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    Do you think any Freys will survive?

    There's simply too many for them all to die, whoever is the Lord of the Twins at the end of the series will likely bend the knee to whoever is on the Iron Throne and the house will survive.
  2. A_Man_Is_No_One

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Not sure if someone said this already, I haven't been through all the replies but Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons It could apply to multiple characters, mostly Starks such as Ned, Robb and Jon. However lots of Mumford & Sons songs remind me of ASOIAF and it's characters.) Believe (Davos, Stannis, Sansa, basically any character that isn't sure of what they believe or who they are.) Hopeless Wanderer (Arya, The Hound, Tyrion, any character that feels hopeless, or that they don't belong, and wanders.) Little Lion Man (Tyrion, basically the perfect song for him. Could apply to Jaime as well.) Winter Winds (Jon, Sam, Robb, characters in the North who struggle with love and the circumstances like Jon and Sam being in the Night's Watch and loving wildlings and Robb being already betrothed to another woman.) Liar (Theon, Tyrion, characters who are seen as cowards and liars.) Lovers Eyes (Jon, Sam, Robb, same as Winter Winds basically. Characters who are in love and struggle with it.) Sigh No More (Cersei & Jaime, Jon & Ygritte, couples whose love brings out the best in each others lives.) Timshel (Jon & Sam, Bran & Meera, strong friendships.)
  3. A_Man_Is_No_One

    Who Will Survive The Series?

    Almost my opinion exactly, well said.
  4. A_Man_Is_No_One

    Who Will Survive The Series?

    Who do you guys think will survive the entire series? I have my list of every prominent character below and whether I think they will survive or not. TYRION LANNISTER: SURVIVE. I feel he'll most likely survive and continue serving as Dany's Hand unless she turns into a Mad Queen. JAIME LANNISTER: DEAD. I believe he will kill Cersei and then be killed by the wildfire she may use to destroy the city. If he survives Dany's attack I feel he still will die in the final battle against the White Walkers, possibly sacrificing himself. CERSEI LANNISTER: DEAD. I don't think she's even going to make it out of Season 7. She's most likely going to be killed by Jaime during Dany's attack on King's Landing to fulfill the prophecy. DAENERYS TARGARYEN: SURVIVE. I don't believe she will turn into the Mad Queen so she'll most likely survive and rule whatever's left of Westeros after the final WW battle. If she does turn into the Mad Queen I see her possibly being killed by Jon or Arya. JON SNOW: SURVIVE. I see him leading the defense in the final WW battle, surviving, and remaining the King of the North. If Daenerys goes Mad Queen I could see him killing her and ending up becoming the King of The Seven Kingdoms. PETYR BAELISH: DEAD. I see him being killed by Sansa once whatever plan he has is set into motion. He obviously wants to be King and I don't see him accomplishing that goal, and he won't quit so I see the only other outcome being his death, as I said most likely at the hands of Sansa or possibly Jon. DAVOS SEAWORTH: SURVIVE. I see him being one of Jon's "generals" in the final WW battle and surviving. He could die during the battle, but I feel its more likely that if any of Jon's generals die it's Tormund. MELISANDRE: DEAD. Her death is something I'm positive will happen but just really unsure how it will happen. I could see her sacrificing herself to help defeat the Walkers but I could also see her becoming a Walker, possibly The Night Queen? ELLARIA SAND and THE SAND SNAKES: DEAD. I'm grouping them together because I feel they will all die. They are pretty pointless from here on out and I don't see them surviving past Season 7. SANSA STARK: SURVIVE. I feel the remaining Starks will survive. I see her possibly becoming Queen of the North if Jon becomes the King of the Seven Kingdoms but I do not see them getting married. MISSANDEI: SURVIVE. I don't really see a point in killing her off other than just another random death in a battle. She's not really important enough to have a big death but I could maybe see if she does die that her death is one of the things that could further push Dany down the path to being the Mad Queen. However I don't think that will happen so I see her surviving. ARYA STARK: SURVIVE. I really don't know what their going to do with her because I don't feel like she'll kill Cersei or The Mountain. But I can't see her dying either. VARYS: SURVIVE. I don't see anything huge happening with him during these next two seasons but he could possibly be a big help in forming some diplomatic alliances, along with Tyrion. Regardless I see him surviving. THE HOUND: DEAD. I don't see much of a point to bring him back, even though I love his character. I see him sticking with the BWB and reuniting with Arya and then possibly dying in the final battle, most likely sacrificing himself to save Arya or maybe Sansa. TORMUND: DEAD. I see him as another one of Jon's "generals" during the final battle. I see him maybe leading the ground defense/attack and being killed while fighting. His death would be hard for Jon and some prominent characters do have to die in the fight. BRAN STARK: SURVIVE. I don't really know what they're going to do with his character but I see him warging into a dragon for the final battle, he wouldn't be actually fighting himself obviously so I doubt he will be killed by the WW. SAMWELL TARLY: SURVIVE. I feel like a lot of these characters could easily die towards the end but I just can't really see it happening for a lot of them. I see Sam finding something very important in the Citadel, something that will help the living in the final battle very significantly. Other than that I don't see him actually fighting in the battle so he'll most likely survive and serve as Jon's maester, whether he's King of the North or Seven Kingdoms. DAARIO NAHARIS: SURVIVE. We probably won't see him again so he'll likely survive. THEON GREYJOY: SURVIVE. I see Yara dying and this forcing Theon to take control of the Iron Islands. However I believe that only one Greyjoy will survive so Theon could easily be the one who dies, however I feel like he should do something that he feels makes up for his past actions before he does die. BRONN: SURVIVE. I don't see him being just another random death in the final battle so I feel he'll survive. JAQEN H'GHAR: DEAD. Whatever they decide to do with his character come the end I feel he will die. I'm not caught up on the books but I believe he ends up in the Citadel? Maybe he helps Sam find something, still I don't see him surviving. BRIENNE OF TARTH: DEAD. I feel like The Hound, she could possibly die saving Sansa or Arya or both. Her character is very much focused on honor and duty and her pledge to Catelyn would be her undoing. However I could see her surviving and continuing to serve Sansa. GILLY: SURVIVE. I don't really see her or her baby being killed so I think their safe. JORAH MORMONT: DEAD. A tragic character that has a tragic death. I feel he will die protecting Dany, I don't really see him staying with her and watching her get married and live out her life with someone else. GENDRY: SURVIVE. I don't know if they'll even show him again but I don't see him popping up after all this time only to die immediately. ROBIN ARRYN: DEAD. Littlefinger's plan, whatever it is, will most likely involve Robin dying. YARA GREYJOY: DEAD. As I said, I see her dying so Theon will rule. However I could also see Theon dying and her becoming Queen of the Iron Islands. EURON GREYJOY: DEAD. Obviously he isn't going to defeat Dany but I could see him being responsible for Theon or Yara's death. Either way he will die during his attack or shortly after. THE MOUNTAIN: DEAD. He's pretty much dead already and I don't see him surviving Dany's attack on KL. If he and Cersei somehow survive and go North I could see him being killed by his brother but I doubt he'll even make it out of King's Landing. MEERA REED: SURVIVE. I see her staying with Bran till the end and possibly ending up with him? If Bran dies then I feel she will too however. GREY WORM: DEAD. I see him dying during the attack on KL because someones gotta die and is he really that important? OLENNA TYRELL: DEAD. Whether it be old age or Cersei, I don't see her surviving even past Season 7. PODRICK PAYNE: SURVIVE. I feel like he'll survive even if Brienne doesn't. Maybe he'll get Sansa or Arya to safety after Brienne has fallen. BERIC DONDARRION and THOROS OF MYR: DEAD. I could see them possibly trying to attack the WW and all being killed before the final battle even happens. Even if they fight in the final battle I don't see them or any of the BWB surviving. QYBURN: DEAD. I don't see him making it out of Dany's attack on KL. DOLOROUS EDD: SURVIVE. He is Lord Commander now as far as we know and if he dies who is gonna take his place? I see him leading the Night's Watch in the final battle and surviving. BENJEN STARK: DEAD. He can't pass through the Wall so he'll likely be one of the first to die in the final battle, if he even lives that long. THE NIGHT KING: DEAD. Obviously he'll be killed to end the final battle, most likely by Jon. DROGON: SURVIVE: I see Drogon being the only dragon who survives RHAEGAL and VISERION: DEAD. Somehow they'll both be killed, one maybe by Euron and the other by the Walkers. GHOST: DEAD. I see Ghost dying to protect Jon. And that's my list. I know it's really long but that's pretty much all my thoughts. Thanks for reading.