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  1. Ashes Of Westeros

    What If The Father Of Cersei's Baby Is...BRONN?!?!

    I rather agree that Euron is the father or less likely Jaime. Bronn was Tyrion's man, Tyrion brought him to KL and promoted him. As Cersei hates everything related to Tyrion, it seems unlikely that she would hook up with Bronn. Bronn switched to Jaime's side very conveniently that is why he's still alive. And I guess he's aware of it and wouldn't take a risk.
  2. Ashes Of Westeros

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show?

    "You looked beautiful" Last 10 time Daenaerys said that she was born to rule 7 kingdoms "I believe in you" Varys or Tyrion or Jon or whoever to Dany
  3. Ashes Of Westeros

    The prevalence of godswoods and the lingering of the Old Gods

    The Eyrie used to have a weirwood. The Arryn throne is made of one.
  4. Ashes Of Westeros

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The LF's plot line was one of the most poorly written and executed. Back in 1928 critic Van Dine wrote "20 Rules For Writing Detective Stories". Many of them could be applied to other genres of fiction to some extension. The first of them states: "The reader must have equal opportunity with the detective for solving the mystery." Another one is: "The culprit must be determined by logical deductions — not by accident or coincidence or unmotivated confession." Exposing LF is almost a classic crime story. In order to find out the truth one (in this case Arya and Sansa) has to put together all the information they know and gather evidence. The main difference is that audience knows who is the murderer but the characters have to put it all together. Solving this mystery with the help of some magical power and off-screen random revelations is just a lazy writing, breaking all laws of fiction.
  5. Ashes Of Westeros

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    Good point. But he was too small when he was taken away fro Stark household, so he could have forgotten his Stark-ness.
  6. Ashes Of Westeros

    if lyana had lived

    I agree with those who say that Ned and Lyanna would have had hidden the baby under a false identity. There was no way Robert would have accepted this child out of love to Ned and Lyanna or politically. Marrying Lyanna after what has happened would be a bad idea, because she would be associated with Targaryens, no matter if she was kidnapped or went with Rhaeg willingly. Dorne would have been pissed even more if a new king would have married Lyanna the Housewrecker. I think the most likely option would have been for Robert to leave Lyanna be, though it would hurt him, and marry someone else, who would support him. Like Cersei Lannister. If Robert would still have married Lyanna their marriage would have been an unhappy one. Real Lyanna was far from Robert's image of her. She wouldn't be ok with his drinking and neglecting his royal duties and she wouldn't have gotten over him killing Rhaegar and being separated from her child. And Robert wasn't a person who could provide love and empathy.
  7. Ashes Of Westeros

    What is the role of Gendry?

    There is another ginger in Sandor's arc: Mycah. Sandor refered him as "ginger" when he was begging Arya to kill him. Remarkable, he mentioned another ginger - Sansa - in this speech too and apparently in reference to BwBB night. Both episodes weren't his brightest moments. So Sandor's relationship to ginger isn't trouble-free. But what we know (and he know too, probably) that Arya has forgiven him for Mycah, b/c she refused to kill him. And Sansa isn't angry at him for his behavior after BwBB (at least in the books, the show just didn't address it).
  8. Ashes Of Westeros

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I just rewatched this part and couldn't stop laughing. The men have been without women far too long it seems I like the idea of Gendry being Arya's disaster relief force, probably he will have the same on effect on Jon, who is known for his yolo decision making, too.
  9. Ashes Of Westeros

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    @Meera of Tarth you nailed it! If all hints were so obvious, there would be no gazillions of theories all over internet
  10. Ashes Of Westeros

    Pain is real: Physicality in Game of Thrones

    Butts are considered more provocative here than in good ol' Europe. I watch "Borgia" (the German-French-Italian version) and I can see the difference: the latter offers much more graphic depiction of sex, disease, death etc.
  11. Ashes Of Westeros

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    What is considered a hint depends on a viewer/a reader. Those who hang out at this board catch more stuff than a general audience. For many people who only watch the show R+L=J was a shocker, though it has been hinted all over the show.
  12. Ashes Of Westeros

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Interesting. What other hints on both reunions did you catch? I'm a book reader, but I haven't reread Arya's chapters for a while. And "I don like gingers" is a perfect example of Sandorspeak. No doubts. Especially that a trackable list of gingers in his life isn't long
  13. Ashes Of Westeros

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I think that Sansan could happen not because it was hinted recently, but because this was obviously avoided. Brienne refered to The Hound as "a man" when she told Sansa about Arya. Why? Sansa asked no further questions, though knowing whom her sister was traveling with is an important piece of information! And why would Brienne not tell her? The BwB doesn't go to WF, though it would be reasonable. They could come there to pledge allegiance to Jon, who wants to defend the North and join his forces. Brienne and The Hound never mentioned Sansa in their exchange. I even expected she would say "I'm here representing... a woman" So I think this reunion was deliberately postponed to s8 and would be significant. The same thing is with Arya and Gendry.
  14. Ashes Of Westeros

    Pain is real: Physicality in Game of Thrones

    Indeed. Though I think that Theon is the most believable character and acts pretty consistent with his physical and emotional suffering.
  15. Ashes Of Westeros

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I suspect Sansa won't change her wardrobe for something Margery-sque. It's winter up there But probably her fashion choices would give a signal *Bad Company's Ready for Love plays in the background*