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  1. "I can eat glass. It does not hurt me." (http://www.icaneatglass.com/)
  2. [quote name='Adelle Tully' post='1614414' date='Dec 10 2008, 04.36']We'll eventually run polls to see which suggestions come out as the most popular. This will enable D&D to see what *most* of the viewers are after in the roles.[/quote] I don't think that polls would be a useful use of time. Contrariwise, I imagine that your project of indexing and cataloging the suggestions that have been made [u]is [/u]very helpful to the producers and their casting directors.
  3. [quote name='The Blackfish' post='1589134' date='Nov 14 2008, 12.08']You also could do much worse with Sean Bean as Ned Stark. His looks, while spot on for the character, are secondary to his ability.[/quote] You really think that Sean Bean wants to be typecast as "Noble-swordsman-who-dies-toward-the-beginning-of-the-story?" Been there, done that.
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