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  1. Here-http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2018/04/25/fire-blood-on-the-way/ Feel free to browse the comments for GRRMs own
  2. In the comments for his blog announcement for fire and blood...
  3. Martin made a comment on his blog post that his publishers want to split Winds like Feast and Dance were with half the characters, but he said he’s resisting that. This seems to indicate there’s as much material there for two...
  4. So it just doesn't have anything to do with striking at the Lannisters...
  5. He said it was the fuel that built the seven kingdoms. Perhaps this how he writes so well?
  6. Not sure how to respond to this, because we don't know if that is Martins intention until he finishes all the books, and well.....the road he's traveled had produced some potholes that have halted the journey. I believe he still could've many of the same twists and such, if just shifted the events and put off the ending of the first book until maybe the trilogy, but it would've negate many of the "pointless" aspects of the recent two books(I for one am very fond of both the dornish and iron born storylines, but I could curse out the decision of Dany being stuck in Meereen for a full day and night) I'm going to severely doubt there will be that much of a cultural change, from Martins sensibilities I think another long night apocalypse is more likely, but I would be happy to be proven wrong because it would be nice to be able to view the series as a stand out from the histories(many of which I currently like better than the main series, the Dance, Blackfyre Rebellions, Aegon Conquest are all bigger then the wars seen in the current five book storylines) Furthermore I don't know how we're going to get the resolution in two books. Danys invasion I feel deserved another few on its own, besides the others and she's not even close to Westeros yet?
  7. Was her mother from there? Seems to me Casterly Rock would be the obvious target if you wanted to hurt the Lannisters.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly about Tywin... Joffrey, if the character was put to a different purpose could've worked wonders with what I suggested above, that said the way the series played out I would've like GRRM to stick with his original plan that was revealed in the pitch to his editor.
  9. Hell yeah, they could get that in the theater if they’re so inclined...
  10. I was assuming HBO would air them on network. I couldn’t see those stories not working, as a side movie project mind you, unless Martin never finishes their stories.
  11. Oberyn...I think this one speaks for itself(especially since it would’ve side swiped the Dornish stuff in the past two books that many people didn’t care for...) I’d have like to have seen one of the Blackfyres take the throne for a bit a little like Rhaenyras short stay in kings landing. Call me crazy, but when I first started the series, I had an expectation in my mind for Robert and Ned to be the ones initially throwing back Daenerys, Robert having trouble fighting being so fat and Ned having a personal war within him about Jon. Having it go on for years with ground warfare waiting for the dragons to fully grow...the Lannisters using the conflict to take control. This would’ve changed the whole fabric of the plot of the series but if Martin pushed off some of the Lannister/Stark politics and got Dany there a lot quicker it might’ve solved a lot of problems he’s having now with the fucking meerens narrative treads. And have the others crawl up their ass just as the dragons reached maturity....
  12. A cluster for the big events of Aegon the Conqueror, Maegor and the Dance. Why does everyone assume a series like ASOIAF would work for the rest. Everyone complains about Martin adding Povs to the already long books...focusing on the big characters would’ve got a historical narrative done rather cleanly.