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  1. MinscS2

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    In that scenario, she'd be dead even with armor and fighting skills.
  2. MinscS2

    Dany’s sins verse Stannis’

    A lot of people, especially the people who matters, know about Jons death and resurrection: Lady Sansa Stark, current ruler of the North. Tormund, leader of the Free Folk. Eddison Tollett, current Lord Commander of the NW. Bran, the Three Eyed Raven. Samwell Tarly. Daenerys Targaryen. Melissandre. Berric Dondarion. We haven't explicitly seen Arya, Tyrion or Jorah getting knowledge about it, but we can assume that they know as well. Random peasant #23561 might not know, but who cares? Cersei might not know, but who cares and what's she gonna do about it? It's not like her ledger is clean anyway.
  3. MinscS2

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    That makes no sense. You might wear armor because you can fight, not the other way around. Fighters need protection because they intend to get stuck in the middle of the brawl. Daenerys is not a fighter, neither does she intend to become one: she's a dragon rider, what can she do up close that Drogon cant, even if she started to train? As for the armor itself, if she falls of Drogon or if Drogon crashes into the middle of the undead army the armor would do diddly squat anyway.
  4. They swept Dorne under the rug due to the negative backlash from the viewers. We might see Ellaria rule it in the end (I hope not) but I wouldn't be surprised if there will be no mention of it what so ever in S8. As for the Reach, most likely Sam. He's from a noble family, owns Heartsbane and is BFF with the future King of the Seven Kingdoms, so the NW-vows are of no consequence, even if we assume that the NW will still be a thing in the end of S8.
  5. MinscS2

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    The (in-universe) answer is probably that she doesn't actually want to wear armour. Perhaps she thinks it will weigh her down and so make it harder to stay on Drogons back. Perhaps her being so heavily influenced by dotharki culture makes her look down on armor. Perhaps she considered it but ultimately felt it was pointless since Drogon will cover 99,9% of all incoming shots anyway. Perhaps all of the above. We'll find out in S8 if it will be her downfall or not.
  6. No one mentions it because it's a false rumor. Kit and Emilia have never dated, at least according to themselves, and why would they lie about something like that? They are very good friends however.
  7. MinscS2

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Two families, technically.
  8. It just felt that way, what with the "I tempted you"-speech from Lancel. And Robert was dead as well when she slept with Lancel back in S2.
  9. MinscS2

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    He owns a castle. Unlike Walder Frey, he has no standing army loyal to him. LF had no real power over the Riverlands, that power belong to the Lannisters and the Freys.
  10. If you're gonna bring up social stigma, then it's worth considering that cousins and aunts/nephews aren't considered incest in Westeros (nor many modern countries today), only sexual relations between siblings and parents/children is. Which makes the High Sparrows arrest of Cersei in S5 all the more strange. She was accused of sleeping with Lancel, her cousin, but surely if the faith considered cousins to be incest and hence "immoral/illegal", then it wouldn't be so accepted and widespread throughout Westeros as it already is?
  11. MinscS2

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    "I had a pact with Tywin Lannister, and Tywin Lannister is dead. The remaining Lannisters are a thousand miles away, dealing with that fact. They've never once, in the history of the Seven Kingdoms, sent their army this far North. If you think they will for us, you're a fool. We've become a Great House, by entering into alliance with other Houses and parlaying those alliances into greater power. The best way to forge a lasting alliance, isn't by peeling a man's skin off. The best way is marriage. Now that you're a Bolton by Royal decree, it's high time you married a suitable bride. And as it happens, I've found the perfect girl to solidify our hold on the North." - Roose Bolton, S5E3. Roose wasn't afraid of Tommen (or Cersei) so he didn't care what the Lannisters would think. If Tywin was still alive in S5, then it would've been a different story altogether.
  12. MinscS2

    Season 8 Predictions?

  13. MinscS2

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Perhaps she's refering to Young Griff who's clearly not the real Aegon? (If he was he wouldn't had been cut from the TV-show)
  14. MinscS2

    Who Will the Lannister Army Follow?

    It seems by 7x07 that Jamie is on his own, but historically most (or at least, many) armies loyalties lie with their commanders and not the king/president, etc. He might rally his army somewhere but I doubt it. There's really no reason for the Lannister-army to be loyal to Cersei over Jamie at this stage as you say, especially given that this is a male-dominant society, but I bet come S8 the Lannister-army will be fully dedicated to Cersie becase Lena Headey™
  15. Or the wrong kind of music. Nothing makes a horror/intense scene scarier/more intense than some happy music. Just imagine the Field of Fire in S7E4 or the Wightraid in S7E6 with the Benny Hill Theme in the background instead.