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  1. A_Man_Is_No_One

    Do you think any Freys will survive?

    There's simply too many for them all to die, whoever is the Lord of the Twins at the end of the series will likely bend the knee to whoever is on the Iron Throne and the house will survive.
  2. A_Man_Is_No_One

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Not sure if someone said this already, I haven't been through all the replies but Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons It could apply to multiple characters, mostly Starks such as Ned, Robb and Jon. However lots of Mumford & Sons songs remind me of ASOIAF and it's characters.) Believe (Davos, Stannis, Sansa, basically any character that isn't sure of what they believe or who they are.) Hopeless Wanderer (Arya, The Hound, Tyrion, any character that feels hopeless, or that they don't belong, and wanders.) Little Lion Man (Tyrion, basically the perfect song for him. Could apply to Jaime as well.) Winter Winds (Jon, Sam, Robb, characters in the North who struggle with love and the circumstances like Jon and Sam being in the Night's Watch and loving wildlings and Robb being already betrothed to another woman.) Liar (Theon, Tyrion, characters who are seen as cowards and liars.) Lovers Eyes (Jon, Sam, Robb, same as Winter Winds basically. Characters who are in love and struggle with it.) Sigh No More (Cersei & Jaime, Jon & Ygritte, couples whose love brings out the best in each others lives.) Timshel (Jon & Sam, Bran & Meera, strong friendships.)