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  1. Tywin doesnt care about Tyrion at all only that Tyrion is a Lannister, Tywin seen the kidnapping of Tyrion as an insult to house Lannister and we all know how Tywin deals with insults to house Lannister.........
  2. Gregor not evil?? This is a man who gets his jollys from rape and murder, who burned his brothers face HORRIBLY because he was useing his toy, a man who litterally destroys entire villages for kicks. Yet his headachs gives him an excuse? NO the man is evil plain and simple.
  3. Edmure and Robb are both GREEN as the grass and it shows during the war especially Edmure allowing his bannerman to return to their lands with the army he so badly needed. Lands can be retaken after the war is cemented.
  4. I mean do you really NEED those skills to sail off and never be heard from again lol?
  5. EXACTLY this is what I been saying ........ Why trust Tyrion? Also IMO the random stocks of wildfire going off were traps in which Danny saved some of her troops from a green fiery death. Cersie is the type to surrender but not really lol.
  6. Episode WAY to dark it was litterally hard to watch the whole episode lol ARYA kills the NK really? Arya? NK can eat dragon fire to the face ? K what? A being of ice cannot be harmed by dragon fire? Danny landing her dragon and allowing it to be stabbed dozens upon dozens of times. Jamie is an elite fighter again apparently....... Arya @ 100 pounds is a wight killing machine battle made no sense in so many ways lol Overall though a solid 8/10
  7. Cersie, Nymeria who by the way I named my daughter, Theon Greyjoy, Brynden "BLACKFISH" Tully, Ser Lyonell the "laughing storm" Baratheon, Bronze Yohn Royce, Ygrittie, Tormund Giantsbane, Ser Cedric Diggory..... Wait wrong book lol.
  8. North: Great Jon/ Mance Rayder Iron Islands: The unsmiling guy and the Harlaw who holds one of the shield Islands currently. Riverlands: Hosteen Frey/ Black Walder maybe Ser Tytos Blackwood ? Vale: Bronze Yohn and Ser Lyn Corbray Reach: Ser Garlan Tyrell Stormlands: Balon Swann perhaps? And the bastard of nightsong. Westerlands: Jamie and Ser lyle Crackhall and the Cleagane brothers. Dorne: Oberyn and perhaps Darkstar? Essos: Grey worm and Dario
  9. North: Bran Stark with Rickon as his heir Riverlands: Ser Edmure Tully the fighting fish. Vale: Bronze Yohn Royce Reach: N/A house Tyrell will be extinct though. Westerlands: Ser Devann Lannister Dorne: Trystane Iron Islands: Asha IRON THRONE: Jon the white wolf
  10. You think the faith arnt doing the same thing Ser Loras and Renly are doing accept worse?.
  11. Ibbanese are said to have very strong ships and the Summer Islands have very mordern ships in comparison to the rest of the world. Although IMO Bravvos has the strongest FLEET in the world.
  12. The Targaryans had both a sept of the seven and a place with a heart tree firstmen could go to prey long before Aegons invasion suggesting they most certainly did not have slaves, not to mention it would upset the nobility of Westeros for no reason but with dragons in your possession did it really matter?.
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