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  1. Stormking902

    Who builds better ships?

    Ibbanese are said to have very strong ships and the Summer Islands have very mordern ships in comparison to the rest of the world. Although IMO Bravvos has the strongest FLEET in the world.
  2. Stormking902

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    I agree Stannis only left a token force behind to hold Dragonstone, and they still killed 1000 Lannister men which in feudal times is a HUGE loss. So much a loss that IMO Loras failed because sacrificing 1000 good men for a meaningless castle was foolish.
  3. Stormking902

    Is House Martell underestimated?

    Dorans plan is awesome if he keeps waiting, Tywin and Kevin are dead, Cersie will kill herself because she made to many enemies to count, Jamie will probably die doing something heroic, and Tommon and Myrcella are destined to die sooooooo in hindsight sitting back doing nothing was the best move lol. Devan Lannister is still kicking around sure but he is innocent in the crimes against Dorans family.
  4. Stormking902

    The North does not need the Other Regions

    Ummm providing an army to defeat the WW invasion?. The Northerners do not have the man power or (Dragons) or (Dragon glass) all of which are South (Essos and Dragonstone) to defeat the Others by themselves.
  5. Stormking902

    The North does not need the Other Regions

    The North absolutely does NOT need the rest of Westeros to survive under normal conditions and by normal conditions I mean no WW invasion plot. If the North is going to survive in today's environment they need the rest of Westeros to survive or they are toast.
  6. Stormking902

    Armored Giants

    IMO a Giant arrow hitting the dragons wing while flying would be fatal when the Dragon fell to the earth at high speed, also Danny's Dragons are not full grown so a giant arrow hitting them anywhere again IMO would at least hurt them quite badly although maybe not fatally.
  7. Stormking902

    Robb and the Hornwood crises

    If I was Robb I would hold the Hornwood lands until Rickon was of age to marry Manderlys granddaughter then I would give the lands to Rickon. Forming a new house Stark of Hornwood.
  8. Stormking902

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Fair enough
  9. Stormking902

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Pssshhh who uses facts on this forum.........
  10. Stormking902

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    I know that Harrenhal is close to the gods eyes the person I quoted said it was built ON the gods eye and I said it was NOT which is true, if you look at the map of where Harrenhal is compared to the Gods eye it appears to be around 25 miles away give or take a few miles. Just because the Tourney lord whent held was close to the Lake doesnt mean Harrenhal IS, 20 Miles is what a days ride so what? It saves Whent money by having a fresh source of water to give his guests rather then use his own.
  11. Stormking902

    What was wrong with Maegor’s private’s?

    Because some men are incapable of having children..... Even with today's technology some men STILL can't have children. Also it is heavily hinted that Visenya used dark magic to conceive Maegor which as impacted his ability to have healthy children.
  12. Stormking902

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Harrenhal isnt built on the gods eye, they are actually like 25 miles or more away from it.
  13. Stormking902

    Robb and the Hornwood crises

    I would legitimize the Hornwood bastard, with no Hornwood heir and his father claiming him as his own it also seemed he was grooming him to be his heir so I choose Larence Snow.
  14. Stormking902

    Sweet Robin and Sansa will be LF doom!!

    I hate Sansa so much litterally my least fav character with a POV, but still I cant see her trying to kill SR just doesnt seem like SANSA to me.
  15. Stormking902

    Sweet Robin and Sansa will be LF doom!!

    Yohn Royce doesnt want to use Sansa for anything......... Ned Stark was a good friend of his and id bet my last dollar he would protect her because he is honour bound to do so and honour to house Royce of Runestone actually means something. Sansa will find out about LF some way or another and she already probably suspects he wants SR dead who is her last known family she has .... She is going to protect SR. She knows LF isnt what he says he is she just doesnt have any other options atm.