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    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    I agree with others in that I think we lost our best chance to find out since fab did not specify( unless George decides to write a history of independent dorne), but sure I'll speculate wildly with everyone else..... I think Reanys did die and they returned the body as a sign of good faith, aegon burned her privately that night when he flew to DS and decided to make peace the next day, for reasons..
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    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    Idea for next poll: Is Tysha the sailors wife?
  3. Back door hodor

    Quaithe Farman?

    No I don't see it
  4. Back door hodor

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    Yes, I base this mainly on the fact that I think all brans companions will die a la the last hero story from old Nan. Also I will add that I am a believer of Jojen paste
  5. Back door hodor

    Robin Arryn's fostering

    As to your OP I'd say the replys above pretty much nailed it. I find this is be as if not more interesting... Why didn't Ned foster out any of his children(and six kids, that all survive infancy is kinda a lot compared to other house we know excluding Freys)? Why were none of them betrothed(or even married)? Rob and sansa are old enough at least. Cat? Jon? Not wanting to repeat his father and brothers mistakes? And Jon is kept purposefully out of the way during the royal visit, he never directly speaks to Robert that we see. In his POV Jon thinks this is because of Cat not wanting to offend Cersi with his presence. Perhaps he just looks too much like his mother haha
  6. Back door hodor

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    Yea, I think it fits with Martin's style of subverting expectations and turning troupes on thier head. What would be more appropriate than these three paragons of chivalry, beloved by all that remember them, to in fact be traitors and oathbreakers. Not to mention the possibility that they may have aided in the alleged kidnapping and rape of a 15 year old girl, if such a thing did indeed occur.
  7. Back door hodor

    About the Trident

    Its though to say for sure, as we are only given very brief descriptions of the battle itself, even from people that are actually there. A couple facts we do know are that Reagar had a small edge in total numbers but the rebel army was considered better seasoned, which I take to mean most of rhaegars force was freshly raised levies, who had not yet seen any actual combat. Than there is the matter of the dornish men and how committed they were to Aerys. Were Elia and her children actually needed as hostages to secure dornish support? As far as I can remember, the only time the disposition of Robert's army is discussed is I think in Jamie's POV, when he Talks about word reaching him of Ned Stark racing south at the head of Robert's Van to secure Kings landing, while his father's men are sacking the city. This is after the trident however, and doesn't mean to me that Ned always commanded the Van, though I admit he could have. So considering these things I can definitely see the scenario you present happening, where the rebels break the royal flanks and Reagar, commanding the reserves, either sees a chance to take Robert out or decides he can still win the day with a counter attack. As far as the battle standards I'm not expert either but I understand them pretty much the same as you do. I will add that i know music was typically used to help men march in formation better, than timed thier steps with drumbeats for example.
  8. Back door hodor

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    The name Theon means godly or of god... No godless man may sit the seastone chair...
  9. Back door hodor

    [SPOILERS] The Regency of Aegon III

    Good discussion so far. Something I want to touch on that I haven't seen discussed in this thread yet it dragons, specifically, aegon IIIs attitude towards them. I could see him being an very big part of why there are no more dragons after him, meaning I think its possible that he in some way sabotaged eggs or hatchlings so they would not hatch. I will be very interested to see both how mourning(reanas dragon) dies, and who becomes the next archmeaster.(maybe the maester on ds is a better suspect though).
  10. Back door hodor

    Arthur Dayne?

    This is one of my biggest problems with this theory, one because it's an outrageous leap in logic, and 2, because Jon being a great swordsman is not supported and in some cases flat out contradicted by the text.(think Donal Noye speaking with Jon in book one)Jon might train against 3 people but 90 of those he spars with are untrained teenagers who do not even know how to grip swords properly. Jon is not a prodigy, the rest of his brothers are inept. Also don't want to turn this into a jon bashing thread, Lord Snow has many positive points as well but great swordsman ain't one of them, so losing a sparing match is not only meaningless, but unsurprising.
  11. Back door hodor

    The Secret to how Valyrians were able to Ride Dragons

    Not bad, very well researched and definitely can explain how dani hatched her dragons. After reading fire and blood though it seems that dragon eggs can simply hatch on thier own in the right environment, and even with house targaryens high infant mortality rate, I'm not sure if there are enough baby souls to go into dragons or if said deceased(and/or still born) infants line up chronologically with dragon hatchings. To be clear I don't think anything in the text(FaB) flat out disproves your theory either. Have you read Fab? And have you considered it in regards to your theory?
  12. Back door hodor

    The KoLT and Subsequent Events

    So I like this discussion and definitely think that there is more to these events than we know on the surface. In particular i agree that Lyanna is the Kotlt, and i definitely agree with point number 4. Assumption 2: I think there are definitely those that know(though many may know be dead) I don't think it's as open a secret as say Renlys sexual orientation. And yes Barristan is definitely not the brightest bulb in the pack. I think there was at least one, and perhaps more than one powerful faction that wanted Aerys off the throne, I say maybe more than one because it seems to me that Tywin and Reagar may have been a faction unto themselves, operating independently of the STAB power block, but there is also hints that they were at one time a part of it(at least Tywin, he attempted to marry Jamie to Lysa and had ties with Steffon Baratheon, dating to the war of the nine penny kings). So what happened? Also interesting is that the rebels do not declare thier intention to make Robert king immediately, not until after the battle of the bells. Were they waiting for Reagar? Did they have any communication with Tywin? And where was Reagar really? Are we honestly supposed to believe he was boinking Lyanna for half a year while all his plans collapsed? All things I'd like to know. Your theory is a good as any other I've seen while I don't agree 100 percent with your conclusions I definitely think there is something going on here.
  13. Back door hodor

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Haha this, so much
  14. Back door hodor

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Oh yea I definitely agree with that....if Jon is king he will not be King Snow...sorry if I was unclear
  15. Back door hodor

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Benedict Justman was born Benedict Rivers, a bastard of houses blackwood and braken, he was able to unite his mother and fathers house and eventually all of the riverlands, House Justman ruled for several generations before being eliminated by the Ironborn invasion. So not the same scenario as Jon but there is your one example of a bastard becoming king.(not counting Daemon Blackfyre of course)
  16. Back door hodor

    New little legal details

    In regards to Little finger I had always assumed that before he was granted harrenhal his title was purely honorary as a member of the small council, similar to Varys
  17. Back door hodor

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    I actually could see Dani paying the thrones debt if she were given the chance, good relations with Bravos and the Iron Bank could help her secure passage to Westeros as well.
  18. Back door hodor

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    I took endgame predictions to mean the conclusion of the story, so I was not considering more books happening. Also this is not what I want to happen...just what I think is going to.
  19. I think that there could be something here the Willas and Oberyn connection in particular has always intrigued me and I think certain Tryells could definitely be Dorans friends at court(I'm not a fan of the theory the Doran is working with Varys)
  20. Back door hodor

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    I agree...it also seems to me that Balon was prepared to attack the North whether Theon came home or not tbh so I really dont know how effective a plan this was even as a deterrent to attack from the ironborn
  21. Back door hodor

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    Jon dies Dani dies Sansa lives Tyrion lives Ayra dies Bran lives Cersie dies Jamie lives Theon lives Asha dies Victarion dies Aeron dies Arianne lives Baristian dies Samwell lives Davos lives Tried to keep it simple and stick to just povs for now, I think I got them all
  22. Back door hodor

    Dragonlords & the Valyrian Freehold

    The freehold itself was not geographically as large as you would think....its pretty much just the Valyrain peninsula, the free cities were largely independent colonies, not under the direct control of the Dragonlords themselves. So one couldn't suspect that the Dragonlords were largely concerned with their own internal game of thrones and stayed within the freehold itself for the most part.
  23. Back door hodor

    Scenario: How to quell Robert's Rebellion

    Get to Hoster Tully first.....the Tully marriages with the north and east is the alliance that breaks the throne, Robert is their figurehead. House Tully and the riverlords are historically loyal to the targs and the IT for 300 years, and Aerys had not yet directly wronged them in any way, if Hoster backs the IT the rebels fail.
  24. Arya....she has a lot of ground to cover(literally and figuratively) before the end and she was shorted in dance
  25. Back door hodor

    Tullies are Bastards

    Honestly....I always read the blackfishs refusal to marry a signal he was gay.....and that his brother could not convince him to marry for the good of house Tully, and that was wher re their quarrel came from....I know there is not much evidence for brendens sexual orientation one way or the other and that this has not been discussed much(as far as I know) on this site but that has always been my feeling. Honestly curious to see what others think