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  1. Stormking902

    Hardhome theories?

    Thank you, I hope this topic generates a lot of talk around Hardhome as well I find it one of Asoiaf greatest mysteries one that I cant wait to figure out. One more theory is could the WW live in the caves around Hardhome? Is Hardhome a base of sorts?.
  2. Stormking902

    Hardhome theories?

    Whats your best theory on Hardhome? Was it a Valaryian outpost thousands of years ago? Are there dragons present? Why was it abandoned? Could it be a future seat of house Giants Bane? ETC......
  3. Stormking902

    Let's congratulate GRRM on his 70th birthday, yay!

    Lets NOT, we dont want any more distractions for the great GRRM a decade a book is long enough, soon I'll be passing the series on to my grandchildren and I started this series when I was 18..........
  4. Stormking902

    How was Tywin’s going to handle the “Joff Problem”

    I honestly think Tywin and the Tyrells were involved in Joffs murder, Tywin knew Danny was in the East and that she had dragons and an army so eventually she would cross the narrow sea, sure he played it off like it was no big deal but it most certainly was. If Joff was king lords would be flocking to Dannys banners as soon as she landed, Joff was sick and probably would miss treat Margery Tyrell and Ser Loras loves his sister very much would not sit around and watch Joff humiliate or hurt her in anyway. The Tyrells would be enemys in no time.
  5. Stormking902

    Forgive one of the following?

    Jamie pushed Bran for numerous reasons the main one being to save himself and Cersie BUT, if Robert found out about him and Cersie it would be the end of house Lannister. Robert would kill Jamie, Cersie, Tyrion, The three children would either be killed or sent to the wall and silent sisters. Robert would turn into the beast of the trident and demand Tywins head or else he would destroy the Westerlands which if Tywin refused would be the end of the Lannisters 100%. Tyrells would love to help Robert and they so happen to have a beautiful bride to replace Cersie as well. Tywins bannerman would leave him because winning a war against the rest of Westeros would be impossible.
  6. Stormking902

    Robb Stark

    Edmure performed during his wedding night, we all have got way to drunk and our floppy fish doesnt work to well cut the guy some slack lol.
  7. Stormking902

    Samwell and euron

    The Manderlys have an interest in the Reach in the form of Dustonbury the orignal seat of house Manderly that rests right off the Mander which the IB are going to use to attack the Reach. The New Castle in Whiteharbour was built to resemble Dustonbury castle so its obvious the Manderlys still hold it dear to there heart. House Peake currently hold it but are weak what if Manderly sails his fleet to assist the Tyrells OR (F)Aegon who the Reach have sided with in defeating the IB with Dustonbury the Manderlys price. Im just throwing out ideas is all.
  8. Stormking902

    Question about the Red Wedidng

    Ok thank you that makes a lot more sense if he wasnt in the great hall with Robb otherwise it looks stupid that the biggest guy in the room who is also trying to kill Freys survives lol.
  9. I find it odd Roose has a friend in the Vale in the Redforts, any ideas how they became friends? Any connections between the FORT in dreadFORT or RedFORT? Roose seems like the type to wanna raise an heir in the North and not the honourable Vale like shit look what it did to Ned AND Domeric sounds like a kind lad which obviously he got by being raised in the Vale and NOT by Roose.
  10. Whar are you smoking? House Tully are house Freys LIEGE lord, they owe them loyalty because it is there duty they SWORE an OATH to house Tully to send troops when ever the Tullys call, the fact the Tullys are fighting against the Crown is grounds to perhaps stay neutral fine BUT to not allow Robb and his army through the Twins to relieve the siege of RR is Treason to the fullest and they deserve the sword. The laughing Storm revolted against the Crown by himself no help and his bannerman still followed him why? Because he is there LIEGE lord and there first duty is to him. Thats how fuedal society works ... Robb was the Karstarks King yet when there lord was killed they left Robb because lord Karstark is who there first alegiance lies then Robb. When Alexander the great killed some of his lords for treason he had to march on his own army to insure there loyalty and take hostages. Hoster has been making fun of Walder for decades for good reason, Walder is a coward and an Oath breaker and doesnt deserve to be a lord as far as Hoster is concerned.
  11. Dead Lannisters is what Robb wants more then anything tho lol, it is his whole reason for continuing the war after Neds murder. I hear ya on Stannis though, BUT the gospel on this forum that Stannis is unyielding/Iron etc is an old assement of his character and he actually has "bent" quite a bit.
  12. I dont remember Lady Stark suggesting giving up and going home to mourn and prepare for winter but if she did Robb should have chosen that option in hind sight. BUT in Robbs shoes I would have humblely declined Great Jons and others chants of KITN and reminded them Ned Stark his father would have supported Stannis the rightful king of Westeros, then immediatly linked up with Stannis shadow baby Renly the Reach might even stay with Stannis if he can set aside selyse for Margery.
  13. Stormking902

    Question about the Red Wedidng

    Thing that bothers me about the RW they murder numerous Northern lords including Darcey Mormont and lil Jon Umber and Manderlys son but they spare the Great Jon who I believe even managed to kill a Frey with a fork or bite an ear off I cant remember. Why spare him but not Darcey? Is it because GJ is the actual lord of Last Hearth or what?
  14. Stormking902

    Does Roose love Ramsay ?

    Cats fear is DUMB, she has 5 true born children for F sakes, one of them is 15 and handsom whos obviously gonna get married sooner or later and produce even more heirs. Killing Domeric does what exactly for Ramsey? At this point Ramsey isnt an acknoweleged bastard like Jon Roose has hidden the fact from the public so why would killing Domeric help him? It would do the opposite you would think lol Roose knows Ramsey killed Domeric because who else could have or would have reason to? So Ramsey commited Westeros greatest crime in the form of kin slaying and usually would have had his head removed but Roose is a sick son of B so he instead rewards his bastard.
  15. Stormking902

    Does Roose love Ramsay ?

    Im one of the very few people who believe Ramsey is innocent of killing Domeric, why would he? His brother seeks him out and is actually intetested in his well being when before he had absolutly noone besides reek. Ramsey has NO way whats so ever of knowing killing Domeric makes Roose bring him to the dreadfort. Roose is young and can re-marry at any point and produce more legit heird, killing your only way into the family that turned its back on you seems stupid and un needed.