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  1. It's a pretty depressing episode all things considered, as the second half of it is simply different variations of innocent people getting killed/raped and different ways of Arya showing off her plot armor by surviving things that would kill anyone else. This wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter - Of both the people of King's Landing and the franchise as a whole. Edit: And Varys was clearly trying to kill Daenerys with poison. It wouldn't be the first time he tried (*cough S1 cough*)
  2. Didn't Daenerys technically break the wheel this episode, by destroying Kings Landing and the Red Keep? (Albeit in the most brutal, horrific way possible.) Bran surely must have a finger in all of this. He pushed Sam to tell Jon about his parentage at that moment for a reason, knowing that it would tear Jon and Daenerys up. He let Jon himself decide whether to tell Sansa and Arya about his parentage, fully knowing what the implications would be of that reveal. He knew what would happen when Daenerys went south, he's seen it in his visions, and yet he didn't tell anyone nor did he do anything to stop it What if (cliche-warning) whatever happened in this episode had to happen, and happened for a reason? Maybe the destruction of Kings Landing and the Red Keep is quintessential to whatever "a dream of spring" might entail? After all, you don't create something new by refurbishing the old. You start something new by throwing out (or burning...) the old, and then starting a new altogether. As much as I hate the parallels between GoT and LotR at this point, remember that in LotR the ring was a source of power but also of corruption, and it was ultimately destroyed (at great cost). The closest thing to the ring in aSoIaF is the Iron Throne and basically all of Kings Landing as the seat of power. What if they have to be destroyed before life can "begin a new"?
  3. Qyburns new improved Scorpions are the equivalent the Last Jedi's sudden realization that a small cruiser ramming a gigantic dreadnought in lightspeed will destroy the dreadnought. It's a moment so big (read: dumb) that it will forever have redefined what warfare means after this point, and makes all warfare made before this point seem silly and trite. It's a deux ex machina that basically ruins everything we thought we knew about that universe. In Star Wars, there's no point in building massive ships anymore, when a single small freighter (piloted by a droid) can simply destroy something worth 1000 times it's own cost by lightspeed-ramming it. "Oh the Empire built a new Deathstar? Quickly, evacuate a med-cruiser and send it to the system at lightspeed." In aSoIaF, not only are dragons more or less pointless now, but warfare by land and sea is also redefined. Westeros skipped the gunpowder cannon-era by essentially creating ballistas that are way more powerful, accurate and easier to manufacture. Whoever win's after this last battle should quickly seize the moment and conquer the rest of Planetos. What can the Free Cities and their armies/fleets do against a westerosi fleet and army equipped with the new Scorpions? Absolutely nothing. It's the equivalent of being in a medieval world with a never-ending stream of WW2-tanks at your disposal.
  4. IMDB rating now down to 6,6 and the average rating among forum users here in this thread is 5,2. My feed is drowning in reviews or comments about how GoT is all but ruined at this point. I wonder if we'll ever get any response from D&D (because the current level of criticism regarding the show is unlike anything I've ever seen) or if they'll just stay away from the internet until the last episode airs, and then they'll stay away some more...
  5. More like: Ellaria/Yara/Olenna: Hit King's Landing, and hit it hard, bring the dragons too. Tyrion: No, don't do it. Daenerys: Nope, not gonna do it. Daenerys had no personal vendetta against Cersei when she arrived in S7. She does now.
  6. This simply isn't true. Daenerys has always had a callous and ruthless streak about her, that's nothing new, but she's never acted insane or evil. Her common thread has always been as a champion and protector of the downtrodden/innocent. Call it her mhysa-arc if you will. It began all the way back in S1 before even Viserys died, and has been part of her arc the entire time. She may have thought and spoken about burning cities to the ground, but the thought of killing innocents has always been what ultimately causes her to calm down and consider a different approach. Last episode she basically threw this mhysa-arc, including all of her morals and values out the window when she willfully started to talk about killing innocents "for the greater good". This is a complete reversal of her mhysa-arc, and it's so sudden and contrived that it's unbelievable. And calling Daenerys insane is an overstatement. Anyone in her position would be furious, sad and hell-bent on revenge. That's not insanity, that's a fully normal reaction to what she's been trough lately. Or was Jon also insane when he rushed Ramsays battleline at the Battle of the Bastards? Was Sansa also insane when she fed Ramsay to his hounds? Or was Arya also insane when she killed all of the Frey's? Acting out of anger is not insanity. Daenerys decent into (real) insanity could've been made believable, it could even be great to watch - but it would require a lot more time and a level of careful and good writing that D&D are incapable off. Now you can call me a Daenerys fanboy if you want, but that doesn't make what I said less true.
  7. This is what I expected to happen as well. Evidently D&D wanted Daenerys to become a villain in a very short spawn of time before the end, so every logical step that would take her away from that path is ignored or downplayed, while every step that increases her chances of breaking and succumbing to darkness is forcibly thrown her way, even those that make no sense what so ever (like "forgetting" about Eurons fleet, or how she's isolated during the feast, or Varys instantly turning on her, etc.), ultimately because the script said so. It's storytelling at it's absolute worst
  8. Latest episode has a IMDB-rating of 6,8, which is breathtakingly low compared to the second lowest scored episode (Unbent, Unbowed, Ubroken) with it's 8,1. Show watchers overall don't like where the show is heading towards either, evidently. I haven't read the books, but love (most of) the show, and I consider that calling what we're currently getting a "crushing disappointment" to be quite the understatement. Not in my wildest dreams (or perhaps I should say nightmares), could I ever imagine that the show would end as badly as it's set up to do.
  9. Jorah served in the Golden Company before "pledging" himself to Viserys. We've seen or heard nothing about Daario being part of the Golden Company in any way, shape or form.
  10. There better be a twist next episode, because if the show continues down this path, it will be remembered as a failure and will make many fans very very upset. IMDB Ratings: Lowest S1: 8,7 (E3, Lord Snow.) Lowest S2: 8,6 (E2, The Night Lands.) Lowest S3: 8,7 (E3, Dark Wings, Dark Words.) Lowest S4: 8,8 (E5, First of His Name.) Lowest S5: 8,1 (E6, Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.) <- Considered the worst episode in the series pre S8. Lowest S6: 8,5 (E6/E8 tie, Blood of My Blood / No One.) Lowest S7: 8,7 (E1, Dragonstone.) Lowest S8... *drumroll*... E4 with a rating of 7.0! Yes, 7,0, not 8,0 - 7,0! It's over a whole point lower rated than the second lowest rated episode in the whole show. D&D fucked up, simple as that, and people don't like what they see.
  11. RIP: Daenerys. Jon. Ghost. Sansa. Arya. Bronn. Jamie. Varys. You all survived the long night, and are all technically still alive on the show, but your characters and/or character arc's got butchered this episode. Also RIP to the laws of logic, continuity and physics. You put up a good fight against D&D but ultimately you where doomed from the start. All hail our new Deus Ex Ballista overlords. Who needs dragons anyway when you can simply spam ranged weaponry that seemingly penetrates both dragons and solid wooden ships with ease?
  12. I called it a few days ago, when I told my roomie that "I expect the next episode to be the worst in the season". I was right, but sadly not at all the way I expected... I gave this episode a 1. First 1 ever. This whole episode is a huge disservice to the franchise as a whole. I enjoyed most of the feast, but then the glaring plotholes, butchered character arcs and forced/shitty writing became all more apparent. For the first time ever after watching an episode of GoT, I felt hollow.
  13. This episode made me and the three people I watched the episode with all go: We waited almost 2 years ... for THIS!? I've never seen so many plotholes and characters being butchered in one single episode before. You can really tell that D&D are bored with GoT at this point, the writing from a story PoV is beyond atrocious and so rushed it's not even funny. If the next two episodes follow the same path that this episode laid out, Game of Thrones the TV-show will be remembered as something that started great, but ended up shit.
  14. (Yes, another "How LotR and GoT are similar"-post.) It's already been mention how the big evil in LotR (Sauron) was defeated before the lesser evil (Saruman) and the cleansing of the Shire, which seemingly is the same way that GoT will end with the NK being defeated before Cersei. However, there are some interesting parallels between the Battle for Winterfell and Battle for Minas Tirith as well. The main protagonists ultimately did very "little" in both these battles: In LotR; Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas take part in the battle but at the end of the day, they simply kill goons. Their main contribution is bringing important allies to the fight, be they the Rohirrim or Dead Men of Dunharrow, etc. Ultimately, the main bad guy of that battle (Witch King of Angmar), who has seemingly up to that point been viewed as immortal, is killed by the tomboy "I am no man" Eowyn. (The battle is more detailed in the books, but I wont delve into them.) With the Battle of Winterfell in fresh memory, this does seem very familiar.
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