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  1. That's the problem. It wasn't "The Room" bad where you can have fun with it. It wasn't Ed Wood bad, where you can watch in amazement even though you know it sucks on nearly every possible level. It wasn't Danzig attempting to turn his long-lost erotic comics into a movie and failing so spectacularly that you just have to watch the spectacle to even believe it bad. It was sick to our stomach bad for a season and some change, then tried so desperately to right itself with herk-jerk flailing nonsense that it killed what little part of us ever cared bad. And that's a type of bad that you can't recover from. I can't even imagine myself revisiting it in order to study how NOT to end a story. It just renders everything that came before it in universe as moot, nonsensical drivel.
  2. The Bob Ross video gave me legit LOLs, but it is a missed opportunity. Somewhere out there is an episode where he paints a stormy seaside at night and he's talking about the angry rocks, and the harsh winds, and the frightful waves crashing violently against the shore, beating the sands to ever smaller grains. Dude was clearly having a bad day, and that video would have been the perfect blend of angst and WTF to set off the ending of Game of Thrones. My guess on the comic con appearance is it will either be D&D being themselves and totally missing the digs at their expense, it will be a "curated" question period with heavy pre-screening, or it will be a complete shit-show when they break in the face of a fandom that won't be pandered to. I sincerely hope it's option three, but I have my doubts.
  3. I had heard that story and it's just one more reason I think those two have no business running a show at all. Why HBO didn't catch their spiteful little digs at the actors that were actually trying to do a good job for them and toss them off the program is beyond me. That must have been one of the most shitty contract negotiations in all of Hollywood history to give them zero power to stop the trainwreck even as they saw it coming. HBO had stated for nearly three full seasons they were continually trying to talk them into doing more episodes, or even more seasons, because they knew the show was starting to feel cramped. Absolutely stupid to let it go down this way and destroy the legacy of their most prominent current property.
  4. My sincere hope is that some nimrod doesn't fuck this up by making a threat of violence so the Ds have an excuse to bow out. I really want them to face a Comic Con crowd. Those crowds are superfans and will not hesitate to ask legitimately difficult questions even for shows/books/movies that are still absolutely adored. The Game of Thrones creators facing that sort of thing, and not just being able to talk over them? They should put that shit on PPV. I'd pay more for that than I ever did for a WWF/WWE event. Bring it.
  5. Dragons Are Real

    Character arc ranto (SPOILERS)

    You forgot that he turned right back into a cowardly loser when it most counted, well after he'd been a slayer bro that was kewl, thus destroying one of the few positives of his arc. You also forgot he got to bone cutesy woman that made his most important discoveries for him then got pregnant and almost as big as him. So he had that going for him too!
  6. The last two posts just made me miss one of the few positive changes the Ds made. Ros's destruction was a crying moment for me. Mostly because she was immensely fun to look at, but she also seemed to know how to act. Probably for the best though. Had she stuck around I suppose she would have slowly gotten worse just like the rest of the rotting fruit populating the show.
  7. Drogon truly was the only character with any redeeming qualities at all when it came down to it. I suppose a small argument might be made that Bronn's love of brothels could constitute a positive attribute when viewed in the light of pursuing a function of living red blooded humanity, but it's hardly the highest of pursuits. Simply an understandable one. Drogon, on the other hand, showed not just wisdom, but an understanding of how utterly desolate the creators of his television world were. He may, even, be aware he is in a television world. And his only true recourse, the only way the torture of such an infantile universe could be ended is to destroy the object that caused the obsession that drove the story of that universe. In burning the throne, he ended the torture for all of us. And he flew away with his mother to whatever heaven television dragons are allowed after being forced to work under the hatefilled eyes of Dumb and Dumber. May he at last find his peace.
  8. As I replied in the episode rant, This is for the COMPLETE SERIES box set. So they're not just giving us the finger with this move, they're giving us the finger with one hand while punching us in the genitals with the other. What utter douches.
  9. That's not even for just the season 8 box set, that's for the COMPLETE SERIES box set. So even if you're such a glutton for punishment that you'll buy the season 8 set, you still won't see this reunion special. Only if you buy the complete box set, which for most of us that have followed the show all these years would mean double-dipping on all but the last season. In short, HBO is essentially telling all the fans that truly supported them to eat their collective assholes for supporting them monetarily. They've truly learned the lessons of how to be completely shit to their fans.
  10. That drove me nuts too. Jamie swore if he saw Tyrion again he was going to kill him. Sees him again, smiles and good tidings. "Tally ho, little dude! We should totes hang and drink! 'Member when you killed dad on the toilet!? Good times!" Jumped Up John Snow Christ I hate the writing on this show.
  11. No. Season 5 on was painful at points because the writing was absolutely garbage. Sometimes the actors could make up for it, but nothing can make up for crap like Arya's "training" turning into the terminator chase. A certain someone can't help themselves. Honestly, the Stannis storyline may, possibly, have had some potential, but two things made it turn to soft-serve icecream on top of a pile of stinking garbage in the summer sun. First, the "make it appear he loves his daughter he's kept locked up most of her life right before the *BIG SHOCKING TWIST* burnination. And second, the dickbag creators literally saying publicly they absolutely DESPISED Stannis's character in the books, the actor attempting to reconcile his show character with his book character, and this eventually lead them to also hate the actor to the point they wanted him to go out like a bitch. That's not just purposeful bad practice when writing, it's self-destructive at a near nuclear level, and it's not the only time they did it. Barristan comes to mind instantly as another example of an actor that loved the character, tried to discuss potential with the creators, and got the early axe for it just so they could swing the mighty dick of power and prove how in charge they were. Anybody thinking the end result is good writing doesn't really have a leg to stand on.
  12. Direwolves are too good for the Ds. They need to be gored by a wild boar and then slowly waste away in their beds, ranting inconsolably to no one in particular of the injustices of the world.
  13. That's just how great of a writer he is. He manages to stumble over his own stupidity so often that not only are audiences repulsed by his output, they end up repulsed by the man himself because his output reflects an inner being that is so narcissistic, so empty and bereft of anything resembling goodness, that it can't help but produce utter dreck. BTW, where I said "how great of a writer?" Replace the word "great" with any derogative term you care to, and it wouldn't quite cover the scope of what we're talking about.
  14. WTF? How could anyone involved in that project make that statement and actually mean it? Hell, I'd be willing to chip in for a fund to film JUST that scene, make it last a half hour or so, and will HAPPILY watch it. What the hell? Seriously. WHAT?!
  15. Dragons Are Real

    Who got the most screwed over

    All this debate over Danny is this thread reminds me of a few of my unsullied friends that actually cheered during Danny's burnination of Kings Landing. Talking with them after the episode they were legitimately PUMPED about it, all excited talking about how "KAHLEESI FINALLY DID IT! HELL YEAH!" These are the same folks that still insist this is the greatest television show of all time. One of them I've tried to get to watch Breaking Bad and he never can get more than three episodes into it before he says it's a pile of trash and needs to be purged from humanity's collective memory. I feel bad for his brain cells.