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  1. Well, they picked alot of unknowns for Game of Thrones.... And I was thinking more along the lines of Black Mirror. Also, I believe they said no spin offs would include characters from Game of Thrones.
  2. Aren’t anthologies like the new big fad in tv though? I would’ve initially thought hiring new actors would be a good thing, because they wouldn’t have to pay existing actors raises to stay on for a long number of years(they could just keep replacing cheap actors with other cheap actors), this might not be how they see this of course, see how badly MTV fucked Shannara because of their refusal to change characters-which was something they even initially stated they were going for in the first place(even going so far as to compare it to Star Wars initially)....I don’t know the logic behind a lot of these people they give big entertainment jobs too. It’s really true what they say about film, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.... Vikings is a weird one, if I’m not mistaken they were going to switch to the new gen earlier but hesitated because people liked Ragnar, drawing it out....I haven’t watched this new season because it looks like they’re going to kill Lagertha...And also they’re not going to generation 3 either, I heard it’s ending with some of the brothers finding the new world or something...
  3. Do you think HBO would be smart enough to attempt this? Martin is publishing two whole volumes of Fire And Blood starting this year, is that a coincidence? Obviously start with Aegons conquest, take as many seasons as they want to do that, then systematically follow with each succeeding reign. Sons of the dragons maybe fourth season on!!!!!! It could probably go on for well over ten years. They could reference a bunch of stuff within it, making the general viewers aware of certain other events in the mythology, and probably make a Valyrian prequel, long night spin off(just as long as it’s not another Targaryen reign which would be saved for another season) One of the key problems, I feel, with starting with a Dance or Sons of the Dragon successor show(I believe Elio and Linda suggested this on their YouTube channel) would be jumping around through the history out of order. Which would completely throw off anticipation for a conquest show, especially if they start with Maegor before! Why not just lead into it? They could eventually culminate with some form of Roberts Rebellion coming full circle tying in with Game Of Thrones... Im very curious to hear what you all think...
  4. The thing that pisses me off is that it was all right there for them-particularly Dorne and Euron. They freaking put their opinion above the mastermind of the whole story!
  5. Well I loved the second season...and then I read the books...
  6. Amen! Though I would argue I had this thought way before I found out how slow Martin is. And hot damn is it true Wheel of Time could’ve been trimmed down, that’s why I would’ve preferred in a perfect world for A Song of Ice and Fire to have been that many books because the breadth of this story is suited for that. Wheel of Time didn’t start as “epic” as this series did; the first few only followed Rand...it really took a jagged turn after book four if I’m remembering right. Besides the fact A Song of Ice and Fire is about power machinations, betrayals, long conversations. Material to be looked at widely.
  7. Mwm

    Consolidation of Doom of Valyria

    I freaking love Euron in the books! Such a shame...
  8. Can’t imagine how many volumes Wheel Of Time would be there!
  9. This may seem an odd post... I was first exposed to A Song of Ice and Fire by binging the first season of the show; already having read the Wheel of Time. One of my first impressions with this breadth of story was: THIS should’ve been the series to go on fourteen books(obviously not a realistic one given Martins writing speed, let’s say he had Jordan’s...) This was before I learned the fates of Ned and Robert. Here’s the, more or less, oddest part of this post: I actually think Martin had more opportunities for the series to go on longer had he kept them both alive. I was literally watching their exchange talking about Daenerys marriage to Drogo, and imagining them being the ones to head the war. Seeing Robert struggle with battle now that he’s so out of shape...This is obviously not Martins way, but it’s always been my opinion that killing good characters early is wasted potential. What do you guys think?