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  1. Jon Ice-Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    Bran's scenes actually were super sad. He gave up his life to become this distant god. He cannot fall in love, or be a warrior, or even remember what it's like to WANT thise things. That is a sacrifice. That is a fucking tragedy. Also I loved him meeting Arya. Bran is now actually no one, in a manner of speaking. She got her identity back, he gave his away. It was poetic and sad.
  2. Jon Ice-Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    They took care of the ship problem. Thee was a line of dialogue. Tyrion says to Dany in Dragonstone's war room: "We still have just enough ships to get the Dothraki to the mainland." Done. For the show, this episode is actually very impressive for logistics. The Lannister army is very drawn out, as huge companies of soldiers are when marching. Recall Jaime's brief exchange with Tarly. That's how the Dothraki got the drop on them. If it were a set-piece battle, with tens of thousands of spearmen drawn up in formation several ranks deep, the unarmoured Dothraki would have been slaughtered. Dany actually did EXACTLY what works best: use her superior mobility to hit them unprepared, use the dragon to open up huge holes in their shield wall, the Dothraki charge through, and murder wildly in the chaos. When you have mobility, speed, and air superiority, this is flawless strategy. Step 2: burn the Iron Fleet. It will be a cakewalk. And put some god damned armour on!!
  3. Nothing, really. Prudes will cluck their tongues. In real life, the Catholic Church legitimizes kids born before the wedding.
  4. Jon Ice-Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    The writers are just hand-waving away logistics so that they can stack the deck against Dany. She then has to ride her dragons out and burninate lots of people. Fans get huge revenge boners. The end. Pretty much par for the course. I watch for the few great moments, like Lady Tyrell.
  5. You believe you didn't do that? LMAO!!! Holy shit! Seriously?!
  6. LMAO And interpreted it. According to your thoughts, background, desires, and so on. Right?
  7. LMAO And interpreted it. According to your thoughts, background, desires, and so on. Right?
  8. I am thinking in those terms. And so are you! Why else would you choose to frame her plot all around getting knocked up? The text in its literal sense shuts the door on all that, explicitly and with great intention. Your story labours hard to make it about babies again. Because I have had enough of sexist fantasy tropes, I CHOOSE to read the story The George laid out explicitly, which flips these tropes. You, probably not realising it, have tried to hammer the story back into those tropes. You CHOOSE to read it (tortuously) as a narrative about getting knocked up with The Chosen One. That ship sailed in AGOT. He flipped it. It's done. No competent writer would go back. That being said, I am all in favour of a lot of the other elements you've laid out here. I think that second lifing dragons will become very central to the Targ stuff, and possibly also Euron. I just see the mechanism differently.
  9. I'm not a huge Dany fan. I like her OK, and hope that her character arc gets better. But I really object to the kind of attitude that makes her a vessel. That's some retrograde shit. The story is not about her baby-maker. George put that hackneyed garbage to bed in the first book. Steering away from that -- yea, inverting it -- is precisely what makes the series worth reading.
  10. The only evidence l see is that you are taking 'Azor Ahai reborn' totally literally. Which is clearly a mistake. Almost all of those prophecies have been fulfilled by her. Which means that SHE is AAR. But The George made her barren for a good reason. She had her children: they're dragons. SHE is the hero (or possibly villain), not a god damn vessel. Reducing her to a baby maker is cliche and super fuckin sexist. That being said, the stuff about second-lifing dragons is great! Good research there. I genuinely hope that that stuff turns out to be true.
  11. Also Dany cannot bear children, and she knows that. Why would she even try? I will grant it's possible her and undead-Jon might procreate, but even that's a fan theory and a small chance at best.
  12. That may be my favourite post of all time.
  13. Jon Ice-Eyes

    Does Cersei really love Jaime?

    Umm... you realise that she gets mad because her attemt to manipulate him via a BJ failed. It's not about the sex. It's about the refusal. Him saying no to the sex act was him sticking to his guns about the whole issue. That's what was happening there. Shot yourself in the foot pretty good there. LOL But it's roughly 100% clear to everyone but you, who are clearly trolling like in every thead, that Cersei is a textbook narcissist, and a malignant one. Her version of love is very limited and not particularly worthy of the name. As for Jaime, he was bad at the start. Has a lot of traits in common with Cersei. But he is on a redemption arc -- words from GRRM's mouth -- and is shedding those at a moderate pace. He's not done yet, but getting there. Also: not super relevant.
  14. Jon Ice-Eyes

    Bowen Marsh was right to remove Jon from office.

    Aside: Radio Westeros has a great theory that Jeyne will go to Braavos and ask for the gift of death as the House of the Undying -- seeing as how she is super depressed and her life is a complete ruin. This is where Arya will step in, and acquire her face. Then Arya will become fArya. The ultimate irony! This may allow her to reconnect with her sense of self, and if she is lucky, enough of her innocence not to end up a hollow psychopath. Here's hoping.
  15. Jon Ice-Eyes

    Bowen Marsh was right to remove Jon from office.

    @cpg2016 You and @giant snake already won this thread, as I declared earlier. I just failed to resist the urge to troll a little. But no, man, you guys already dropkicked this argument in the throat. The haters are just having their rhetorical death spasms.