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  1. Well, he didn't know that the wights are not able to go through the Wall because of the magic and all. The first wight he encountered was brought safely to the Wall and tried to kill Lord Commander. Nobody knew how this stuff works, Bran wasn't around to say... by the time he arrived in Winterfell, Jon was gone trying to mine dragonglass (and that is the reason why he actually went to meet Daeny in the first place). You seem to forget that without dragonglass there is no point in fighting wights at all. And yeah, if the North falls, there is no point in any other squabbling about the iron chair they all want so much. Because all of them, including the maesters in Old Town, don't believe in the threat to begin with. Just imagine if Jon didn't go to meet Daeny and didn't make all that stuff he did...I presume the NK had a plan how to deal with the Wall since he has been actively gathering the army for the last few years when he had been sitting quietly for thousands of years before that. If they somehow go through, the North falls in minutes. The NK and his army goes south...They all would be slaughtered easily, because no one has a clue how to fight the wights, the WW and the NK. As we can see, even Daeny's army has proven to be useless, even her dragons (well, I admit, they could swipe few thousands of wights with fire, but I presume they would become the undead dragons quite easily and soon, considering how the NK killed Viserion) What they supposed to do, then? Wait until the army of the dead go through? Not trying to find allies? Do not mine the dragonglass when they had an opportunity? Suggest what you would do in that situation (I mean not a book reader who knows stuff, but the character in this circumstances)? Do you really think that Cersei and Daeny's pathetic fight for the Throne is more important than this? By the way, it wasn't his idea to capture the wight (blame idiot Jorah for that if you want).
  2. I am in re-watch spree, so I went back to the forum...A year after I am able to see from different perspective. And I just couldn't go past this one. Actually, literally, she didn't save the North...she literally HELPED to save the 7Kingdoms, fighting alongside with almost whole North and the wildlings. Her dragon fire was all but useless against the NK, she wanted to be triumphant and she had the look on her face when she tried to burn him, but then her jaw literally dropped when it didn't harm him at all and the NK even smirked at that. Her dothraki were all, but useless, her Unsullied were useless...their entire purpose was to buy time for someone who could be able to kill the NK. The truth is that she wouldn't have 7 Kingdoms to conquer if she didn't come, which is more (in the show, not in the books) her dead dragon is actually the reason the Wall fell, not mentioning the fact that he died because she had to be convinced (yeah, along with Cersei, but still). So basically she actually is the reason why the North had to be defended right away and the enemy had a powerful weapon. As to the topic: I think that the showrunner were bad at portraying her character from the very beginning. They made her a saint, well, sort of, and then, when the time came, were unable to portray her "blood and fire" nature. And yes, in the books it has been shown clearly. P.S: Emilia did a great job, by the way. I blame showrunners.
  3. Bloodraven was never a blackfyre, but rather the opposite, or did I understand you blackfyre reference wrong?
  4. Need to rewatch for details, didn't pay that much attention.
  5. Are you sure?! I must rewatch, because I have seen it absolutely differently, probably, was affected, but I still think that it was the other way around. I will not be surprised if they discussed it with Grey Worm beforehand.
  6. I think he has and it is, probably, Sansa.
  7. Well, I think that valonquar is only in books and they didn't add this part of the prophecy in the series, unfortunately.
  8. Maybe because GRRM has said this himself, no? Although, I understand that you do not want Dany be bad in the books (I presume, she is your favourite), but in the books she is going this way too. I wasn't even surprised by what she did in this episode. I hope somebody kills Grey Worm too. From Dany's behaviour in the episode, I presume Jon won't be in favour anymore. I think that she has already decided what to do with him, Sansa and all of them and she didn't tell Tyrion a thing.
  9. or maybe she was referring to Arya))) I agree that Sansa was talking about Dany burning King's Landing, but maybe, just maybe she was referring to Arya executing Cersei...she even said "execute" rather than "burn"
  10. Those that I have emphasized in bold are exactly the thing I didn't like in the episode. By the way, Dany didn't slid off Drogon intentionally, she fell (I have watched the episode twice already) and she was completely terrified and helpless without her dragon (which is fine, since she has no fighting skills at all). And I actually wanted to slap Missandei at that moment, she irritates me since last season and her smug pompous manner. Sansa and Tyrion have long history and they were having their conversation, when she decided to put in her two cents in other people's conversation. I am disappointed she still lives (meaningless and dull character, despite the beauty of the actress and great and meaningful book character).
  11. Re-read: I said MY PERSONAL OPINION few times... let's wait and see who will love or not who Last time I checked they were not even in the room at all, but I get what you are saying...He just happened to be looking at and talking to Dany particularly because it was she who had to hear him.
  12. I bet they would, since they are not used to question her decision. That's what I was trying to say: it is easy to free the slaves, who are just becoming free people with free will, and rule them, the other thing is to rule those who were free and whom you are not freeing, but rather otherwise- conquering. She does not understand that...I mean at all.
  13. So...it was you who brought up Jaime to this discussion. I still do not understand what Jaime and his history with Bran have anything to do with this discussion. Yes, I am speculating and that's why I wrote "personally" at least few time, if you haven't noticed. Let's just wait and see who is right. I am not discussing Jaime's heinous crimes (among them one which is actually heroic - slaying the Mad King) and certainly not comparing them to Dany's, that's absurd. One thing Jaime lacks - hunger to power, which both Dany and Cersei have, so comparing them would be more logical and appropriate. Additionally, Dany has no history with Bran at all. I definitely didn't use words like "condemn" when I talked about Bran and Dany. Once again...Sansa was not obliged to do more than curtesy requires and she wasn't obliged "to fell blindly in love" with Dany on the spot, while Dany was actually expecting her to. Yes, after Dany's reaction - sort of "wtf" look on Dany's face after Sansa's cold curtesy- he broke the conversation and addressed directly Dany, because that was she who should have heard about dead dragon. And by the way, it was you who "said something about Sansa" and I just addressed your post, go and re-read.
  14. No, because it has nothing to do with current discussion and it is absolutely different story. Whether Bran is going to forgive Jamie or not (personally, I hope that he does) does not say anything about Bran's attitude to Dany. Where is weakness in my argument? I told you before...let's just see, Time will tell what Bran thinks of Dany...for now I, personally, think he not that fond of her. As for Sansa...Sansa actually did everything by the rules. "Winterfell is yours, your grace" - is not just a curtesy, but it's both submission and acknowledging Dany as a queen. Sansa is not obliged to kiss her ass right away and love her blindly, she is not that stupid little girl she was in season 1 anymore. Trust must be earned. Dany came to the North as much for the North survival as for her own (since she wants to sit the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms, which would surely be swept away by the NK and his army and then she would be "ruling over the graveyard" as Jon said). As for "You can say that about most every character in GOT" - try to say something controversial about the likes of Davos or Brianne, or Meera Reed, Dolorous Edd, Lady Mormont etc. Despite the fact that I actually like Dany, I have always been a strong believer that she is not fit to rule...at all. That is because she wants it too badly and I doubt (after this episode even more) that she would be able to give any power away, which is sadly be the end of her (I personally think so), let's say it will be a lesson for all: a girl that came all that way, survived all that she had suffered, but thinks that she is some kind of undoubted messiah, will in the end become bitter powerhungry...queen (just like Cersei). Power corrupts.
  15. I understand what he was trying to say. But he told that to her directly, by the way, Lady Mormont wasn't near (well she was obviously, but she wasn't taking part in that conversation). Bran interrupted the conversation directly after Dany reacted on Sansa's coldness and told that line her particularly. I agree, of course, that Bran one of few who sees the big picture (even more than anyone else, I would say). Time will tell what he thinks of Dany. There is a reason why he insists on Jon knowing the truth and I doubt it is because of incest. Of course, Bran does not see the future, I think in some cases with Dany - the past and the present is quite enough to understand what kind of person she is (mind you, I like Dany to some extent, but I do not appreciate some decisions she does and attitudes she has - demanding blind loyalty for one) Let's not involve Jamie - Bran story and dynamics in discussion of Dany and Bran's attitude. Jamie is much more redeeming and complicated character despite his frankly simple desires. Dany has no history with Bran.
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