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  1. Jon Ice-Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    Bran's scenes actually were super sad. He gave up his life to become this distant god. He cannot fall in love, or be a warrior, or even remember what it's like to WANT thise things. That is a sacrifice. That is a fucking tragedy. Also I loved him meeting Arya. Bran is now actually no one, in a manner of speaking. She got her identity back, he gave his away. It was poetic and sad.
  2. Jon Ice-Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    They took care of the ship problem. Thee was a line of dialogue. Tyrion says to Dany in Dragonstone's war room: "We still have just enough ships to get the Dothraki to the mainland." Done. For the show, this episode is actually very impressive for logistics. The Lannister army is very drawn out, as huge companies of soldiers are when marching. Recall Jaime's brief exchange with Tarly. That's how the Dothraki got the drop on them. If it were a set-piece battle, with tens of thousands of spearmen drawn up in formation several ranks deep, the unarmoured Dothraki would have been slaughtered. Dany actually did EXACTLY what works best: use her superior mobility to hit them unprepared, use the dragon to open up huge holes in their shield wall, the Dothraki charge through, and murder wildly in the chaos. When you have mobility, speed, and air superiority, this is flawless strategy. Step 2: burn the Iron Fleet. It will be a cakewalk. And put some god damned armour on!!
  3. Jon Ice-Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    The writers are just hand-waving away logistics so that they can stack the deck against Dany. She then has to ride her dragons out and burninate lots of people. Fans get huge revenge boners. The end. Pretty much par for the course. I watch for the few great moments, like Lady Tyrell.
  4. That may be my favourite post of all time.
  5. My dirty secret? I find GRRM's prose mind-numbing. I LOVE the story, and even all the literary references, homages, symbolism, etc. He is a great storyteller. But all of that goes over my head, as my eyes glaze over with his endless descriptions of pointless shit and piles of useless adjectives. I want to do a reread, find some of the literary genius hidden in there... but the idea of wading through hundreds of wasted pages makes me cringe. I can't bring myself to do it.