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  1. massoir

    Writing awards for D&D!

    Surely the Emmy's board will watch said episode and instantly cross the nomination off.
  2. massoir

    Samwell as Grand Maester

    Yes that would have made sense, so thats why he wasnt
  3. massoir

    Samwell as Grand Maester

    Maesters wear grey, only aemon wore black as he was in the nights watch, hence why the mage refers to them as grey sheep.
  4. massoir

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    I would be quite interested to watch the wars between Ghis and Valyria, starting from when Ghis was the power in the east. Other prequels i wouldnt mind seeing: Dunk and Egg Blackfyre Rebellion War of the Ninepenny Kings The Green and Blacks The Rogue Prince The wars between the CotF and the first men/andals I just dont think they would be able to do the long night justice.
  5. Wonder if the iron bank went with her haha
  6. massoir

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Massive, the books are well written and full of prophecy, conspiracy and subterfuge. the show for some reason didnt want to use alot of the source material, i.e. dorne and the real greyjoy uncles
  7. Just trawling through the threads and noticed the “praise without repercussions’ thread is only 2 pages meanwhile over here..... looks like even the unsullied are fed up with this poor adaptation by d&d
  8. That was just dire! Why did they need a nights watch again? Did they rebuild the wall, if so how? Guessing arya was sailing to lonely light? Also when did she become obsessed with sailing west, pretty sure they have stole that from the lore
  9. massoir

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Not even that, only 50mins including the intro
  10. massoir

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Only just watched this as there is nothing else on.... A few of my issues were the first red dragons fly-past winterfell, dont know if this was my streaming quality, but it looked like it was out of a dungeon and dragons movie quality. Why would rhaegar name jon aegon, he already had a son called aegon, so why wouldnt he choose a different flipping name! The golden company has doubled to 20000 and harry strickland has become young and handsome with tip top feet. Drogon is apparently an incest loving voyeur. The dragon flight together reminded me a bit of avatar with those pterodactyl things, also make a flipping saddle for them as thats what all the dragonlords of old did! So sad to see the nuance and characters of the book so poorly displayed.