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  1. The Bob Ross video gave me legit LOLs, but it is a missed opportunity. Somewhere out there is an episode where he paints a stormy seaside at night and he's talking about the angry rocks, and the harsh winds, and the frightful waves crashing violently against the shore, beating the sands to ever smaller grains. Dude was clearly having a bad day, and that video would have been the perfect blend of angst and WTF to set off the ending of Game of Thrones. My guess on the comic con appearance is it will either be D&D being themselves and totally missing the digs at their expense, it will be a "curated" question period with heavy pre-screening, or it will be a complete shit-show when they break in the face of a fandom that won't be pandered to. I sincerely hope it's option three, but I have my doubts.
  2. My sincere hope is that some nimrod doesn't fuck this up by making a threat of violence so the Ds have an excuse to bow out. I really want them to face a Comic Con crowd. Those crowds are superfans and will not hesitate to ask legitimately difficult questions even for shows/books/movies that are still absolutely adored. The Game of Thrones creators facing that sort of thing, and not just being able to talk over them? They should put that shit on PPV. I'd pay more for that than I ever did for a WWF/WWE event. Bring it.
  3. Drogon truly was the only character with any redeeming qualities at all when it came down to it. I suppose a small argument might be made that Bronn's love of brothels could constitute a positive attribute when viewed in the light of pursuing a function of living red blooded humanity, but it's hardly the highest of pursuits. Simply an understandable one. Drogon, on the other hand, showed not just wisdom, but an understanding of how utterly desolate the creators of his television world were. He may, even, be aware he is in a television world. And his only true recourse, the only way the torture of such an infantile universe could be ended is to destroy the object that caused the obsession that drove the story of that universe. In burning the throne, he ended the torture for all of us. And he flew away with his mother to whatever heaven television dragons are allowed after being forced to work under the hatefilled eyes of Dumb and Dumber. May he at last find his peace.
  4. As I replied in the episode rant, This is for the COMPLETE SERIES box set. So they're not just giving us the finger with this move, they're giving us the finger with one hand while punching us in the genitals with the other. What utter douches.
  5. That drove me nuts too. Jamie swore if he saw Tyrion again he was going to kill him. Sees him again, smiles and good tidings. "Tally ho, little dude! We should totes hang and drink! 'Member when you killed dad on the toilet!? Good times!" Jumped Up John Snow Christ I hate the writing on this show.
  6. No. Season 5 on was painful at points because the writing was absolutely garbage. Sometimes the actors could make up for it, but nothing can make up for crap like Arya's "training" turning into the terminator chase. A certain someone can't help themselves. Honestly, the Stannis storyline may, possibly, have had some potential, but two things made it turn to soft-serve icecream on top of a pile of stinking garbage in the summer sun. First, the "make it appear he loves his daughter he's kept locked up most of her life right before the *BIG SHOCKING TWIST* burnination. And second, the dickbag creators literally saying publicly they absolutely DESPISED Stannis's character in the books, the actor attempting to reconcile his show character with his book character, and this eventually lead them to also hate the actor to the point they wanted him to go out like a bitch. That's not just purposeful bad practice when writing, it's self-destructive at a near nuclear level, and it's not the only time they did it. Barristan comes to mind instantly as another example of an actor that loved the character, tried to discuss potential with the creators, and got the early axe for it just so they could swing the mighty dick of power and prove how in charge they were. Anybody thinking the end result is good writing doesn't really have a leg to stand on.
  7. Direwolves are too good for the Ds. They need to be gored by a wild boar and then slowly waste away in their beds, ranting inconsolably to no one in particular of the injustices of the world.
  8. That's just how great of a writer he is. He manages to stumble over his own stupidity so often that not only are audiences repulsed by his output, they end up repulsed by the man himself because his output reflects an inner being that is so narcissistic, so empty and bereft of anything resembling goodness, that it can't help but produce utter dreck. BTW, where I said "how great of a writer?" Replace the word "great" with any derogative term you care to, and it wouldn't quite cover the scope of what we're talking about.
  9. WTF? How could anyone involved in that project make that statement and actually mean it? Hell, I'd be willing to chip in for a fund to film JUST that scene, make it last a half hour or so, and will HAPPILY watch it. What the hell? Seriously. WHAT?!
  10. The Ds don't stand a chance working for Disney. Disney demands not just quality, but quality conforming to their vision and (OH HEAVEN FORBID) their over-arching themes. And since we all know themes are for eighth grade book reports, I imagine their first couple meetings with management after they've begun their script to go something like, D1 = "Check out this awesome dick joke." Disney: "Um. We don't do dick jokes." D2 = "We do. They're awesome." Disney: "No." D1 = "We have any known eunuchs in this bitch?" Disney: "NO!" D2 = "Well, anyway, we've written twenty three scenes involving full frontal nudity. Both sexes. We're equal opportunity perverts." Disney: "YOU DID WHAT?!" D1 = "We're gonna need some pretty epic tits for some of these scenes. Otherwise the jokes don't work." Disney: "I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding." And then things will get ugly. I can't imagine these two arrogant pricks managing to stay under Disney management for long. It may be the quickest firing of major producers yet.
  11. Anybody that watched the Battle of the Bastards knew it was a garbage script. I can't bring myself to go read any of the available scripts for fear it will seep into my subconscious and come out when I'm trying to write. As for the Emmys, I was under the impression almost all the award shows were complete travesties of self-worship at this point, so I figured some folks still respected them for whatever reason since I hear so many good things about whatever various industry celebrating industry award shows are on every two weeks seemingly. Maybe I'm wrong and people see it the same as I do? Speaking of which, I'm almost certain we're due for our bi-weekly country music awards show this weekend.
  12. Speaking of shitty ideas for Emmys: https://bgr.com/2019/06/11/game-of-thrones-season-8-hbo-submits-the-worst-episodes-for-emmys-lol-lol-lol/ Of particular note: Emphasis mine. This would be one way to pretty much finish off the Emmys as anything other than an industry celebrating its own mediocrity. Who in their right mind would say any of the writing on the last season was anything above baseline acceptable in a middle school creative writing class when the kid stopped paying attention to the story halfway through? There's ignoring reality, and then there's this.
  13. Can I rant about the general fan sentiment for a moment? Not here, just something I've been seeing parotted around the internetwebz. People blaming George RR Martin for how shit the last few seasons of the show turned out need to retune their reality distortion fields. The show got worse when George LEFT the show's production team. He left because his input was no longer appreciated. Blaming George for the downhill slide into mediocrity, followed by the toilet flushing that was season 8 is like blaming Gene Roddenberry for how shit the last episode of Star Trek television was compared to what came before. Yes, we'd all love George to finish the books. But the show being a dumpster fire is not his fault. I don't understand how anyone could come to that conclusion.
  14. OMG. On another message board someone complained about certain characters being dropped from the show. And the response they get? So, since I'd been thinking of doing this anyway, I launched into a rant. It follows: Funny, I was just thinking about doing a write up about why some people are upset about the way the end of the series was handled, and some people aren't, and you provide a shining example of what one of my arguments was going to be. People enjoy entertainment in different ways. Some people enjoy the intricacies of the plot, the depth of characters, the plotting and scheming and sometimes even the thoughts of what went into the creative process itself. Others enjoy spectacle, allowing it to wash over them in a more passive way, never fully investing in the characters, the plot, the machinations of the politics, or whatever else is happening. I'm not going to say that either way is the "correct" way to take in entertainment. I'll just say that those are definitely two very different perspectives that exist. Game of Thrones became a cultural phenomenon for the precise reason that it could pull in both types of people. In the early seasons there was plenty of spectacle, but there was also a plethora of colorful characterization, political intrigue, interactions among individuals and houses, bloodlines and families, all set on a backdrop to die for if you love huge set pieces and gruesome living conditions. Add in the fact that the books universe had existed for some people for at least a decade when it kicked off, and you have some rabid fans already built in. Those fans are more likely to be interested in the depths of the story and characters, but that's not to say they're the only ones that came in with that view. And in the pursuing years, some that showed up for the spectacle began to appreciate the depth of the show as they witnessed it without ever intending to. Others remained steadfast in their love of the spectacle, and their enjoyment of the shocking turns and huge reveals. Fast forward a few years and the show begins dropping intrigue and plotting, focusing more and more on the spectacle. Hollywood has plenty of spectacle already, so those that showed up for the deeper characterization and plots that actually had content rather than just huge twists and turns without reason begin to be disappointed. But they are reminded time and again that these people know what they are doing, and it will all pay off in the end. So, some of them wait it out, though some did stop watching due to disappointment. Not all of these were previously book readers either, though I will admit to seeing that particular crowd be more likely to give up in frustration at the important plot elements being dropped for no apparent reason other than shortening story threads and moving things along faster. You can include George himself in this crowd. I won't speculate whether he still watches the show, but I do know he stopped being directly involved after the show runners told him the people he considered important for the end game would be skipped over because the show runners didn't like the characters. (For those keeping score, Lady Stoneheart was the straw that broke the camel's back here from what I've heard.) And now, the final season. Those entranced with the spectacle are happy, as well they should be. They signed up for huge set pieces, massive armies clashing in battle, dragons and flame, death and shocks. They got everything they wanted. Those waiting for the reveal of where it was all leading character wise, plot wise, politically, or to see the culmination of the years of build up for the white walkers and the Night King, the prophecies, the groundwork laid for eight seasons paying off in some real way? They have a right to be disappointed. They were ignored. Plot no longer mattered. Characters turned on a dime because believable situations needed to fold in order to rush to the end. And the deep political threads woven through the first few seasons made even less sense in the end than they had when Cersei declared herself queen and no one protested even a little. Neither group is completely wrong, but the anger at each other seems foolish. The show runners could have chosen to end this the same way the began it. Ending it with depth, full and believable character arcs that were fleshed out all the way, and non comedic fulfillment of at least some of the promise the show began with wouldn't have disappointed the people there for spectacle. The spectacle would always be there. But those that wanted more question why what began with such promise couldn't have ended as something more than what every big budget Hollywood schlockfest gives us these days. There's a million ways to fulfill your entertainment needs if you're looking for spectacle over substance. I'm a fan of many of those properties myself. Fast and the Furious movies are terrific to shut down your brain and just watch the crazy. So many action franchises are built on this premise. Several sit-coms do the job nicely. But for those that loved that something big budget didn't immediately sink to the lowest common denominator when Game of Thones started, to see it go that direction at the end left them disappointed. And in some cases more than disappointed. The "you're wrong" attitude being bandied about between fans is just silly. The show runners could have chosen to do this in a way that left everyone satisfied. Instead, they publicly stated they wanted to get this over with as quickly as they could, and told HBO they wanted smaller seasons (and less than originally agreed to) because they had done the one scene they wanted when they completed the Red Wedding. Then they signed for Star Wars while working on the final season and gave even less of a shit than they had before. The end result is a spectacle, for sure, but a spectacle that rings hollow for some of us. I don't fault those that didn't care about the depth of the show before. I fault the show runners for focusing completely on getting done as fast as they could so they could move on rather than giving the story a believable conclusion for all the fans, regardless of their perspective on why they started watching. With the frayed emotions at the moment, referring to the source as "some spinoff book" is bound to ruffle some feathers. Sorry for what you're bound to endure for saying it.
  15. Yeah, my first thought when Martin mentioned unicorns was instantly that he'd going to flip the concept on its head and their gonna be mean sons-a-bitches that everyone is terrified of. I had a story I wrote when I was in my twenties where the saying, "the unicorns are coming" would send the commoners running for the keeps because they knew they couldn't stand up to them. And the unicorns would smash down brick walls with ease. Something along those lines should fit right into Martin's universe.
  16. I've often wondered about this myself. Martin's public statements, if filtered through the lens of "can't disrespect the show" could be interpreted loosely as he was sick of tolerating D&D's bullshit so he stopped working on the show. I do know he had publicly stated that a lot of times they "were free to ignore my suggestions" for plot or character development. There were some other publicly stated frustrations, then suddenly he needed to concentrate on writing the novels that never come out and wouldn't have time to work on the show. It makes me wonder if they had replaced D&D around season 4 if Martin would have stuck around and we could have had a much more solid last few seasons. As it is it's like getting a candy coated turd when you were expecting rum cream. I do appreciate some of the visuals, some of which I've been waiting to see since the late seventies/early eighties when I was reading Dragonlance novels and other fantasy epics where Dragons were used in battle, but as epic as some of those moments were it doesn't make up for the disappointment in the storytelling and character failure. It was like watching an epic author devolve watching these last few seasons. We started so well, then by the end we were watching a ten year old try to come up with the most epic thing he'd ever heard of, and not even managing to reach creative writing 101.
  17. You know, the most depressing part of this whole debacle? The books, and early seasons, have some really powerful story telling and themes. Actions, no matter how well intended, have consequences. Interactions, however brief, are remembered and can either come back to bite you, or help build you up somewhere down the line. Then we have what the show has done in the last couple seasons, which sadly means even actions and potential set up early in the series end up wasted and forgotten. AT this point, nothing has consequences, nothing matters, and nobody remembers shit even scene to scene. And then people that enjoy passively sucking up whatever garbage is thrown in front of them accuse those of us that pay attention of being mad because our favorite characters didn't get the ending we wanted or predicted. Um, no. I'm upset that the endings they got made no sense whatsoever. Point to point to point with no connections, no consequences, no relevance, and in some cases blatant spitting on what came before just because. Bleh. What a shit-show. So, am I the only one wondering about the ridiculous setups for spinoffs and whether the actors would ever come back to work for the hacks if things fall into/out of place properly? Like if Arya's Pirates of Darkwater spinoff comes along, will Maise actually come back for it? If Jon's King of the North North adventures in Dragon Sitting spinoff gets a greenlight a few years down the road, would Kit dare come back for it? Sam's Being a Maester with a cute Sidepiece spinoff . . . wait, that won't happen. We sorta liked Sam for about five minutes there at one point.
  18. Right, sorry. Guess I had trouble paying attention to what was happening because everything was moving so fast and making so little sense.
  19. At last our watch has ended. So my wife insisted we stay up and watch the last episode even though we usually watch episodes the next evening. Her reason? "I want this over with." Fair enough. I found myself constantly looking at the timer on the episode clock, because that seemed to be more interesting than what was happening on screen. So thirty two minutes in and mostly what had happened was looking at the destruction of Kings Landing. Well, except for some babble speechification thing. Oh, and Tyrion walking into the room the building collapsed on in the previous episode and finding a small smattering of bricks laying over his brother and sister. Whatever. Then another thirty two minutes for Jon and Tyrion to discuss how stupid the show's become by reviewing things out of context to frame arguments that could have been made by actually having the show do a story, but they decided was better as "epic" dialog that was ridiculous. Or something. Whatever. And Jon repeats, over and over, the only part of the script he was able to use as dialog, "she's my queen." Just 'cause. Yeah. And he gets to use it one last time as he hugs her then aerate's her abdomen. Yeah, great dialog, fuckwads. And once again the CGI beast does the best acting of the episode outside of Tyrion's eyebrows. Magically everyone in the seven realms of any import at all knows to show up at Dragonstone at just the right time without any rhyme or reason. Tyrion's "trial." What the fuck ever. I mean, seriously, starts with Greyworm making a face like he needs a diaper change while saying Tyrion needs to STFU because he needs to STFU then Tyrion declaring Bran king and everyone instantly agreeing except for "UNCLE! SIT!" YAY! What the fuck ever. And since Tyrion's on trial, he'll be hand of Bran The Broken! Why the fuck they didn't just call him the Boneless while winking at the camera and giving up any pretense of originality they think they have left. And fuck you Sansa just gets to DECLARE the North seceding from the union with no one else suggesting the same for their realm. FUCK YOU LOGIC! FUCK YOU REALITY! FUCK YOU CONSEQUENCE! Small council of fools and idiots because reasons. Fuck you, trusting Bronn as master of coin. Really? Who in their right mind would do that? Not the Tyrion of any but this last season, that's for damn sure. Good lord, so stupid. Oh, and Brann's already doing what most of the Kings had done and skipping his small council meetings. Go king! When the hell did Sam have time to become Grand Maester in between knocking up his girl and writing the longest book of all time. Nice fancy letting on that book too, dickheads. Looks like it's right off the shelf at Barne's & Nobel. Eat a dick. Brienne's book scene may have felt a little more genuine had she written, "pumps and dumps like a champ, then runs off to bang his sister." Fuck you show. Jon to the Wall, which is magically already rebuilt with a nice sturdy gate on it. And he pets Ghost, because fan-fuzzies "dawwwwwww" that should have happened when they were together at Winterfell but fuck you because fuck you. And Arya goes Christopher Columbusing her way off across the ocean with fresh sewn black sails with Direwolves on them. WOO! Killer assassin training at work on the high seas. Can't wait for that spinoff! NOT! God damn. Seriously. We waited eight seasons for this? My wife heard the Ds said they wanted everybody to be debating that last episode like everybody debated the last episode of Breaking Bad. Like, was that an A or an A+. She said the only debate is going to be was it an F or an incomplete. Because they may have turned in the paper, but they wrote in answers to multiple choice questions that made it seem like they didn't even read the question, and they skipped over the essay portion because writing is just way too god damn hard. Full credit, she knows how to eviscerate someone when necessary. I had said I really wanted to see the books complete because the story HAS to be better than this. I already knew I'm not watching anymore HBO fronted Game of Thrones related content. No way they can be trusted. But this has left a bad enough taste in my mouth my planned re-reading of what we already have and hoping for the completion of the books has really been curtailed. Hopefully that passes because I did enjoy what I had read thus far. I'm just not sure I can wipe the memory of how horrible the show ending was.
  20. This is a good one: "I don't know if I'm gonna watch the final episode, if I'm being honest." Damn. That is BRUTAL coming from one of the actors.
  21. Thanks for that. I doubt anybody will go full psycho rant after the show is over, but I'll bet at the very least we'll get more than just "BAST SEASON EVAR!" from Emilia Clarke and more than "Disappointing" from Kit Harrington. I mean, Hollywood doesn't eat their own in general, so it'll be light-hearted poking at best, but I still think we're going to hear something more from them.
  22. I'm really looking forward to the NDA's running out when the season ends. The actors have already had more than a few little snark moments here or there, and some that have been off the show a while have come right out and said what shit it was to work for those assholes. Stannis's actor for one had several very revealing things to say about them. Maybe if they are just as noisy as the fandom about what a shit-show it was behind the scenes it'll start to have an affect on their careers going forward? I hate to wish ill on anyone, but I'd really like to see them pursuing work they're qualified to do. And it's very clear that writing, producing and directing screen plays isn't it.
  23. You know, even with where they were there were some really simple ways they could have made mad Danny more acceptable than what we got. Keep CGI Child #2 until this last episode (skipping over Euron being the absolute shure-shot one episode and then being totally incompetent the next), have one of the scorpions take it out this last episode and the commoners cheer uproariously. That would at least give us SOME plausible reason for Danny to turn on them. Bonus points if Jon had been riding and got taken out as well. But no. Pure, straight up, "I got what I want? Kewl. BUH BYE!" And Kings Landing Flambe for thirty minutes. What a crap plot and complete character destroyer. One of the reasons the Ds didn't have time to bother writing an actual story for the show is because they're busy doing garbage like this: Yeah, that's one of the Ds sitting with a bunch of rock stars and the guy that wrote the theme from the show, playing custom shop Fender guitars with house sigils from the show on them. Those guitars start at $25,000 and go up from there. Wonder how much of that filters directly into the Ds coffers? As bad as this season has turned out, the mere taint of watching that video is enough to make me consider doing a purge on some of my music collection, and I've been following some of these guys since the early eighties. Why Scott Ian? WHY? You're better than this.
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