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    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    As I remember the crypt was rarely visited by strangers both in the books and in the show. Theon was there few times during his life in Winterfell (he mentions that in the book), probably while playing with the Stark kids or as his duty, when asked. I doubt that Catelyn visited it at all, for example. Maester should on the contrary know everything about the place. Jon even says to Littlefinger "You don't belong here", which I think is true. I think the visitors are accepted there only to pay their respect, like Robert did in the beginning of the series. In the books it is said that the tunnels are very deep since there lie all the lords and North Kings of the last few thousands of years. Bran was afraid of the deep darkness in the tunnels, while only Richon wasn't. On the contrary, he preferred the darkness of those tunnels. By the way, the Watch is called the Nights Watch, not the knights watch.
  2. I am in the theory that Ashara is actually Lemore. It makes more sense (to me) than Ashara being a surrogate mother for Rhaegar's baby and Rhaella's baby swap theory. According to common knowledge Ashara "committed suicide" some time after Ned brought Dawn to Starfall. Do you think that means that she gave birth or just left Srarfall? if she gave birth, then Ashara's child is older than Rhaella's since Ashara "died" in 283 and Rhaella only conceived in 283. If you think that she left Starfall, then she should travel through half of the country and manage to get to Dragonstone before Stannis and before Rhaella gave birth. If you think that the child was swap some time after, don't you think Viserys would notice, especially if you suggest that Daenerys's memories of Darry and her childhood are about some place in Dorn (am I correct?!). If she remembers those things she could be at least 2-3 years old, so real Dany lived 2-3 years, then died and was swapped with this Dany and Viserys didn't notice? Personally, I think Allyria is Ashara's alive daughter and Ashara herself went to Essos to help and raise fAegon. Varys could help her with that, as a proof that Aegon is Rhaegar and Ellia's child: Connington as knight and lord from Westeros and from Rhaegar's side, Ashara as septa and nurse and from Ellia's side - both are close companions of Aegon's parents. Also, before Dany Rhaella's children died, but she lived and this time Rhaella died, but her child lives. As for Dany's reactions, visions and phrasing - it is normal, since she thinks of Rhaegar all the time, she is told about him all the time, she is told that he differs from Viserys, how honourable and good he was and she doesn't want to be like Viserys and thinks all the time that she wants to be like Rhaegar. Also vision about three heads is more related to the story than Dany herself. As for 3 Kingsguards: holding a "useful hostage" when the war is lost and your queen and presumable the HEIR is without protection is not something the Lord Commander of the Kingsguards and true knights like Dayne and Whent would do. Especially if they are "drawing" Ned to someplace else from real Rhaegar child (from Ashara as you suggest), but Ned easily went to Starfall and gave Dawn back to Daynes. According to common knowledge Ashara was there and still alive. I mean there was no use/reason of drawing Ned anywhere since NOBODY in 7 Kingdoms knew or even suggested that Rhaegar had an affair with Ashara. The rumour was that Ned and Ashara had an affair, which I'm inclined to think is partially true, but Ashara was incredibly pretty girl and men like Brandon or Oberyn are more likely to flirt with her and have some romance than a quite and shy Ned (I love Ned and I personally think that Ashara liked him too, moreover, they were actually in love).
  3. Hi! First of all, I'd like to say that you analysis is wonderful, despite the fact that I do not agree with. As someone has already said under these circumstances I would also read any theory - 7 years is a long time. For the last few years I've been more a reader than a participant of this forum, but your post caught me and it was interesting to read. Sorry, if somebody has already asked you this already, I have managed to read only 5 pages so far. I would like to address the sentence in bold: There was a time I also thought that Dany could be Rhaegar's child, but there are no clues or proof whatsoever. Moreover, there are bulletproof evidence of the contrary, such as the timeline: Dany was born after Rhaegar, Ashara, Lyanna and Arthur were dead, Rhaella was with Viserys and Willem Darry when she gave birth to Daenerys, thus, they definitely should know who bore her. What clues are you referring? Maybe I've missed something in Game... Additionally, there is one thing that has been addressed a lot in such discussions and you also mentioned it few times, but in different context: the presence of 3 Kingsguards at the TOJ. The problem is why would they be there at all? If even Rhaegar ordered them to stay there, they should have left immediately after they heard about Ned even asks them about that at the TOJ. If Lyanna's child was fathered by any other person than Rhaegar, then it makes no sense. Do not forget that we are talking about real legendary and honourable knights Ser Arthur Dayne, Ser Oswell Whent, and Ser Gerold Hightower. Let's assume, for example, that Arthur is the father...Why would Whent and Hightower stay to protect Lyanna (mind you, to protect her even from her dearest brother). There is a possibility that they decided to meet their end (because they have failed to do their duty with the other royal family members) by fulfilling the last Rhaegar's will - to protect Lyanna, but somehow I doubt that. Hightower was the Lord Commader, I doubt that he would leave his resposibility and duty so easily. Anyway, why would that be such an important issue to protect Lyanna?
  4. Gala

    sansa, arya, and dany

    For the thousand time I've written this, but still....and then get screwed by the incredibly increaed WW army herself, when they come South. The only idiot is Cersei. Daenerys (luckily for mankind) is less an idiot. The girls will get along, no doubt. Daenerys is not what Sansa wishes to be...Sansa wishes to be home (yes, she would be a wonderful Lady of Winterfell). Daenerys has no home and all she wanted until recently was IT. The Starks (and it was stupid that Jon did) should not bend the knee to Daenerys. They should be alleys - yes. Jon is surely at least an equal. Anyway, I do not think Daenerys is fit to rule anywhere. If (and the word IF speaks volumes) she ever breaks the wheel, then I will believe she is fit, but so far she has just been power-hungry self-righteous conqueror, well...until Jon came and changed her mind that cost HER a dragon, her child as she calls them.
  5. Gala

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I'll talk about books since in the show it is not even mentioned properly. Book Sansa is more Queen material than Marg is, was or would be in any chapter (in the show they made Marg cunning and liberated, but in the books she wasn't prettier or particularly smarter than Sansa; if Sansa had someone like Lady Olenna helping her, I think she would be even more successful than Marg). In the books Marg is more plain character than in the show (I do not particularly like her neither in the book nor show). In fact, Tyrion described Sansa just as good-looking as Marg and thought that Joffrey was a fool and that Sansa would become a good queen, even better than Marg. Tyrion called Sansa beautiful and she was just a young girl developing then. The thing is - Cersei never saw Sansa as the one, because Sansa was helpless and her prisoner, while (in the books) Marg still has Tyrell power behind her back and that's the reason she thinks it is Marg. And yes, Dany is the obvious one and it is about her- she is more beautiful queen, more beautiful than Cersei, that is. She is one of the main characters anyway. As for Dany being "the most beautiful woman in the world"...most of Lys share the same look, even baseborn slaves... There are few incredibly beautiful Lysene woman in the story that were brought to Westeros as wives and paramours (one of which is Dany's own direct ancestor). In fact, Lys's pleasure houses and whores are famous for that, so "the most beautiful woman" is just an exaggeration... Dany's attractiveness is increased by her personality and dragons, which is unique, no doubt, and she is well publicized - let's not forget about that. Anyway, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". P.S: In the books we also have Arianne Martell, who is a princess and is definitely a beauty. She could easily become a queen in the next book and be the one from Cersei's prophecy, although, I doubt it: in the end it is all about Daenerys.
  6. Do not remember anything in the show about her period, but in the books she had her periods, I suppose, since she had miscarriage in the end of Dance and thought it was her period, which she was missing for some time.
  7. Actually, the official version of the events is that she was kidnapped and raped - the event that lead to Brandon and Rickard's deaths and their deaths lead to other events in turn - and Bran has just discovered that she actually ran off and even married the prince on her own will. That's why he said "based on lie". It all has started with her "kidnapping and raping". Aerys, being the biggest idiot and a madman, just put some oil on small fire and it burst out.
  8. Read the Dunk and Egg stories- Aegon V (Dany's great-grandfather) has the same (I mean literally the same - hot bath, sun, hot stones) heat resistance, but, unfortunately, he died in the fire while trying to hatch dragons. It seems that Dany survived because of blood magic and not because of her fireproof abilities.
  9. Richon is even younger than Bran, so no. Arya could just assume that Jon has taken up Stark name and got married. That is a possibility, but anyway, I personally think that she just didn't know that Sansa was alive and in Winterfell that's why she asked "which Lady Stark". Or else it is absolutely meaningless scene - bad writing
  10. Well, I do not know whether he speaks it or not. He is a smart man, he could have learnt some Dothraki. Anyway, Tyrion acted as if he understood what that man said. "Once the throne is secured" you said, so you presume that Dany won't use any soldiers against WW? I doubt that she will get IT before the Long Night and the Army of the Dead comes.
  11. Am I the only one who felt sorry for Tyrion. And since I despise Dothraki as a culture, I didn't like the comment that smug idiot said to Tyrion. I really hope they find out very soon what winter means. I hope the wildlings could be able to show them what fighting means. I'm not completely fond of the wildlings either, but in comparison... At least among wildling we had real personalities, not just stupid superstitious flock. All those people who keep saying that Dany would defeat WW and thier army alone...just imagine completely unprepared southern army like Dothraki and Unsullied during winter storms. Even 3 dragons won't help. As Old Nan said "oh, my sweet summer child...what do you know of..."
  12. To be fair, it was Jojen who insisted over and over again on Bran going to Three eyed crow, North of the Wall, in the first place. She went to help her feeble brother, not Bran. And when her own brother sacrificed himself - it was his desicion and Bran wasn't glad about that as well - she didn't want even to help Bran. And now she is complaining, as if everything was Bran's fault. Really, what could he tell her to make her feel better about herself - she is depressed since her brother was killed by the wight. Although, yes Bran became creepy emotionless, considering how emotional he always was. Yes, the scene is painful, but it was necessary to show us that Bran "died" in that cave. I suspect Hodor incident changed him completely. I think he made a huge mistake there and then, which was neccessary for him to learn the main thing about being the Great Greenseer - do not mess with the past and do not intervene. Do you remember how pitifully Bloodraven looked at him when they "visited" Winterfall and he learnt about Hodor being called Walder, as if he knew that something like that would happen. I liked Max von Sydow in this role, by the way.
  13. On this I totally agree. Cersei is the Mad Queen. She will show us that once again in the end, I think
  14. Gala

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    You really do not understand the difference between actually leading people to the battle and fighting for them and just coming at the right time to help?! They chose him because he fought for them, he spelt his own blood. The North is a little bit different from the most of the Westeros- "In the North you get what you deserve". He is considered to be Ned's bastard after all and in the books, at least, he is more Stark than any other of Ned's children (except for Arya, of course). Dany is on her mission to fight slavery just because she was sold and bought and she actually admits that. She gave Unsullied their chance of revenge, of a sort, and yes, she freed them and they love her for that (that is quite normal, although, even a lot of slaves were not happy about it in the books, by the way). She actually enjoys when they call her Mother. I think it is a substitute for her not being actually a mother (like Elizabeth). Jon is leading to save people, Dany is ruling. Jon is chosen by independent people and Dany is chosen by those she freed, those that know nothing better than what she gave them. That is the difference.