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  1. Thank you. And Sansa's answer sounded like she had to stay and endure a school of life from Ramsay and LF to mature. If she had left KL with the Hound and made it through a war-torn country alive and unharmed, she wouldn't be little bird anymore just the same.
  2. Foreshadowing doesn't scream. Foreshadowing is always subtle. If Sandor says "it isn't even you anymore", why would he threaten him?
  3. I really hope you meant it as sarcasm. For me it sounded that The Hound just let it go. So no Cleganebowl
  4. My impression was that they just wanted to wrap it up quickly. It was a very cheap trick: everything happened off screen. And where was Lyanna Mormont? Why didn't she say anything? LF deserved a more spectacular end. Apparently he has whole footage, but can't see the final cut. So he provides relevant information randomly (and very conveniently)
  5. For me it looked like The Hound let it go after seeing that his brother isn't the same anymore.
  6. She married the other guy Hizdahr zo Loraq in Meeren to keep peace. The marriage was short, but in the books at least it was consummated. I don't say it proves everything, but after several years of having regular sex and not getting pregnant, Dany could have doubt in her chances to conceive.
  7. Anyway Daenaerys slept with at least 2 men since then and didn't get pregnant.
  8. Targaryen imbreeding BTW, did Tormund and Beric die???? I had to rewatch the scene, but I still don't know
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