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  1. I've never understood why people think Russel is Robert's bastard. The evidence seems to amount to "Taena didn't want to bring him to court." Well no shit, KL is a pit of vipers, and Cersei is a psychotic paranoid trainwreck. What mother would want her son anywhere near that mess?
  2. I picture them more like this
  3. I agree. She's a social climber who was using and playing (and had a legit girl crush on) Cersei for her own benefit. That she fled kinda confirms it. Her son would've become Cersei's hostage guest; she was smart to not let this happen.
  4. I think it's quite possible that Cersei rushed and/or misinterpreted the prophecy she was given: both of her brothers are younger than her. At this point, either of them might find themselves in position to either kill her or abandon her to her fate—and in fact Jaime has already done so in Feast. The "another, younger and more beautiful" may also be Daenerys or Sansa rather than Margaery (I personally believe it was Margaery although Indirectly- Cersei projected everything onto Margaery and in trying to "stop" her, caused her own downfall). Finally, the prophecy does not necessarily say her children will predecease her, though one clearly has (one possible interpretation could even be "they'll be golden-haired", rather than meaning an actual crown or shroud on their heads - they'll live (their entire lives) golden-haired?). Heck, the prophecy doesn't even say it'll be her younger brother; the most usual translation of valonqar is given as "the younger brother", but with the general Valyrian cultural blindness towards gendered descriptions, could actually mean "younger sibling". Given the number of people she's already hurt, what are the odds that one of them has a significant younger brother or sister who might want revenge? (Hint: Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Margaery, Loras, Bran, Nymeria and Tyene Sand, Euron Greyjoy and (f)Aegon are all younger siblings with reason to want her dead). What do you think?
  5. I just realized; shouldn't the Dothraki be under Jon's command now? I mean in their culture if you kill their Khal(eesi) you become one, so the only ones left are unsullied, let's say they were down to 7,500 after all the fighting before they crossed the ocean , then it is said they were reduced to half by the white walkers so 3,750 let's say they only lost 250 when they took kings landing , so 3500 soldiers against all of Westeros and the Dothraki that fight for Jon , it's just lazy writing
  6. I can't take people being stabbed seriously on this show. Dany and Hotah are insta-dead with one stab. Arya took a bunch to the stomach, fell into a rank river, and was healthy and active the next day, Jaime gets a sword though his stomach and is still talking and manages to make it to Cersei. Incidentally, I find it also hilarious how Evil Dany is meant to be taken seriously. In a show that has framed vengeance and vindictiveness as heroic actions throughout. We're all worried about Dany! But no one seems disturbed by Arya exterminating House Frey, or Sansa feeding Ramsay to his hounds, or Jon hanging Olly, or Tyrion arming the hill tribes to torment the smallfolk of the Vale, or Cersei blowing up the Sept and killing hundreds. Yeesh. I'm glad it's over. The embarrassment of it all is finally done.
  7. Can anyone tell me why we were "supposed to" root for Daenerys and/or the Starks??
  8. Also, there’s nothing stopping anyone from going to war again. In fact when bran gets old and / or dies we will just have another war of 5 kings situation.
  9. Bran has no armies and no actual power. He is literally term limited. When the Ironborn rebel or raid, what can Bran do? When Bronn inevitably tries to take over Riverrun because Edmure is a punchline, what can Bran do? When Dorne decides not to pay taxes, what can Bran do? The Lords of Westeros are not going to stop scheming because there is an omniscient cripple (who most of them had never met) sitting on the throne. Even worse, they created a system where any Lord can be elevated to King by playing the game of thrones well. Westeros would become even more political as players attempt to be the next person chosen for the throne. They just created possibly the worst system of governance imaginable for Westeros.
  10. What if the night king was actually a hero and the good man all along trying to save the world from Bran's treachery to come?
  11. Also, aren't Sansa and Tyrion still technically married?
  12. Also, Bran's "election" was technically super rigged given that his Uncle, his brother's best friend, his 2 sisters and his cousin made up 5 votes. Why would Dorne and the Iron Islands, who had pledged to serve Dany, be like 'sure, no prob' to the overwhelming Stark power?
  13. This season I've grown to like Sansa and Sophie Turner's performance, but her saying that should cause every other Kingdom to wonder 'wait, if they can do it, why can't we?' Especially Dorne, the last of the Seven Kingdoms to join the fold and have always been different compared to the other lands and the Iron Islands (Balon literally rose up in rebellion after Robert overthrew the Targaryen reign because 'If Robert can be King, why can't I?!') You can't have Tyrion basically tell Jon, 'Well, sorry bro, you've got to take the black and go to the wall because politics' and then just nod sagely as Sansa explains how the North will not be part of the Seven Kingdoms any longer. It's just furthering the possibility of another Great War to unify and conquer Westeros. So everything is going to be fine and dandy, everyone following these characters are going to be totally cool with the way things were. This was Stark fanboy-service for Sansa, but they did her character so dirty. "Bro, the north should be free", what kind of complex negotiation powers or politicking were even needed for that? What has she fought for? Of all the things that shocked and disgusted me about the way they wrote this ending, that was the biggest thing. "North independency" was straight up fan service and why would the other major lords/houses accept two Stark rulers in Westeros ?
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