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  1. I'm not at all surprised seeing actor's who hasn't been on the show for some time (Charles Dance, Jason Momoa, Ian McElhinney and probably more to come) but still care about it and/or the books, throw shade or outright dislike at the way the show ended. Give it some time and once the dust has settled, I bet we'll see more and more actors who stayed all the way to S8 will stop defending the ending and instead show their dislike of how the show turned out and ended. Heck, it's been less than a week and Peter Dinklage can barely hide his contempt when talking about D&D, Conleth Hill didn't seem very impressed, Emilia Clarke has been very clear about her feelings on the matter, and Joe Dempsie basically made a "fuck this shit I'm out"-speech where he made fun of the lack of character-development (or rather, how it was thrown out the window.) I don't even think that Kit Harrington truly wants to defend S8, he just feels morally obliged to do so considering he almost broke his NDA earlier during an interview, so now he's trying to make up for it.
  2. Hah! I just saw Jason Momoa's reaction to the finale. That's a whole lot of "fuck you", "fuck you punk" and "who gives a fuck" in a very short spawn of time. *Jon stabs Daenerys - Khal Drogo wants to know your location*
  3. Agreed. The show really dropped the ball on a potential amazing(ish) ending twist here. Bran has clearly been orchestrating the endgame ever since S7 (remember who caused Jon to freak out and want to leave Dragonstone, which lead to the whole wight-hunt and death of Viserion? Bran.). But instead of making an amazing twist and reveal of how the 3ER had manipulated and orchestrated everything and everyone just so he could end up king, they just kinda made him king with a shrug and then called it a day without revealing how he played everyone and that everything that happened (including the burning of KL) was caused by him pulling the strings. This picture sums it up perfectly: https://external-preview.redd.it/Uz08W1VXWA1V0ubeCHYRy30M-Jh97GsNOHzVZ1Kueow.jpg?auto=webp&s=319719f17a21ea60055a7fdd1e661f12a53f27d8 If they ever make a sequel, I bet that not only will Daenerys and Drogon return (they left that door open), but Bran will be the main villain.
  4. Just when you think that no (alternative) ending would've been worse than the one we actually got... Jorah would *never* betray Daenerys, not even to save the entire world. The fact that D&D even considered this at one point...well it really doesn't surprise me I guess.
  5. I'm not, because I doubt they would willingly ever touch anything aSoIaF-related again. This whole mess is rooted in them being bored with the universe, remember? I also doubt that anyone in charge with half a brain would let them write a potential sequel, especially if the rights have changed owner. (Like Star Wars did with Disney.)
  6. Coincidentally, I think Emilia might very well be one of the easiest of the "old cast" to get on board for a sequel. The hate and dislike that we, the fanbase feel for what they did to her character, is nothing compared what Emilia herself feels. Throw some money in her face, mention broadly something about Daenerys being resurrected and having some sort of redemption arc and you'll have her mounted in-front of a green screen, speaking valyrian in no time.
  7. She does, but she won't have peace after that death. Her death is basically the 101 of how vengeful, unresting spirits or banshee's are made in fantasy: Betrayal at the hands of someone she trusted and loved.
  8. Don't forget how she died in like 5 seconds, without ever uttering a single last word. Everything about how she died was tragic and horrible. Here's hoping that she'll return in a potential sequel in 10-20 years time. They did leave the door open for her to potentially return, what with Drogon flying away with her body and Sam mentioning that he was last seen flying towards Volantis (Kinvara and the high seat of the red priests.)
  9. Daenerys should've done a lot of things differently this season if she'd acted "normally" (i.e. S1-S7), but D&D apparently had to kill her off as lazily and rushed as possible, so they turned her into a SS Sith Lord over the course of two episodes and then fabricated/retconned her entire storyarc in an attempt to justify Jon murdering her in cold blood. - Gone was her longing for a family. (She would've been ecstatic about Jon, the man she loves, being Rhaegar's son. And what happened to all the foreshadowing and hints about her having a baby with Jon?) - Gone was her longing for a home. (She mentions it in S1, and this longing is much more prominent in the books.) - Gone was her wish to protect her people and the downtrodden. (Remember how she attacked Yunkai *only* to free slaves? Or how she locked away two of her dragons because *one* child got killed?) - Gone was any form of compromises. (Remember how she essentially gave Yara the Iron Islands and said that the other kingdoms where free to ask for their independence as well? Good times...) - Gone was her entire idea about it being her duty as the last Targaryen to take the throne. (She loves Jon. If the show followed any semblance of logic, she would've asked him to marry him several episodes ago. She even talks about political marriage back in S6. Instead she wants him to move aside so she can ignore her own rules.) Instead she suddenly, out of nowhere, wants to "liberate" (read: conquer) the entire known world and then proceeds to get killed by the man she loves without a word 5 minutes later. Bye Daenerys... We first met you being sexually abused by your own brother, and we left you stabbed in the heart by your own nephew. Seriously, fuck D&D.
  10. In the end, Emilia Clarke's reaction to Daenerys sudden left turn into a SS-commander of pure evil says it all. She didn't know, and she certainly didn't see it coming. Since she didn't know, she portrayed Daenerys exactly the way that the show intended to portray her for at least 67 of 73 episodes, which is also the way we where supposed to view her: As a flawed heroine. All this talk of the "signs where always there/she was always a killer, she just happened to be killing evil men" (be it from Kit the actor or Tyrion the character) and the pure idiocy of trying to tell the audience that "Daenerys was starting to turn evil all the way back when she *let* Viserys die" is a fabrication and a retcon of her entire arc. It's nothing more than a completely moronic way for D&D to justify their own shitty writing.
  11. Of course we're "grasping at straws", that's the entire point of why they ended with an open ending for Drogon and dead-Daenerys moving towards Volantis: To allow the fans to keep theorizing about what might or might not happen in a potential future sequel.
  12. If Drogon had incinerated her or if she had simply been buried somewhere or thrown into the sea, then I'd say no with absolute certainty - we won't see her ever again. We didn't see that however, instead we saw Drogon flying away (which is a open ending in itself) clutching her still warm body, to places unknown - in this fictitious world, where resurrections are an actual thing and where she even has followers who have this power. Will Daenerys come back in a potential sequel? As long as her body is missing, it's not impossible. Extremely unlikely yes, but not impossible.
  13. I almost laughed at the council-scene. D&D really made everything so fucking easy for themselves with this ending. This whole episode feels like something they wrote down on a napkin during dinner at McDonalds. Drogon frenzied because Jon kills Daenerys? Nah he ignores the person who killed his mom, destroys the throne, grabs her corpse and flies off, never to be seen again. Unsullied and Dothraki start butchering everyone and cause Westeros to fall into a new civil war? Nah, after the leader they have undying loyalty towards dies, the Dothraki mysteriously vanish and the Unsullied are seemingly content with keeping Tyrion and Jon (who I presume told everyone that he had just killed Daenerys and how, given that no one else saw what happened) prisoners in the ruins of King's Landing for some reason. This ending was so god damn anti-climactic. I can't even rant about it.
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