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  1. Ashes Of Westeros

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    It was pointless. A bone to fans who wanted a Cleganebowl. There was no point of The Hound to go North and fight the WW if he's only purpose was to kill his brother.
  2. Ashes Of Westeros

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I didn't like it at all. Him dying fighting the WWs and defending Arya (or Sansa or Jon) would have made much more sense.
  3. Ashes Of Westeros

    [Spoilers] Episode 804 Discussion

    Thank you. And Sansa's answer sounded like she had to stay and endure a school of life from Ramsay and LF to mature. If she had left KL with the Hound and made it through a war-torn country alive and unharmed, she wouldn't be little bird anymore just the same.
  4. I see your point. Back in S6 she says "I did what I did to survive". But still her answer made me cringe as if she didn't go with The Hound because she wanted to get rid of the little bird persona. Indeed, Sansa is a survivor and she didn't go with the Hound, because most probably they both would been have killed. Sadly, I guess you're right. This reunion would have made more potential (and more sense!) if it happened earlier, in S7. But maybe we'll see The Hound returning to WF after defeating his brother, who knows Boltons are known for their cruelty - they the flayed man as sigil. Ramsay's sadistic nature was no secret too: he tortured people, raped and killed his mistresses, so it's unlikely that he would have treated his wife kindly. Besides that Sansa's escape to the Wall became known when she showed up with Jon during the BoB. Maybe a few people witnessed what happened, but many connected the dots and concluded that Sansa's marriage was no rose garden.
  5. Ashes Of Westeros

    Daenerys and Jon are over

    Dany has married a random dude in Mereen to ensure her rule. She clearly understands a concept of political marriage and she needs a heir. This drama is not plausible at all.
  6. Ashes Of Westeros

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    Seriously, I would have preferred Jaime to die in Brienne's arms in the battle and done with it. Now he seems like somebody with a split personality, unless it turns out that he's going on a SO SECRET mission to kill Cersei. I've been shipping B and J for long, but I hate if their relationship would be on-off because of this fake drama. Indeed. Why even? Fan service - check?
  7. I cringed so hard! "If I would have gone with you, we could have been killed or I could have been raped by a hundred of soldiers before even leaving the KL!" That was the only legit explaination there. This scene left me confused. Is it SanSan we hoped for? Is it more to come? Or does it mean there is no comeback to the things that could have happened, when they both were bond? If the latter, why bringing them together again? Sansa and The Hound spent the whole S7 and a half of S8 without acknowledging each other existence.
  8. Ashes Of Westeros

    What if Arya isn't going south to kill Cersei?

    They most certainly will. I agree that both Hound and Arya could change their minds and go for other people instead of Cersei and Mountain.
  9. Ashes Of Westeros

    The most tearful reunion... was a bit strange.

    Yes, it was one of the most tear jerking moments, though Jon/Sansa reunion was also very intense taking into account that they haven's shared moments together and didn't really like each other as children. The final moments (with a song) showing Sansa and Theon sharing food are very touching and comforting. They're bonded in a very special way but not only because of the Ramsay experience, but their whole life journeys. Both of them were taken from their families, were hostages (though Theon's treatment by Starks was much better than Sansa's in the KL), both of them turned against their families and paid a big price for it.
  10. I think the song in the show has a little to do with original "Jenny from Oldstones" whatever meaning GRRM put in it. Jenny's story is never mentioned as far as I recall. Probably they just picked one of the songs mentioned in books and gave it a new meaning. The key is "she never wanted to leave". The whole episode was mostly about characters getting what they sought in the past, clutching for these "ghosts" of things that aren't relevant anymore in the face of imminent death, but what they still hold dear and what could give them some comfort:
  11. Ashes Of Westeros

    Best line of E01

    - Step back! He's got blue eyes! - I've always had blue eyes!
  12. Ashes Of Westeros

    What is the role of Gendry?

    There is another ginger in Sandor's arc: Mycah. Sandor refered him as "ginger" when he was begging Arya to kill him. Remarkable, he mentioned another ginger - Sansa - in this speech too and apparently in reference to BwBB night. Both episodes weren't his brightest moments. So Sandor's relationship to ginger isn't trouble-free. But what we know (and he know too, probably) that Arya has forgiven him for Mycah, b/c she refused to kill him. And Sansa isn't angry at him for his behavior after BwBB (at least in the books, the show just didn't address it).
  13. Ashes Of Westeros

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I just rewatched this part and couldn't stop laughing. The men have been without women far too long it seems I like the idea of Gendry being Arya's disaster relief force, probably he will have the same on effect on Jon, who is known for his yolo decision making, too.
  14. Ashes Of Westeros

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Foreshadowing doesn't scream. Foreshadowing is always subtle. If Sandor says "it isn't even you anymore", why would he threaten him?
  15. Ashes Of Westeros

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I really hope you meant it as sarcasm. For me it sounded that The Hound just let it go. So no Cleganebowl