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  1. Nothing. There would be some other reason for wyman to meet with Davos and the story would carry on as written
  2. IF they were captured littlefinger would have sent more men and freed them so the story would continue as written
  3. https://www.cnet.com/news/fans-roast-george-rr-martin-over-winds-of-winter-imprisonment-date/
  4. Ned is Jon's dad, who raised him as his own. Lyanna is Jon's mother and Rheagar is Jon's biological father. We were told this several years ago. it's time to deal with it. The news wasn't delivered in the medium we were hoping for, but it was delivered. move on from the tinfoil
  5. Dawn Isn't lightbringer and Gendry will sit at Storm's end. it is known
  6. That's way too much science for a non-science series. They are magic. It is why regular steel has no effect yet "frozen fire" or possibly magical "dragon steel" will affect them. Even if they did appear out of thin air, how did they come to be and where? That is the heart of winter
  7. The Book made it seem like a physical place where some nights king like entity resides. The Others are physical beings that have to come from somewhere. where have they been for the several thousand years between the war of the dawn and now?
  8. If he did it differently we would have a different story all together
  9. The locations could be episodic. That would solve the confusion. Aslo, with animation, you could make each location extremely visually distinct
  10. The geographic split wouldn't be needed since it was only there to deal with his writing issues
  11. No, you wouldn't. You would be written by GRRM who would cause you to be injured therefore letting the story progress as written
  12. The only way to do the series and make it affordable with the plethora of minor characters is to animate it.
  13. Loras would have been injured or distracted or something else and then ned would have sent Lord Beric anyway so the story could continue as written
  14. Yes really. We have already been shown the ending. Not the exact ending, but very close to it and Samwell does not become king
  15. We know how the story ends and there won't be a King Samwell. He will grow as a character, and take risks he hadn't before
  16. The seven was his way of getting polytheism into christianity, even though most of jesus worshipers acknowledge other divine holy beings
  17. None at all. Nope. The weirwoods represent the magic of all things living. The black gate is magic from the children, which is why the others can't force it. The Many faced god is death incarnate. Something beyond religion. Death is what the others use and seek to create through the removal of all warmth from the world
  18. This is to show the similarities of magic. There is no reason as of yet to think the House of the Undying is related to the magic of the wall other than the fact that they are magical and there is nothing I can remember about the warlocks speaking about the wall
  19. He always worked to defend the realm. He was willing to violate the guest right to protect his family dynasty.
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