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  1. Are they good? Been meaning to try them, but heard negative things.
  2. Been looking for other medieval or fantasy books with this style of art. Besides Conan or Pyles King Arthur...
  3. I mainly meant about periods where there is no documentation of what the actual era was like. Since there are actual records one could read from the time of Romans, says something different about Iggulden research habits.
  4. I’ve gotta try these books...have the first Farseer and Liveships, but so much to read beforehand!
  5. Such as Clan of the Cave Bear. I’m not sure how much research went into that series, but I’m wondering what amount is needed for credibility in an era that’s not documented except in archeology.
  6. The Malazan project is actively dead. The others optioned discussed are not.
  7. That’s what stood out for me; that rereads are just as good as the first time I’ve read the series.
  8. You mean the miniseries about one detail from the books with nothing coming from it?
  9. Pfft; Malazan book of the fallen Realm of the elderlings Memory, sorrow, and thorn
  10. This is the big thing that ASOIAF did for me. There’s just so much depth and complexity....
  11. Your kidding....I’ve heard it lauded in so many circles as one of the best history books. Do you have any counter recommendations if so?
  12. I don’t even know how to reply to this...whatever you say. First season cost 60 million, it was a huge ambitious story, with nothing attempted in tv on that scale for epic fantasy beforehand. Seriously risky content(they couldn’t tell how an audience would respond to constant death of characters. Usually that has a negative effect on a show...)
  13. I wouldn’t call Gods of Egypt(Jesus fucking Christ), Immortals, Seventh Son, or Jack Giant killer cautiousness in the slightest. I would call that being too stupid to realize what a risk; especially with that amount of money that could’ve been spent elsewhere. LOTR and GOT were huge, ambitious, risks that hard work and time was put into. And dammit they paid off....no one in the industry seems to want to accept that...