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  1. I agree Roberts plan was to basically force Ned into the position, it takes a lot of time and money for the Royal court to travel all the way up North and to say no would be a great dishonour towards Robert.
  2. Stormking902

    Favorite Bannermen by region and why

    North - Bolton they are creepy and very deadly I appreciate a good torture for fun type. Riverlands - Darry they are extremly loyal to the Targs and I appreciate that in a bannermen. Vale - Royce of Runestone, Robar Royce was a legend beyound measure and Yohn us awesome as well, I forget the name of Yohns 3rd son but he was one brave mother sucker. Westerlands - Lannisters I enjoy every Lannister accept Cersie but she isnt exactly written to be liked either. The Lannister king who dressed in womans garments is hilarious lol. Crown Lands - Valaryons because they are bad ass and control a powerful fleet. Reach - Hightowers because they are epic and on even strength with house Tyrell and Lannister maybe even surpassing both in wealth. Dorne - Martells because they are very proud and take care of there family even when there bastards.
  3. Stormking902

    What if Robert made Catelyn his Hand and Ned stayed in Winterfell?

    lol why would Robert make basically a stranger hand of the King ? but she would have done better then Ned for sure and LF would be there to help her along lol. She also wouldnt explore twincest because frankly she doesnt care enough, she would be an able hand and bring a humble feel to the throne long needed.
  4. Me lol and I dont read about history often, and Tyrion is said to have been facinated by dragons and the Targaryans because they could ride dragons.
  5. The way I read it is that Tyrion didnt know at all who Aemon was which is strange because Tyrion would have read a LOT about the Targs.
  6. Stormking902

    What if Rhaegar fell in love with Robert and kidnapped him?

    Someone needs to show GRRM what waiting near a decade for the next book has done to us, we come to a point where we are shipping Rhegar and Bobby B ahahahah.
  7. It would be a completly different story .......... Dahm I went all Dorian Martell, perhaps (and I never thought Id say this) hes right it is to much lol. But to answer OP Stannis would support Renly and do his duty as Stannis has always done, NO shadow baby means Renly sits back and watches KL starve quite litterally blockade by land and sea and when the smallfolk riot Renly comes and "saves" the city lol. Robb eventually bends the knee because Renly is unstopable with the full might of The Reach, Stormlands and Crownlands. Sansa and Arya probably are murdered by Cersies orders when Renly "saves" the city. Tywin bends the knee eventually after giving up Lannister hostages in exchange for keeping his head.
  8. Stormking902

    Winter wars of the past?

    Jesus dude lol
  9. Robert is IMO the greatest warrior we have seen in the MAD KING era, Ser Arthur is more gifted BUT in a battle scenario Roberts warhammer is a lot more practical and he was a surgeon with it lol. 1 on 1 vs Dayne faught three times Dayne wins 2/3.
  10. Stormking902

    Winter wars of the past?

    Dahm Southies
  11. Stormking902

    Winter wars of the past?

    Didnt lord Rickard take the kings road when summoned by Aerys? If it was Winter wouldnt transport via Whitesharbour be the more practical route.
  12. Stormking902

    Winter wars of the past?

    Your points about a winter siege are valid, my point is that during winter the castle you have under siege cant get reinforcments from an ally AND most castles are not huge like WF, Eryie, Storms End, etc the grainery of a smaller castle last 1 to 2 years and these castles store food outside the castle as well. Just because its Winter doesnt mean you stay behind your walls untill spring. Like I said though you are correct and im wrong a more effective siege would be outside of winter.
  13. Stormking902

    Question regarding Mad King !!

    Aerys wasnt even tortured at Duskendale was he? As far as I know he was taken hostage and locked up in Duskendales cold cells, It makes no sense to turture the King AT ALL but I suppose detaining the king is dumb as F as well lol.
  14. Stormking902

    Winter wars of the past?

    Yea I ment in Asoiaf, I find it odd that there are 6 years of winter and no wars to speak of. Surely a king of old would have an idea of surprising his enemy in year 3 of winter for example, a siege in winter would be triple as effective IMO.