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  1. I want the first fucking Blackfyre rebellion man!
  2. You make a good point in how a lot of factors go into ASOIAF, BUT none of them currently have the grandeur of past events. You mentioned the threat of the others, but we've barely seen them, there certainly hasn't been another long night yet; its looks like we're not going to be spending that much time in winter either since snow just started to fall and the series is almost over. Dragons being born into the world; Aegon burned castles, Dany locked them up and chose to stay in Meereen. Didn't Martin say there might be another Dance between Dany and Aegon; with only three dragons?! We've only got two more books to go, and he's supposed to make good on the scale of previous escapades? It is indeed just a matter of opinion, but I do wonder if Martin tends to favorite the small scale stuff.
  3. I’ve read somewhere along the lines of four hundred books and have yet to come across characters as interesting as ASOIAF...
  4. The point I was trying to make is that Fire And Blood is nowhere near 350,000 words long. It’s page count is shorter than AGOT which was around 250, and that’s not even mentioning the hundred pages of illustrations empty of text. And, I thought he said that he just recently wrote The Conciliators full reign...
  5. Well, on sheer scale it is. Dance was a far bigger and bloodier war than that of the five kings; and of course had quadruple the amount of dragons actually fighting. And of course, what about Valyria? When first reading world of ice and fire, I remember thinking why the fuck am I reading a POV about Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark in the main narrative.
  6. Why do you think both authors shelved the bigger events as prelude instead of making the narrative about them? Less challenging in structure?
  7. I believe Martin said he had 350,000 words of sidebars left over from World of Ice and Fire, and part 1 is noticeably shorter than the first ASOIAF. Does this mean a nice chuck has already been written for part 2?
  8. Do you think Martin cherry picks the similarities, or that he does it unconsciously for the most part?
  9. I read a handful of historical fiction and classics before having read ASOIAF and none of them grabbed me so much of a quarter as Martin has...
  10. Fever? Did no one ever see the body covered with blood?
  11. Are they good? Been meaning to try them, but heard negative things.
  12. Been looking for other medieval or fantasy books with this style of art. Besides Conan or Pyles King Arthur...
  13. I mainly meant about periods where there is no documentation of what the actual era was like. Since there are actual records one could read from the time of Romans, says something different about Iggulden research habits.