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  1. Stormking902

    Is Asha pregnant?

    If its a boy Euron would kill it 100% but also for the baby to survive full term in the environment asha is in would be difficult especially since Asha herself may not make it out alive lol.
  2. Stormking902

    Why did Walder Frey allow Edmure Tully to touch Roslin Frey?

    Isnt it rather obvious ? lol the Freys hold on Riverrunn is weak very weak and can change with any new king or if at the time Tywin changed his mind or the Riverlords rebel in the future with an actual Tully the Freys hold is more solid.
  3. To revert Westeros to a pre Targ state is a huge step BACKWARDS...... Westeros needs to be united under ONE banner NOT one house, and what I mean by this is Westetos needs a country flag that all people can gladly fly above there keeps and a true election needs to occur where positions at court are up for grabs.
  4. Stormking902

    Robert Screwed Up After The Greyjoy Rebellion

    IMO Robert already accomplished his goals when it came to the rebellion A) The Iron born were defeated rather QUICKLY. They defeated the strongest castle the IB had atm. C) Robert proves that a rebellion against him is foolish and will cost you a few sons and the respect of your bannerman. D) Robert didnt even need to call 1/4 of his strength to defeat an enemy which caused Westeros greif for thosands of years.
  5. Stormking902

    Time for the Vale to enter the fray....

    IMO Baelish does not have much time left on this earth and Sansa will be his downfall after she learns of his involvment in Neds death, I think Bran helps her see this via vision form while she preys at a weirwood. I think she uses her lady bits on sweet Robin and becomes his guardian due to being the only family he has left, and with Yohn Royce help they March on WF where they find it already in control of Jon Snow. Then they fight the WW and blah blah.
  6. Did anyone actually have THE time to read this ?
  7. Stormking902

    Ironborn appreciation

    The IB have always fascinated me along with Vikings whom they are losly based on, the fact that they have been able to keep there faith and way of life against an enemy religion as strong as the 7 speaks volumes about how strong and determined they can be.
  8. Stormking902

    The High Sparrow's Plan

    A lot of you believe the HS is only about worshiping the gods ...... That is FALSE he cares about the gods but he also has a political scheme in mind which will allow HIM to gain more power not only just the faith. I also believe IMO he hates the nobility of Westeros and is really interested in breaking the wheel of oppression to the smallfolk.
  9. Stormking902

    Life at Casterly Rock?!

    What really interests me about CR is the raw sewage system they developed I'm curious how long/far these tunnels of shit go and how exactly Tyrion will use them to take CR in the next book.
  10. Stormking902

    Life at Casterly Rock?!

    Even today people use rock ovens and fireplaces and the ovens make your food taste better then conventional ovens to boot, to deal with the smoke im sure they used tools to make a hole/tunnel for the smoke to escape leading up through the stone. If they have the tools to mine gold they have the tools to create a ventilation system.
  11. Yes I do remember Stannis claiming Mace took the credit but Mace himself never claims such a thing and every noble who mentions RR or the battle of Ashford ALWAYS gives lord Tarly his credit and not Mace. Only thing Mace is known for is holding SE under siege and being kind of an idiot.
  12. Stormking902

    Victarion GreyJoy is a Jerk

    Why does Vic deserve it? Hes loyal as FUCK to his family, a great leader and warrior who has the respect of his men. Vic cant help that hes Ironborn and raised with different values and beliefs then say good ol Ned Stark. The way he treats the dusky woman is horrible but he treats her this way because she was a gift from Euron.
  13. Mace never takes credit for Ashford...... Also litterally every lord in Westeros knows Randyll Tarly was in command of the VAN that defeated Robert. Also in Mace defense he chose Randyll to lead the Van instead of numerous lords he could have chose from or himself.
  14. Stormking902

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Numerous reasons the main one being why would he? Aemon is VERY old and is bound my honour and duty to the Nightswatch where he already gave up his claim to the throne. Also Ned wouldnt allow Robert to do such a thing so Robert would have to fight the NW and the North for killing an old man who has NO claim whats so ever to Roberts throne.
  15. Stormking902

    Best fighters in each region

    North: Great Jon/ Mance Rayder Iron Islands: The unsmiling guy and the Harlaw who holds one of the shield Islands currently. Riverlands: Hosteen Frey/ Black Walder maybe Ser Tytos Blackwood ? Vale: Bronze Yohn and Ser Lyn Corbray Reach: Ser Garlan Tyrell Stormlands: Balon Swann perhaps? And the bastard of nightsong. Westerlands: Jamie and Ser lyle Crackhall and the Cleagane brothers. Dorne: Oberyn and perhaps Darkstar? Essos: Grey worm and Dario