faux drama or not...I find it quite poetic that cunning LF, a person directly responsible for some many things, including Ned's death, will be nailed to the wall by children, which is more important by Ned's children. He thought that Ned was a fool, he mocked him and betrayed him, he apparently thought he could play his children, too, but in the end they will be the ones that take him down. What is funny: none of the children, not even Sansa, trusts him.
  11. I don't think the society matters in this case...we are talking about magic and blood. You cannot deny that Jon actually got a direwolf along with other Stark kids. Jon's mother was a wolf and she apparently counts in this case, since Jon has Ghost. The evidence is that he is a wolf from the book 1. Although, I do agree that the name of the episode was chosen by the showrunners because it sounds cool.
  12. Gala

    Jon and Daeneris

    I sincerely doubt the bit I emphasized, since I doubt there will be much of "live happily ever after" for any character. It will be probably 100th time I am telling this, but, personally, I prefer Luke-Leia scenario (those even kissed before they found out that they're a brother and a sister). What won't be a cliche? Daenarys and Tyrion? Her first marriage and relationship was too much a cliche as well - from the bit "being sold as a political tool" to "finally falling in love with her savage husband"- personally, for me it was a huge cliche. Nobody complained then.
  13. Gala

    Why Benjen had to die?

    The point is that he would remain all that in Cat's eyes even being Lyanna's child with only exception of Ned's infidelity.
  14. Gala

    Jon and Daeneris

    Sorry, didn't get that at all. I was honestly interested whether I've missed something, though.