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  1. DO. NOT. WANT. No way they'll pull me in for any more Game of Thrones on HBO. Absolutely not. They clearly don't care enough to step in a paper-swat the Ds on the snout. Why would I ever trust them to run another story in this universe? Ladies and gentlemen, this is our chance to ACTUALLY make our voices heard. The petition, while a statement, won't be noticed by anyone but the intern assigned to write the rebuttal to it. Not watching the upcoming show will, however, be noticed. Don't watch it, don't buy the box sets, and don't support the merchandising. The only thing that matters to media companies is views and dividends. Don't provide them. There. I've said my piece.
  2. I'll give ya a tee-up. The Kingdoms should be decimated at that point, broke and using what little they have to rebuild. So why did the lettering and filligree on that book look like the most expensive, ridiculously over the top golden and blue (another dye that's expensive in non-modern times) and red (again) bullshit? At least they got to play a dig on Tyrion being so non-important he doesn't even register in the book. Real funny D&D. Fuckwads.
  3. The whole Jon not even being mentioned at the meeting as a possibility really was irksome. So we spent all this time building a story where he was the rightful Targ heir, and then in the end-run, everybody that was ever loyal to him, even those that had expelled great effort to bring him this information, basically went, "meh, it was Bran in the closet with a candlestick all along!" WHAT? I really feel like that last episode was just D&D wiping their hands of the characters they were sick of and destroying what was left of the world of Westeros.
  4. They probably wrote it.
  5. Dragons Are Real

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    Jon's return to the Night Watch was silly and stupid in context, but what you gonna do? In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded having some actual writing/dialog done here saying the southern lords had decided the Wildlings need to "be returned home" and Jon should be the one to escort them since he had helped establish them south of the wall. Plant the seeds for continued conflict among the people of Westerous by establishing that not everyone agrees with this action, but everyone vaguely fears the "crazy northerners" and so reluctantly acquiesce. Give us the bitterness of all the alliance building falling apart now that the threat has been deemed neutralized. And then the sweetness of Toromund and Jon bromancing it up on their ride north, feeling like they're finally getting away from the gods be damned craziness of all the plotting and stupidity of the Game of Thrones. If I were George at this point, I'd be writing furiously to get my version out and prove isn't meant to end this stupid. By the grace of the seven, let him complete the novels.
  6. Dragons Are Real

    The Drunk Thread: An All The Vodka Dinner

    Who else is a bloody mary fan? I've got my own recipe which is hard to write down since I just sort of randomly toss things together without paying much attention to how much of any ingredient I put in. Basic list of ingredients: Either a can of tomato juice or the equivalent fresh squeezed tomato juice Smoked paprika (a few shakes, more if I want more punch) Fresh squeezed lemon juice (one big lemon or two small) Tobasco, usually twelve to fifteen shakes, more if I'm looking for more heat Celery Salt or ground celery seed and sea salt to taste Extra spicy horseradish 1/4 to 1/2 teaspon Worcestershire Sauce (couple teaspoons to 1/2 table spoon) Brine from a carrot pickle recipe I make involving apple cider vinegar and jalapeno seeds to taste (probably about a tablespoon) Vodka or Bourbon to intended potency, though I have been known to do the rest without alcohol on days I just want a recovery drink Put it all in a big mason jar, pop some ice in, shake shake shake. Use the lemon peel to wipe down the rim of a glass, put sea salt and a custom spice blend I make myself on a little plate and roll the glass around on it to salt the rim, pour from jar into glass. Add garnish (Kosher dill spears, previously mentioned carrot pickles, olives, etc.) and go to town. Seriously so good I can make a meal out of it, and have. Half recipe is great for a morning pick me up sans alcohol. In the evening it's a great feel good comfort drink. Oh, the custom spice mix? Jalapeno, habanero and serrano peppers, garlic all dried and ground, cummin, dried mustard, white pepper, paprika and a few other little pinches of things all blended together. Excellent on sammiches and pastas too.
  7. I've often wondered about this myself. Martin's public statements, if filtered through the lens of "can't disrespect the show" could be interpreted loosely as he was sick of tolerating D&D's bullshit so he stopped working on the show. I do know he had publicly stated that a lot of times they "were free to ignore my suggestions" for plot or character development. There were some other publicly stated frustrations, then suddenly he needed to concentrate on writing the novels that never come out and wouldn't have time to work on the show. It makes me wonder if they had replaced D&D around season 4 if Martin would have stuck around and we could have had a much more solid last few seasons. As it is it's like getting a candy coated turd when you were expecting rum cream. I do appreciate some of the visuals, some of which I've been waiting to see since the late seventies/early eighties when I was reading Dragonlance novels and other fantasy epics where Dragons were used in battle, but as epic as some of those moments were it doesn't make up for the disappointment in the storytelling and character failure. It was like watching an epic author devolve watching these last few seasons. We started so well, then by the end we were watching a ten year old try to come up with the most epic thing he'd ever heard of, and not even managing to reach creative writing 101.
  8. I think she had an inherent darkness to her, but I do agree she was never a psychopath until this season, where just one trigger event seemingly causes all her good intentions to melt into a pool of convenient plot-points over character development. The Danny the show had established up until the second to last episode would always fight to protect the innocent. And the Ds reasoning that seeing the Red Keep pushed her over the edge made even less sense than if they'd just not said anything at all.
  9. Oh puke. If they do, I hope it fails miserably. So the Ds were huge fans of the movie Rubber? Where a tire goes on a killing spree and the entire setup was a series of events punctuated by the narrator saying, "no reason." Well, at least we know where they got their inspiration from now.
  10. Like everything else important over the last three to four seasons, it happened off-screen. Bran's nightly story time where he gathers the children and elderly around him and recounts all the ancient histories in glorious detail was always happening off screen.
  11. Because he tells the best stories, obviously. I mean, he never told stories even before he became branbot the 3ER or whatever. Sure, he can sit by a tree and play dead bait, but he sure can't tell stories between pointing out super uncomfortable things like how beautiful his sister looked while she was being raped or how people have made inappropriate comments when they think no one's watching.
  12. You know, the most depressing part of this whole debacle? The books, and early seasons, have some really powerful story telling and themes. Actions, no matter how well intended, have consequences. Interactions, however brief, are remembered and can either come back to bite you, or help build you up somewhere down the line. Then we have what the show has done in the last couple seasons, which sadly means even actions and potential set up early in the series end up wasted and forgotten. AT this point, nothing has consequences, nothing matters, and nobody remembers shit even scene to scene. And then people that enjoy passively sucking up whatever garbage is thrown in front of them accuse those of us that pay attention of being mad because our favorite characters didn't get the ending we wanted or predicted. Um, no. I'm upset that the endings they got made no sense whatsoever. Point to point to point with no connections, no consequences, no relevance, and in some cases blatant spitting on what came before just because. Bleh. What a shit-show. So, am I the only one wondering about the ridiculous setups for spinoffs and whether the actors would ever come back to work for the hacks if things fall into/out of place properly? Like if Arya's Pirates of Darkwater spinoff comes along, will Maise actually come back for it? If Jon's King of the North North adventures in Dragon Sitting spinoff gets a greenlight a few years down the road, would Kit dare come back for it? Sam's Being a Maester with a cute Sidepiece spinoff . . . wait, that won't happen. We sorta liked Sam for about five minutes there at one point.
  13. As he's walking into the throne room, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." LOL. Whoah, I thought GRRM always said he sees himself as Sam, not Bran? Though, the Ds are probably too stupid to understand that, since they truly believe the actual story teller (Sam) can't tell stories better than Branbot, who never says dick about anything anymore, let alone try to tell stories.
  14. We had just finished watching Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog before watching this last episode, and I just kept saying, "I think this is what pain feels like!" to the TV. Lord this was awful. So much stupid in such tight confines. Tyrion's exposition of the entire universe. Jon's repeated repeating of repetition "SHE'S MY QUEEN" as he broods and sulks. Sansa Sansaing the one scene we saw her in. Arya Christopher Columbising. Bronn Bronning the small council. Sam getting to present a book that looked straight off the shelves at a modern book store. And that whole trial thing may be the dumbest moment on Game of Thrones. So dumb. Gah. Drogon once again does the best acting of the entire episode. Sad that only the CGI beasts are allowed to know their motivations.
  15. http://www.theleehousehold.com/pics/writing.jpg Wife found this and sent it to me. Can't stop laughing.