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  1. Stormking902

    What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

    Aerys killing Jons nephew was well insane and then he murdered a few innocent Vale and Riverland nobles to top it off...??? The fact Jon had some resistence to his rebellion confuses me as well since both house Arryn and Royce lost kin so two of the most powerful houses in the Vale and the lords of Gull town decide to chose team Targaryan? He didnt realise he was surrounded.
  2. Stormking902

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Olyvar failed his king, and will die in the WOW trying to help the Stark cause in some way shape or form.
  3. Stormking902

    What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

    If Tywin decided to join early he would NEED exactly what he got by not joining until the last minute and thats Cersie to marry who ever sits the Iron throne in the end whether its Rhegar or Robert or Viserys it doesnt matter as long as every lord present agrees the Queen is Cersie. To bind house Lannister to the rebels cause a wedding between Lancel and lady Lysa Tully would suffice as long as Lancel is raised to a lord of a decent status and a castle which im sure wouldnt be hard, hell Tywin has enough money he could build a new castle if he dahm well wanted to. If I was Jon Arryn id ask for a few Lannister wards(hostages) to further deter betrayal maybe Devann Lannister and a few BIG Lannisters bannermans sons marry Riverlanders and Northerners. Jamie is tortured to death of course but oh well its not like Jamie is his only heir LOL......
  4. Stormking902

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    I agree Neds faults stem from him not wanting to ever break up his family including Jon, Ned obviously loves Jon as his own and treats him the same as his other children allowing him a spot at the table and to train with Robb and Theon everyday.
  5. Stormking902

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    He intended to bring Mya Stone to kings landing to be raised in his house hold but Cersie interfeared and threatned the girls life which Robert knew she was dead serious and left her in the Vale.
  6. Stormking902

    If Danny truly wants a Targaryan dynasty!

    (F)Aegon is her heir and his children with a second wife or paramour would be his heir, Danny needs to be practical a king or queen with no heirs is very dangerous and in most cases means an end to that dynasty. Danny would still be the childs mother just not biologically although they would still share the same blood if (f)Aegon is suppose to be Aegon. The Targaryans were successful because to the public they were above every other Great house no other house in Westeros could have successfully united ALL of Westeros but a foreign Valaryon dragonlord family.
  7. Stormking902

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Balon was already planning on attacking the North before he even knew Theon was back, he wanted Theon dead so he couldn't interfere with Asha Greyjoys ascension to the throne. Theon is a green lander and he knows it and wants a real Iron born to rule.
  8. As soon as she hears of (F)Aegon she will seek him out and offer her hand in mariage and her army to assist him in reclaiming Westeros on the condition she holds the power until her death and then (F)Aegon will hold the actual power of a king not just in name. She thinks she is barron, the Targs cant survive without (F)Aegon. Even if she suspects he might be fake does it really matter if he is a good man and is furthering the Targaryan dynasty?. Valaryan features is the most important aspect which (F)Aegon had in aces.
  9. Stormking902

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Its not just the North who hate the Freys everyone does..... The nobility of Westeros already look down on the Freys for being so "young" in comparison to the other houses of Westeros, now they all hate them because they broke guest right which is the 2nd WORST crime in Westeros behind Kinslaying. The Freys really screwed themselves because the mariage offers in the future are gonna be near non existent unless the house they are negotiating marriage arrangements with are poor as dirt and need the Freys wealth. Also if the Freys ever find themselves in another war no enemy will ever negotiate with them or they would be fools, so you better hope you WIN your next conflict which with everyone hating you allies will be few and far between.
  10. Stormking902

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    I like this theory honestly not THAT crazy....... I believe it is someone important to the story line perhaps the original nights king who was betrayed by the others and now wants to help the watch and redeem some honour. The Stark LC from long ago? Oslin Stark was it? I cant remember and be bothered to check.
  11. Stormking902

    What if! Catelyn-Rickard Marriage.

    Why would Cat hate lord Rickard? He has done nothing but lose two sons protecting her son Robb. She knows he hates here yes but she shouldnt feel it back in the least.
  12. Stormking902

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    Drogo was 100% going to install his and Dannys son as the next Khal of Khals as long as the gods willed it. Mance on the other hand had a lot more to worry about with the WW threat then trying to change thousands of years of tradition.
  13. Stormking902

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    An even better question is what is there to like about Sansa Stark? Shes litterally one of the most boring characters in asoiaf. Also shes a traitor to her family and should be sacrificed to the nearest heart tree.
  14. Stormking902

    Tullies are Bastards

    I think Hoster and Ser Brynden didnt get along because Ser Brynden was gay and refused to marry a woman of high value to house Tully, the Redwyns are easily one of the richest and most powerful familys in Westeros. Hoster on his death bed realised he was in error and it cost him his relationship with his brother.
  15. So almost any noble woman....... lol Robert is king, kings do what they want most woman would never dare cheat on their lord husband let alone their King husband ahah.