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  1. They kinda laid the foundation for it already in season 4(?) when Bran told the ghost story about a cook who was punished by the gods for killing a guests son and baking him into a pie which he proceeded to feed the guest with. He wasn't punished for murder, but for breaking guest right. I can see this happening in the books as well.
  2. MinscS2

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    He just wanted her to continue conquering so he could stay as her consort. (And it was a jab at how she's better at conquering cities than ruling them.) While there's some foreshadowing from characters in this show, there's also a lot which isn't. I wouldn't take anything Daario said as foreshadowing.
  3. Since the books won't come out this century, I doubt it matters.
  4. Exactly. The whole "built on a lie"-scene does end with Bran stating that Jon is the "heir to the Iron Throne". There's no hidden agenda or meaning, and it's not setting up a big reveal next season about how Robert truly did lie in order to justify starting a war. (Well, of course there could be, but my money is on isn't.)
  5. Doesn't the dothraki (as in "all" of the dothraki) follow her though? They're a people.
  6. Yes, look at it from the perspective of someone who hasn't read the books, watched the show several times and spent uncountable hours discussing Game of Thrones on the internet: Most viewers (as in the "casuals" who only look at each episode once, maybe twice) didn't see R+L=J coming, don't really know who Rhaegar is ("is he the one that Drogo killed?") and are generally confused about how Jon and Daenerys are related. ("are they cousins or siblings?") I'm starting to believe that people on these boards are overthinking the "built on a lie"-scene.
  7. We don't. We simply know what Robert/The show has told us what people know about Lyanna/Rhaegar. It's not impossible that he lied in order to start a war (maybe he wanted to become king and used Lyanna as an excuse), but we haven't seen anything indicating this so far in the show, so it's doubtful that we'll see anything in that regard in the last season. Not that it would matter at this point either since pretty much everyone who would react to it in some way are already dead.
  8. MinscS2

    Characters we will never see again

    Possibly warden of the Riverlands if the show decides to go down that route in the next season. Or he might be killed off in some strange fashion, which would would make the Tullys join the Tyrells and Martells in extinction -> another broken spoke on the wheel. As for his alleged son with Roslin Frey, he might be forgotten (by D&D) or killed of at the same time. Not sure by whom though, as we know nothing of the Freys or their allegiances since Arya killed most of the adult men. The White Walkers perhaps? Perhaps Jamie will meet up with Edmure and the remaining Tully/Frey forces on his way north. Wouldn't that be a hilarious reunion considering their last one in S6.
  9. Robert didn't rebel because he got cuckolded. Robert rebelled because he thought that the woman he loved was kidnapped and raped. While saying "Roberts rebellion was built on a misconception" doesn't have the same ring to it, its closer to the truth. "Lie" is a bit exaggerated (since no one actually lied to him, he simply didn't know the truth), but fits the dramatic narrative that D&D wanted to push. If Lyanna had someway told Robert that she didn't love him and that she wanted to be with Rhaegar, he might not have rebelled (at least not then and there), but knowing Robert he would probably have told himself that she was lying and/or was forced by Rhaegar to say the things she said, and so he would've rebelled anyway. Robert did love his killing after all. Personally I think the whole "lie"-sentence is stupid and should've never been uttered in the first place. It fills no purpose.
  10. MinscS2

    Characters we will never see again

    The Faceless men are a killer-cult. Ja'qen let Arya of the hook because he knew she would offer many names to the Many-Faced God if he let her leave, and he was right. If he had tried to stop her then and there, she would either die (leading to the MFG loosing out on plenty of future sacrifices) or he would die (again, leading to the MFG loosing out on future sacrifices.) There was no real reason for him to stop her, from his own point of view. He's no one, and her potential slights against his temple weighs little compared to her future sacrifices to his god, and she had put the Waifs face on the wall before leaving. Arya may be a rogue Faceless Man, but she's still a Faceless Man, and every kill she's made in the last couple of seasons is a sacrifice to the MFG, at least in Ja'qens mind. Edit: So with that in mind, I highly doubt we'll see Ja'qen in the last season.
  11. MinscS2

    GOT characters based off

    .... Heh. Don't forget that said exile also bridged an alliances with the Starks ...Yorkists by marrying one of them.
  12. MinscS2

    Why do the smallfolk support Cersei?

    Smallfolk =/= population of Kings Landing. We haven't seen any smallfolk actively cheering for Cersei. The vast majority most likely don't know and/or don't care, as long as they are left in peace. Those (few) who know what she's done probably don't like it but...what can they do? We got a glimpse of what some of the smallfolk (at least in the Riverlands) think of Cersei: The merchants don't care whats going on as long as it's good for business. Hotpie heard that Cersei had destroyed the Sept of Baelor and killed everyone in it, but had trouble believing it. Hotpie's stance is probably pretty common. Rumours spread, some fake, some real, and the smallfolk either ignore them, distrust them or believe them but can't really do anything about it other than spreading the rumours to more people. The Ed-Sheeran-company of Lannister soldiers also gave us a glimpse of how little the regular infantryman knows about what's actually going on, and that they just want to go home to their families. Your average peasant knows way less and is perfectly happy not getting dragged into something that will put them, their homes or their food at risk. As Jorah put it in S1:
  13. MinscS2

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    In that scenario, she'd be dead even with armor and fighting skills.
  14. MinscS2

    Dany’s sins verse Stannis’

    A lot of people, especially the people who matters, know about Jons death and resurrection: Lady Sansa Stark, current ruler of the North. Tormund, leader of the Free Folk. Eddison Tollett, current Lord Commander of the NW. Bran, the Three Eyed Raven. Samwell Tarly. Daenerys Targaryen. Melissandre. Berric Dondarion. We haven't explicitly seen Arya, Tyrion or Jorah getting knowledge about it, but we can assume that they know as well. Random peasant #23561 might not know, but who cares? Cersei might not know, but who cares and what's she gonna do about it? It's not like her ledger is clean anyway.
  15. MinscS2

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    That makes no sense. You might wear armor because you can fight, not the other way around. Fighters need protection because they intend to get stuck in the middle of the brawl. Daenerys is not a fighter, neither does she intend to become one: she's a dragon rider, what can she do up close that Drogon cant, even if she started to train? As for the armor itself, if she falls of Drogon or if Drogon crashes into the middle of the undead army the armor would do diddly squat anyway.